Habeck up for Chancellor? “Yes, I would pass this test for myself”

TV column “Maischberger. Die Woche “: Is Habeck up for Chancellor? “Yes, I would pass this test for myself”

The US President and the Coronavirus: A large-scale return to the White House should prove Donald Trump’s indestructibility and spread confidence. But the SPD politician and physician Karl Lauterbach doubts the story of the speedy recovery. And Trump’s ex-confidante John Bolton reveals: It’s all too much even for him.

Even if Donald Trump and the corona virus dominated the discussion and little new knowledge came to light, another guest had to show their colors. Greens boss Robert Habeck, to whom Maischberger asks the persistently recurring question: Do you want to become Federal Chancellor?

“We want to fight for the lead,” is Habeck’s favorite answer. In order to be a little clearer: He must “check himself out whether you believe you have the moral tools and inner peace, you have a plan for what you want”. Habeck also had an answer to this: “Yes, I would pass this test for myself.”

Habeck would go into the “death zone of politics”

But the K question is much more than a succinct “Hey, are you up for being chancellor?”. Leading a country – this was also shown by the corona pandemic – would also mean making decisions about life and death, or those that could endanger jobs. He refers to Joschka Fischer, who once spoke of the “death zone of politics” when it came to the most important office in the country. Which is why Habeck chooses the philosophical answer: “We’ll do our best, and then we’ll see what happens to it.”

Trump’s great staging as a virus conqueror

When it came to Trump, we looked back: a military helicopter approaching the White House, dramatic music accompanied the landing on the lawn. US President Donald Trump gets out, shortly afterwards he salutes down from the balcony and rips the breathing mask off his face with a big gesture of liberation. Allegedly recovered from Covid-19, he now has an urgent message to his people: “Don’t be afraid.” Because the drugs, by the way given by God, work wonders. Everything will be fine.

The great staging of virus conqueror Donald Trump: SPD politician and health expert Karl Lauterbach has only negative words for it. According to Karl Lauterbach, Trump has shown what no citizen should do. For example, driving around in a hermetically sealed car with other people carrying the virus. Or leave the clinic after just a few days. “I am sure that he dismissed himself against the advice of the attending physicians,” explains doctor Lauterbach in Sandra Maischberger’s weekly review.

Visibly difficult breathing on the balcony

Because in fact Trump must have been quite seriously ill, Lauterbachs concludes from the “definitely experimental” drug therapy used. The fact that the US President, despite the heroic staging on the balcony of the White House, is breathing clearly hard after only a few steps, also indicates that he is “not yet over the mountain”. The corona virus is treacherous, warns Lauterbach: The symptoms, which often seem harmless, would reveal little about the true condition of the lungs.

Even the American John Bolton, Republican and former security advisor in the White House, does not believe that the world will know the true state of health of the president. Or, for example, the period in which Trump became infected and could have been a danger to others.

Chaos as a presidential lifestyle

Maischberger asks himself whether the machinery around the US president is still working in the face of the first cases of infection. A steep template for Bolton: “The White House under Donald Trump has not been able to work for four years,” he jokes. “Chaos is just a way of life for Donald Trump.”

Will the disease help Trump in the election campaign? He doesn’t think so, says Bolton. At least he has already voted. For the first time in his Republican career, he was not the top candidate of his party.

Trump and the corona virus: These are the predominant topics at “Maischberger. The week”. Lauterbach warns of a second wave of infections and fails to explain the travel rules of the individual federal states that have just been decided in a halfway understandable way. He himself does not see travelers as a risk of infection, he admits. Private celebrations of more than 25 people are a much bigger problem. And schools in general. But changing something at short notice had never been possible before.

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