Hamilton unbeatable by 2021? Alain Prost sees the Schumi record already falling

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Lewis Hamilton continues in the footsteps of Michael Schumacher: With the win in Barcelona at the weekend, the Briton surpassed Schumi’s previous record of 155 Formula 1 podiums. Hamilton was on the podium for the 156th time. “I don’t even know how to describe my feelings,” he marveled.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton enters the history books with ever new records



When it comes to victories, the Mercedes driver is only three away from catching up with Schumacher’s record of 91. In terms of pole positions, he now has 24 more than Schumi. And hardly anyone still doubts that Hamilton will also equalize the record of seven world championship titles this season.

Alain Prost doesn’t either. “The way Lewis drives, the confidence he has in his Mercedes team and the fact that the regulations will change little in 2021 give him a very good chance of becoming world champion this year and next.” says the four-time Formula 1 champion to ‘Metro’.

Hamilton and Schumacher: “The same story”

And he adds, “I don’t see anyone hitting him.” The only one who has succeeded in this since Hamilton and Mercedes have dominated Formula 1 is Nico Rosberg. And in 2016 he sat in a Silver Arrow himself. After that, only Hamilton won the title. After five races he is 37 points ahead again.

“It’s incredible what Lewis did,” says Prost, “but that can only be achieved if you have long dominance and long-term commitment on a team. When Michael did it, we all thought it wouldn’t be possible would break his records because Formula 1 is so modern. “

But just as Schumacher and Ferrari dominated the sport at the turn of the century, Hamilton and Mercedes are now doing it. “It’s basically the same story,” Prost draws the comparison. “You have a perfect organization with key people on the team and a number one and a number two pilot.”

Alain Prost: “I know Lewis and I don’t know him”

On top of that, “Psychologically, they have a very stable situation that puts them in a very strong position. Sometimes people don’t realize what Lewis is doing. He’s done some really extraordinary rounds, but he can only do that because he’s in the Team feels good because he has confidence in the team. “

And that is exactly what can help find the last tenths of a second, Prost analyzes. He himself fought against Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna, for whom Hamilton has always had a great fascination. How would the six-time champion have fought against his own childhood hero?

“There are a few questions that you can’t answer,” says Prost, pondering, “Do I know Lewis? I’ve known Lewis since he was 13 and was under contract with Ron Dennis and McLaren, but I don’t know him. I don’t know if anyone knows him very well. He’s one of the best and that’s obvious. “

The comparison with Formula 1 heroes from back then is limp

But this generation of cars and drivers is difficult to compare with that of 30 years ago: “I would ask myself if I had been in Juan Manuel Fangio’s time, would I have been world champion? Was I as good as him?” Fangio shaped the early years of Formula 1 and set standards.

“He’s a good example,” says Prost. “He drove for the first time in Formula 1 when he was 38 years old. You can be realistic about Fangio, Ayrton and Lewis, but would we want Lewis to start at 38? Absolutely not, so sometimes you have to accept that you don’t can always compare. “

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