Integrate Facebook Messenger into Instagram: screenshots show the feature

Facebook continues to test the connection of all messengers. The first screenshots show Facebook messages on Instagram. A new sticker was also discovered.

Facebook is constantly working to connect the messengers of its different platforms with each other. The aim is to enable users to send and receive their messages across all of the company’s platforms. Linking the inboxes together has so far been difficult. But now discovered Alessandro Paluzzi the Cross Platform Messaging test on his account.

The first screenshots show the integration of Facebook Messenger into the Instagram inbox

As can be seen in his screenshot, there would be a new menu item when the feature was introduced, which would enable the integration of Facebook Messenger into Instagram. Instagram confirmed the test, but at the same time states that it is an early, purely internal, test version.

Rolling out the feature could make things easier, especially for users who work a lot on social media. After all, it would no longer be necessary to check all inboxes regularly. A look at one would be enough. Communication with followers could be controlled via a platform. No matter whether they report via Messenger or Instagram Direct Messages.

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Plan hangouts online with the “Plans” sticker

Messaging is not the only feature that is currently being worked on. Twitter user FDT discovered a new sticker when creating an Instagram story. Facebook and Instagram have been introducing new stickers regularly, especially since the beginning of the corona crisis. These should help to keep in touch better and support small businesses. The sticker that has now been discovered should simplify the invitation to an online hangout.

Facebook recently expanded its range to include Messenger Rooms, which are based on the zoom model and enable video chat with up to 50 participants. It can be assumed that the new “Plans” sticker can also link to messenger rooms. If you want to use the sticker in a story, you have to specify when the meeting takes place and how you can participate. The followers who watch the story are also shown who has already agreed to the event.

This can be an easy way for groups of friends to meet online, but for companies, the sticker could be useful for announcing webinars, for example. By showing users which of their contacts have already agreed, this could mean additional motivation to participate. The sticker is not yet available for all users and there is no official statement about its roll-out on Instagram.

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