Hamilton as a role model: F1 wants to campaign for more diversity in sport

(Motorsport-Total.com) – After world champion Lewis Hamilton asked Formula 1 and his driver colleagues to fight more against racism and for more diversity – also in motorsport – as part of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, the racing series has some “important announcements about diversity and integration” planned.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton apparently hit a nerve with his criticism



“I think every organization or person millions of people follow has a duty in many ways to point out any imperfections that are inherent in their field,” said Yath Gangakumaran, director of strategy and business development, and added Hamilton’s recent engagement.

“What Lewis has done has really helped accelerate some of the changes we want in Formula 1,” said Gangakumaran, announcing: “In a few weeks, the public will hear more about what we’re going to do. “

Liberty wants to be “on the right side of this trend”

The times when sports stars are encouraged to concentrate only on their sport are over. As examples of this, Gangakumaran mentions footballer Marcus Rashford, who successfully campaigned for free school meals for the needy in Great Britain, or his colleague Raheem Sterling.

In a BBC interview, he spoke out clearly against discrimination and xenophobia. He also called for greater representation of ethnic minorities in sports committees and coaching positions, similar to Hamilton.

“I think this trend will continue,” said Gangakumaran. He is aware of his own responsibility: “If you ultimately want to be on the right side of history, it is important that you are on the right side of this trend and put a purpose at the center of your work as an organization.”

Use Formula 1 technology for a higher purpose

Since the takeover by Liberty Media in January 2017, Formula 1 has repeatedly worked beyond racing for a larger social purpose, such as greater ecological sustainability and the use of its technology to support the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In this context, Gangakumaran emphasizes that Formula 1 is primarily used to entertain its fans, but in the future it will be necessary to become aware of its broader purpose. That was precisely what the crisis made clear.

“What has been really encouraging in recent years, and particularly in this current coronavirus period, is that a broader social purpose is coming to the fore,” said the strategy director. “We have this incredible technology, amazing engineers and scientists in Formula 1.”

“Hopefully, if we can apply some of this technology to major humanitarian crises, we can have a small positive impact on other societal issues the world is struggling with,” said Gangakumaran in conclusion.

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