HSV wants to create change with new coach Thioune

Hamburg (dpa) – Daniel Thioune fluctuated between enthusiasm for his new job at Hamburger SV and awe of expectations.

“This is a very, very exciting project here,” said the new coach of the second division soccer team HSV at his presentation. Shortly before, the previous coach of the league competitor VfL Osnabrück had signed a two-year contract on the Elbe. Thioune succeeds Dieter Hecking, who is experienced in the Bundesliga, and who, due to the economic constraint, had decided not to continue working for the second division. The HSV wants to realign itself due to changing framework conditions, as sports director Jonas Boldt described the tense financial situation.

This means that the ascent is no longer swambling. “I don’t want to get any slogans out,” Thioune promised. “There has to be a degree of humility. We have to do, not just want to.” Perhaps the announcement that he had to ascend “created a little fear,” he said.

Despite the second missed promotion opportunity, HSV continued to excel, said the coach, who felt almost at home in the press room of the Volkspark Stadium. Almost three weeks ago, he left the stadium “with a really good feeling”. At that time his team Osnabrück had a 1-1 draw at favorites HSV. “It’s about sitting here more often with an even better feeling,” he said with a grin.

Boldt sees Thioune as the “predestined candidate” for the coaching position. “It has become increasingly clear to us recently that we have to do it differently. We want to focus on development – and that embodies Daniel with skin and hair,” said Boldt. Due to the exit of the main sponsor Emirates and investor Klaus-Michael Kühne as owner of the naming rights at the Volksparkstadion, the HSV complains about a larger financial gap. The missed rise also costs several million in TV money, the lack of audience revenue due to the corona pandemic has torn another hole.

Thioune is considered a developer who stands for change: inexpensive professionals without big names, but with a huge thirst for success. “With Daniel Thioune we have brought in a trainer who has continued to develop a team in Osnabrück with manageable means. It fits our alignment, which has been adapted to the somewhat changed possibilities,” emphasized Boldt. In the third year of the second division, he is to break new ground with the once glorious HSV to get out of the permanent crisis. The budget cuts from currently around 30 million to 23 million euros do not allow a lot of leeway for player transfers. There is no more space for expensive stars.

The new coach wants to build on the foundation laid by Hecking. They both know each other well. Under Hecking’s leadership, the former midfielder and striker was a player at VfB Lübeck from 2002 to 2004. Hecking recently praised his former protégé: “He is doing a very, very good job in Osnabrück. He is a coach who draws attention to himself.” As references, Thioune can refer to the rise of VfL Osnabrück in the 2nd division and the remaining class.

The son of a German and a Senegalese attested that the HSV team had “brutal potential” and “will and willingness”. However, he asked his team for passion, which was sometimes lacking in the end. While Thioune in Osnabrück learned to do a lot with little, his predecessor Hecking assumed a different level of aspiration. The 55-year-old had made a contract extension dependent on a top squad. But Boldt couldn’t guarantee that. “Perhaps it would also be difficult to initiate such a new beginning together with the names Boldt and Hecking. Both names somehow stand for the Bundesliga expectation,” said Hecking and demanded: “HSV has to arrive in reality.”

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