in Iran, authorities and doctors warn of a “third wave”

Never in Iran have the daily tolls of Covid-19 victims been so high. Thursday, October 22, the country recorded 304 deaths, 312 the day before, according to the Iranian health ministry. Monday, October 19, the record peak had been reached, with 337 victims. In total, 31,650 people have lost their lives to the novel coronavirus in Iran, by far the worst-affected country in the Middle East. There is unanimity among specialists, doctors, hospital workers and even the authorities to call the current situation the worst health crisis since the start of the epidemic.

“The situation is catastrophic, alerted the famous Iranian infectious disease specialist Minoo Mohraz, a member of the National Center for the Fight against the Coronavirus (CNLC). We have never had so many infected people, nor so many deaths. “ According to this expert, “The least of things would be to decree two weeks of public holidays so that the disease calms down and that, perhaps, the burden on hospitals is reduced”.

Nursing staff who The world was able to consult judge the official death tolls underestimated. This was confirmed on Tuesday, October 20, by a member of the CNLC, Massoud Mardani. “The real death toll from coronavirus in Iran is 2.5 times higher than the official death toll”, he told official Iranian news agency ISNA.

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Faced with this “Third wave” epidemic, as analysts and officials call it after those of winter and then summer, the state appears helpless. The economic situation, undermined by US sanctions, poor management and endemic corruption, does not allow the authorities to consider a general reconfinement.

Less restrictive measures have been taken across the country. Since the beginning of October, schools have closed their doors, one month after the start of the school year. In Tehran, cinemas, restaurants, beauty salons, sports and cultural centers have suspended their activities for three weeks. Wearing a mask has become compulsory since mid-October across the country, and offenders face a fine of 50,000 tomans (1.5 euros). However, doctors observe a relaxation among the population. And hospitals are saturated almost all over the country.

“Take your father home”

“In mid-October, we tried to find a place for my father, who tested positive, in a private and expensive hospital in Tehran. In vain. No room either in Masih-Daneshvari, the largest center dedicated to Covid-19 patients in Tehran “, explains a resident of the capital who prefers to remain anonymous. “There, we were told: Take your father home and buy an oxygen cylinder. His condition deteriorated. Forty-eight hours later, his family again tried to find a place for him in another hospital. “This time we were told: Your father is 70 years old. We don’t even have a bed for our sick 30 or 40 years old.

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