Hezbollah leader says he supports the French initiative, but calls for a change of tone

Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah movement, during his televised speech in Lebanon on September 29.

An agreement in substance, but the form is to be reviewed, according to the head of Lebanese Hezbollah. Hassan Nasrallah said in a televised speech on Tuesday (September 29th) that he supported the Paris initiative for the formation of a reform government in Lebanon, while calling for a “Revision” tone and modus operandi.

“We always welcome the French initiative and are ready for dialogue and cooperation (…), but the way things have been done over the past month, the bullying having taken place (…) must not continue, otherwise we will not achieve a result ”, he warned.

French President Emmanuel Macron lambasted the “Collective betrayal” of the political class of the country of the cedar, the day after the renunciation by the Prime Minister, Moustapha Adib, to form a government of “Mission” – demanded by Paris – against a background of political quarrels.

“We do not accept that you accuse us of treason. (…) We categorically reject and condemn this condescending behavior towards us and towards all political forces in Lebanon “, replied, Tuesday evening, Hassan Nasrallah.

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“We greeted President Macron during his visit to Lebanon, but not on the basis that he was the prosecutor, investigator, judge, (…) the ruler and governor of Lebanon ”, continued the head of Hezbollah.

“A policy of intimidation”

Lebanese political parties, including Hezbollah, pledged to Mr. Macron, who came to Beirut in early September, to form a cabinet of ministers “Competent” and “Independent” of the political landerneau within two weeks, a condition for the release of international aid essential to the recovery of the country in crisis.

But on Saturday, Adib, appointed on August 31, threw in the towel, pointing to the erosion of that consensus. His efforts were notably hampered by demands by Hezbollah and its ally Amal, led by the head of parliament, Nabih Berri, demanding to appoint the finance minister themselves.

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Tuesday evening, Hassan Nasrallah returned to the charge, stressing the need for his formation to be part of the government, through supporters or not, to “Protect the rear of the resistance”.

In his inflammatory speech on Sunday evening, Emmanuel Macron spared no party, but he particularly attacked the Shiite Islamist party, which “Must not think he is stronger than he is”. “You have a system of terror that has taken hold that Hezbollah has imposed”, he notably denounced.

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“President Macron, who has accused us of intimidation, is the one who practiced a policy of intimidation against party leaders in order to” to form a government, replied Hassan Nasrallah.

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