Instagram is testing new feed format with two tabs

Instagram is testing a new list feature that divides the feed into two tabs, in which old and proposed posts are displayed separately. Should this be used to copy TikToks ForYou Page?

Instagram is testing a new feed format in which users will suggest new accounts to follow in a separate tab. In the test, the new listing feature divides the previous Instagram feed into two areas. With the new feature, users would have a list that shows posts from proposed accounts and a feed with content from profiles that have already been subscribed to.

A short video shared by Instagram user Giorgio Nardini on Twitter shows that the new list feature is shown in the feed. Users only see posts from accounts in the “Suggested” tab that they have not yet followed. If users click on the “Older” tab, they can scroll through the posts they have already viewed.

Instagram explains that the main feed should still remain

Instagram confirmed the test against the online portal SocialMediaToday. This is initially only carried out with a small user group. The social media company explains:

If you’re in the test, this is shown after you see all the posts in your feed. Once you get the “You’re All Caught Up” notice and scroll past it, you have the option to see suggested posts or go back to older posts that you’ve already viewed.

This means that the main feed remains in the test format. The division by the two tabs would only happen after the user has already looked at all the posts of his contacts, according to Instagram. Users would then have the option of looking at the listing of the proposed profiles or continuing to scroll through the posts they had already seen. Instagram already tested a similar feature in 2018. However, the feed was not divided into two tabs during the test at that time.

Screenshots of the 2018 Instagram feed format
© Instagram

The new format could make it easier for users to scroll through the posts of unknown accounts and return to the original feed.

Does Instagram copy with the new feed format TikTok?

The new feed format is reminiscent of the popular ForYou Page from the competitor app TikTok. Because just like on the short video platform, posts are suggested on a separate page that could be interesting for the user. While users click through videos at TikTok, Instagram users scroll through a feed in the classic look of the app. The principle and the thought behind it are the same. The social media platforms want to direct users to new accounts and thus increase engagement. There is one major difference. Because the ForYou Page at TikTok is also the home page in the app. This is not the case with the previous feed format test for Instagram.

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It is still unclear when Instagram will complete the test or even roll out the feature in the near future.

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