I’ll be behind, but on top

Paderborn (dpa) – The score is the same, but the mood could hardly be more different:

When the Werder Bremen players congratulated themselves on the furious 5: 1 at SC Paderborn, most of Fortuna Dusseldorf’s biggest competitors for relegation rank sank to the ground a good 160 kilometers away, as if they had already descended.

Werder is second to last after the success and the almost simultaneous last-minute defeat of Fortuna Düsseldorf against Borussia Dortmund still very thin behind the Rhinelanders. But while Dusseldorf coach Uwe Rösler has to do emotional development work after the next severe setback, Bremen is strengthening into the end of the season.

“We can take away from the game that we can withstand pressure,” said Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt, whose team had the motivation and the unconditional will to somehow save the messed up season with the remaining class, on Saturday from the first to the last Minute was seen. In the head-to-head race for 16th place, Bremen only separated the tiny from a goal from the Fortuna. And after FSV Mainz 05’s 1-0 loss to FC Augsburg on Sunday, the direct rescue is only three points away.

Despite all the joy about the victory, the unusual goal scoring and the successful comeback of striker Hope and scorer Niclas Füllkrug, Kohfeldt also braked. “We’re still in the relegation game, but we’re in a relegation zone today, so there’s no reason to get into some kind of euphoria now or believe you did something,” he said.

His team should be relieved “until they get off the bus in Bremen”. Already on Tuesday it is against Bayern Munich, who can make the championship title perfect on the Weser. “It won’t be the easiest game either,” said Kohfeldt. After that Werder still competes at FSV Mainz 05 and receives 1. FC Köln.

The rest of Düsseldorf’s program is similar in terms of standards. Like Bremen against Bavaria, the Rösler team is a clear outsider at RB Leipzig on Wednesday. On the last two match days, Fortuna will have two beatable opponents, FC Augsburg and Union Berlin.

If it is purely based on the last performances shown, Düsseldorf should not be afraid: Under Rösler, the Fortuna is often at least on par with rivals like BVB, even better at times against other opponents and often very close to victory. The problem: In almost an almost dramatic and bizarre way, the team always loses its wages.

Against BVB, his striker Erling Haaland caused Düsseldorf’s despair with his goal in the fifth minute of stoppage time – and Bremen cheers. The first step is to “have compassion for the boys,” said Rösler, who also went into attack mode again. In view of boring inquiries about the low yield of his team despite the appearances, which usually did not suit a relegation candidate, he defiantly said: “In the cabin there is the will to prove it to the skeptics and doubters.”

Forward Steven Skrzybski, who missed the possible victory in two post shots, was also combative: “We knew that it would be a fight until the last matchday. We don’t want to cry now, but continue to step on the gas and make it on our own “, he said.

SC Paderborn has not been able to do this for a long time. With eight points and three games remaining, the taillight has only very theoretical possibilities to extend his Bundesliga adventure. When asked about the remaining chances, SCP captain Christian Strohdiek said: “We leave that to those who can calculate well.” He certainly didn’t mean the colleagues in Bremen and Düsseldorf, but computing skills could also be in demand there at the end of the season.

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