Hamilton wants F1 comeback in Africa: “It’s such an important place”

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Not only because of Corona, the Formula 1 season 2020 will be a special one. The fight against racism and for more equality should also have a lasting impact on the premier class. World champion Lewis Hamilton plays a key role in this, and has been increasingly involved since the beginning of the mass protests in the USA.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton says: Formula 1 has to do more than just money



“It’s a really strange time in the world,” said the 35-year-old in a Mercedes video when asked by a fan what was the biggest challenge for him this year. “In my opinion, this is not necessarily the championship. It is not a normal year. Today we see an opportunity for change.”

Hamilton wants to use these by driving not only for points and victories, but a higher purpose. “My race is in line with inclusiveness and diversity,” he says. “I drive for everyone out there who has no voice and will make as much noise as possible to try to make changes.”

Formula One should be committed to a higher goal

Formula 1 is now actively promoting this and has launched a campaign called “We Race As One” that deals with topics such as diversity and integration. Hamilton believes that a race on the African continent, where the premier class last appeared in 1993, could also contribute to this.

At that time, the South African Grand Prix took place in Kyalami. The country has only hosted 33 races to date. When asked which location he would choose for a new Formula 1 race, Hamilton’s answer is clear: “Clearly Africa. It is such an important place to go back there.”

“At the moment, Formula One is going to countries and doesn’t really leave much, if anything, behind,” criticizes the world champion. “Formula One has to develop into a sport that goes to places and leaves something that can really help communities.” Africa would be predestined for this from Hamilton’s point of view.

Last African GP before apartheid was abolished

“I think we need to get Africa’s attention back and highlight the beautiful place that it is. It’s the most important country we have to go to, namely where it’s not just about money. It’s about people It’s not always the case in business. I’m really committed to that. ”

Kyalami was initially part of the Formula 1 calendar from 1967 to 1985, after several races had previously taken place in East London. In 1992 the premier class returned to Kyalami, but only twice. The last Grand Prix took place before the country abolished apartheid politics in 1994.

A Formula 1 fan festival was planned for March this year in Johannesburg, but had to be postponed due to the corona pandemic. It was created on the initiative of South African GP, ​​which is run by Jody Scheckter’s nephew Warren and is committed to the return of racing to Africa.

“Hopefully it will not be long before circumstances allow us to find a new date for the festival,” said Scheckter after the postponement. “We look forward to working with Formula 1 and the Province of Gauteng on our ongoing efforts to bring Formula 1 back to South Africa.”

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