How Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff explained everyday racism

( – Lewis Hamilton posted another statement on racism on Instagram that is currently making waves in the media and among his followers. In the posting, the six-time world champion admits that he feels “overwhelmed with anger” after the events surrounding the death of colored man George Floyd due to police violence in Minneapolis and that the topic has touched him emotionally for days.

Lewis Hamilton, Toto Wolff

Lewis Hamilton is strongly committed to racism on social media



With his statements, Hamilton is at the forefront of the worldwide BlackLivesMatter movement, which has been campaigning against racism for days now. The past few days have been “dark”, he now admits, and he has not been able to “keep my emotions in check”.

“I felt so much anger and so much sadness and couldn’t believe what my eyes had seen. With such unabashed disregard for human life, I was completely overwhelmed with anger. The injustice that our brothers and sisters around the world experience again and again , is appalling and MUST stop. “

Hamilton writes that he was not born guilty as a colored man, and emphasizes that he was not surprised by the latest racism incidents: “Will Smith,” he says of his Hollywood buddy, “best described it: Racism is not worse the only difference is that he’s being filmed now. ” With cell phone cameras, as in the case of George Floyd.

Hamilton is asking more people to protest

Hamilton finds it “sad” that it took hundreds of thousands of people and burning buildings to arrest the accused police officer Derek Chauvin for murder. He says: “Unfortunately, America is not the only place where there is racism.” And he appeals: “We fail as human beings if we don’t get up to do the right thing.”

Hamilton is the first colored world champion of Formula 1 and as such has been committed to socially relevant topics such as environmental protection and climate change for years. When it comes to racism, he positions himself particularly loudly, polarizes it and creates awareness.

His exemplary stance against racism and tolerance and his call that it would be a shame if someone was silent about it today encouraged a whole series of social media postings by various participants in Formula One. A behavior that is supported by Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff: “We know that Lewis has always supported minorities.”

Why white people often fail to recognize everyday racism

Wolff admits: “I learned a lot from him there. He once asked me: ‘Toto, have you ever actively thought that you are white?’ And I said, “No, I didn’t.” “Hamilton said:” You know, I have to think about my skin color every day because I get attention every day. “

A conversation that raised awareness at Wolff that he didn’t have before. He admits: “From our point of view, it is very difficult to really imagine how difficult it is. I am therefore very happy and support it that he is so strong on the subject. He is one of the ambassadors of this sport , and what he’s doing is good. “

“I was very fortunate to have grown up in a household of different nationalities. I lived with a Jewish family for a long time when my family was not doing so well. As a child I was able to experience what it means to be discriminated against. We can all do something to bring about change. Unfortunately, sometimes events like the one in the US are needed to trigger a wave of support for a minority. “

“It is good that Lewis is at the forefront of this movement as a superstar, as someone who comes from a sport dominated by whites,” says Wolff and emphasizes: “I think that each of us should join this movement so that such terrible ones Things don’t happen anymore. We as a team promote diversity. We only select our employees based on their performance and not on their culture, religion or skin color. “

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