How is US President really doing? Two sentences show: He is not telling the truth

“I’m doing very well” – “I wasn’t feeling so well”: How is Trump really doing? Two sentences show that he is not telling the truth

In the middle of the election campaign, news shook the United States: Donald Trump was infected with the corona virus. The US president tested positive a few days ago. There has been much speculation about his health since then. Trump himself is also causing confusion with contradicting statements.

US President Donald Trump has been treated in the Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda, north of Washington, since Friday. He had previously announced on Twitter that he had been infected with the corona virus.

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Trump on the Friday before posting: “I think I’m doing very well”

Trump himself has caused confusion with contradicting statements about his health since his corona infection became known. Shortly before he was hospitalized on Friday, the US President recorded a short video that he posted on Twitter. “I think I’m doing very well,” said Trump. But he still goes to the hospital for safety.

“I will never forget”: Shortly before delivery, Trump made a video statement

US President in hospital on Saturday: “When I came here, I didn’t feel so good”

Less than 24 hours after the first message, Trump spoke up with a second video statement – this time from the Walter Reed Military Hospital. Right at the beginning of the statement, Trump contradicts himself: “When I came here, I didn’t feel so good,” said the 74-year-old. “I feel a lot better now.”

He expects to be “back soon” and he looks forward to continuing the presidential campaign, said the US President. However, Trump also said that the further course of his infection was still open. “You don’t know for sure about the next few days. I think this will be the real test. So we’ll see what happens in the next few days.”

“The next days are the real test”: Corona sick Trump sends a new video

Contradictory statements by the US President: tactics or coincidence?

Why Trump now suddenly contradicts himself can only be speculated. It is conceivable that Trump wanted to send positive signals to the outside world and in particular to the economy with his first message on Friday. Trump is known to be a friend of the stock market.

However, his soothing words initially had no positive effect on the markets. The American leading index Dow Jones fell after the positive test became known and closed 0.5 percent weaker. The German leading index Dax also lost counters.

Trump, who played down the danger of the corona virus for a long time, could only have pretended that he was fine, in order to underline his earlier statements again. Trump once claimed that the virus would go away on its own.

In any case, Trump’s latest “I’m-fine” statement is not very reliable against this background.

Personal doctor and chief of staff contradict each other on the state of health

Judging by the statements of Trump’s personal doctor Sean Conley and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, the virus could have hit Trump harder than initially assumed.

At a press conference on Saturday, Conley initially leaked little about the state of health of the US president, evading journalists’ questions. All Conley said was, “The president is doing very well this morning.” Many questions remained open at first.

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On the night of Sunday then the update from Conley: No all-clear for the state of health of the US President. Trump is “not yet over the mountain,” said Conley. The medical team remains “cautiously optimistic”. After all, Trump is free of fever and does not need an oxygen supply.

Trump’s chief of staff was “really concerned”

Chief of Staff Meadows also spoke up on Saturday. “We were really worried yesterday morning,” Meadows said in an interview with Fox News. “He had a fever and his blood oxygen levels were dropping quickly.”

Before Trump was taken to hospital, media reports said he was given additional oxygen in the White House on Friday.

Donald Trump hesitated before hospitalization, according to the report

According to information from the broadcaster CNN, Trump initially hesitated on Friday to be treated in the hospital for his corona infection.

Citing informed circles, the broadcaster reported on Sunday night that Trump’s advisors first had to convince the 74-year-old in the White House to get on board the Marine One helicopter. The helicopter had already been waiting on the south lawn of the official headquarters.

US President admitted to hospital after the market closed

Despite symptoms and therapy that has already started, Trump initially did not want to be taken to hospital, it said. He wanted to avoid appearing seriously ill. The president had been told that it would be better for him to stay in the clinic if his condition worsened.

High-ranking government officials said they would not have Trump hospitalized until after the stock market closed in order to avoid a crash in stock prices.

The “Wall Street Journal” reported that Trump kept the result of a first positive rapid test on Thursday to himself. He already knew it at the time of a television interview in which he only confirmed the infection of a close adviser. The result of the rapid test prompted another test in accordance with the requirements in the White House, which was also positive. Rapid tests are considered less reliable than laboratory tests.

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