Instagram Live receives an update

An update of Instagram Live Videos opens up new possibilities for users. It also shows the direction Instagram wants to go in 2021.

The year 2020 changed our relationship to streaming and live videos. While the Skype access had previously been dug up every few months in order to communicate with a friend who was on the other side of the world, game evenings with friends via Zoom were nothing unusual recently. We are also used to sports or cooking classes in live streams thanks to the lockdown caused by the corona crisis. Instagram is responding to this trend. Vishal Shah, VP of Product at Instagram, announced on Twitter that Instagram Live is getting an update.

Update from Instagram Live: Up to four hours of streaming are now possible

The new features should make it easier for users to get the most out of their live streams. Previously, the maximum duration for video content – be it live or IGTV – was one hour. This limit has now been lifted for live streams. From now on, users can go live for up to four hours. This should be especially helpful for teachers of any online course as well as musicians such as DJs. Previously, a new live stream had to be started after an hour.

Instagram Live: Direct transmission in IGTV

The second innovation concerns the archiving of the streams. Previously, live streams were still available in the story for 24 hours, after which they were deleted. Users could counteract this and download and repost their live video or share it directly as IGTV. The disadvantage here was that both the comments on the live stream in IGTV format disappeared and the view counts started again when they were posted as IGTV. In addition, the video could not be cut or otherwise edited. With the update, comments and likes are now saved. In addition, users now have 30 days after their live video to decide whether they want to post it or not. The videos are saved in the live archive for this purpose.

Instagram Live archive

Further measures could increase the number of viewers

In addition, Instagram makes live content more present in the app. A “Live Now” button will appear in the IGTV app, as well as on the Explore Page. Even after the end of a live stream, users are made aware of other streams currently running. These measures could increase the number of viewers of the live streams considerably.

Instagram Live recommendations

Instagram’s decision to promote live content more strongly should be reason enough to check whether there is still room for live content in your own marketing strategy. For example, more and more brands and influencers are relying on live shopping. Products can be presented and purchased directly in Instagram Live Streams. While a live video requires some preparation, it is usually less labor-intensive than planning, shooting and editing a product video. Instagram seems to have a strong focus on live video right now, which could give a clue as to where the platform is looking to go in 2021.

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