How the development plans of the F1 teams were overturned

( – The forced break during the corona crisis has pretty much messed up the development plans of all Formula 1 teams. Racing-Point team boss Otmar Szafnauer emphasizes that the plans for the RP20 and its successor have been “thrown”. The current car will be unchanged in Spielberg compared to Australia.

Sergio Perez

Development at Racing Point is not as it was



During the shutdown from March to early June, the teams were unable to develop, and due to the lack of time on the track, they were unable to generate any additional information. The small step-by-step updates were therefore not possible.

It was recently announced that the cars will be frozen for 2021 and that only a certain part can be developed further. For the first time, the teams don’t have to worry about developing a new car and driving the current one at the same time.

“It is really, really difficult to restart now and bring everything to the car before Spa – even Spa and Monza will be difficult,” Szafnauer told “We are therefore looking to upgrade for the second half of the season should we get eight more races, which I hope.”

New situation thanks to Freeze

The plans for 2021 are of course completely different once again, as the teams have to work with the Freeze system. “If you have the freedom to make a completely new car, you will find a lot more. So our hands are tied,” says Szafnauer.

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“It ‘s already July when we start. And normally you are ready to make the chassis for the coming year. So it will be completely compressed, which in turn will affect what we do this year. For We can’t change much in 2021, but we can develop the car aerodynamically. “

Teams can use tokens to change a frozen component, but the process will start soon. The teams will have to inform the FIA ​​of their intentions as early as next month. “We will use the tokens properly, and then we will probably have to optimize the car a little around this area,” said Szafnauer.

Szafnauer with understanding of restrictions

“So we have to change the model and drive with a new configuration in the wind tunnel. That will be all for 2021, so I can’t predict any major updates with us this year. But of course you have to do the work anyway, so we’ll make the changes that allow us the two tokens – even if they are only minor optimizations. “

And although the restrictions are likely to frustrate the aerodynamicists quite a bit, Szafnauer admits that under the difficult circumstances there is a bigger picture: “It is the right thing, because if you spend a lot of time in the wind tunnel, the expenses also increase. You have to spend money on model parts that are usually machine made or come from a 3D printer or are made of carbon.

“They are not cheap, and if you have found upgrades, you have to make real parts of them and put them in the car. And then you need six or seven sets because we keep triple-headers,” says Szafnauer.

“In the event of an accident, you don’t have a two-week break to stock up on your spare parts. The spare parts must already be there. Everything will be a little different.”

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