“In almost four years, Trump has succeeded in sabotaging the American intelligence services”

American writer Robert Littell, drawn by Yann Legendre.

QWhether he followed his primitive instinct or some diabolical strategic plan, Donald Trump has not ceased, ever since he entered the political arena, to undermine – denigrate, decry, humiliate, belittle, abuse, insult and betray – American institutions. He cut his teeth by shooting the presidential institution on sight with his insinuations that Barack Obama was not eligible because he was not born in the United States. (The accusation so often repeated having given him the national attention he sought, he then found it convenient to drop it: “President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Point ”.)

The fear of “conspiracy”

In almost four years in the White House, President Trump has successfully sabotaged the Justice Department, State Department, FBI, Defense Department and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee , the National Security Council, the Postal Service and even NATO, not to mention the various health agencies that have had to rebut his cookie-cutter claims about the coronavirus cures (as when he publicly considered the possibility to inject bleach into the human body to fight coronavirus infection). Being completely wrong never inhibited him: ” Bah “, he exclaimed.

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In terms of long-term national security, however, it is the seventeen organs of the United States intelligence community that Trump has weakened the most. From the start he was suspicious of the spy masters and he showed constant hostility towards them; in his twisted mind, they represented the “Deep state”, this conspiracy that he imagines to exist within the very state apparatus and which would be determined to thwart his policy (in particular his desire to question the Paris agreement on the climate and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions greenhouse, or the nuclear deal signed by Obama with Iran).

Contempt for spy services

While Washington’s seventeen intelligence agencies were convinced Russia had interfered in the 2016 election, Trump took their findings as a personal insult, aimed at poisoning his electoral victory. “Nobody knows if it was Russia that hacked the Democratic National Committee [le Democratic National Committee (DNC), la plus haute instance du Parti démocrate], he said during the first debate with Hillary Clinton in 2016. It might as well be a 180 kg guy who acted from his bed. OK ? When CIA and FBI bosses, accompanied by James Clapper, the director of national intelligence and putative head of the entire American intelligence community, visited Trump Tower in New York City in January 2017 to brief the president elected, they informed him that Russian President Vladimir Putin had personally ordered the campaign to promote his election. Trump’s reaction: A Tweet circulated shortly after the meeting in which he expressed his contempt for the spy services and their bosses, whom he compared to Nazis.

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