Guide: How to make your TikTok influencer campaign a success

How to use the popular platform for yourself and create campaigns that take your company to the next level of online marketing.

TikTok is probably the most successful app
of the last few years and especially conquered the young with their funny videos
Target group on social media. With over half a billion downloads worldwide
it is already one of the most popular apps and therefore has already
Instagram overtakes. More and more companies are discovering the platform for
their purposes and have started to use them for marketing. Like you
implement your perfect campaign with TikTok and also successfully here
Influencers (on TikTok they are called “creators”) work together,
find out in this guide!

For many, the platform is TikTok
so far still a mystery. Of course, this is mainly due to the fact that
Platform is still relatively new and appeals to a very young target group. In spite of
there are many good reasons why your company has one here
Campaign should start.

The main goal of this platform is to increase awareness and branding for your company. This means that you shouldn’t focus your sales on campaigns on this platform. Your company benefits more from the attention to your products or services. As part of the branding, you can also position yourself as a modern and young brand. However, these points are just as important, because you place yourself positively in the minds of the users and thus your sales can benefit as well.

Before it starts to carry out
your campaign goes, of course you still need creators that suit you and
that will help you achieve your campaign goals. Keep it
When choosing this, always keep your campaign idea in mind and think about it
beforehand what you expect from them and what role they play in your campaign
should play.

When choosing a suitable creator
there are some points to consider. In addition to the most important
Key figures, which will be discussed in more detail later, also have other aspects,
which you can use to find a suitable creator for your campaign.

You can look in the app
different categories and trends. In this way you become a creator
displayed, on whose profiles you can see their views and likes. in the
Unlike Instagram, TikTok makes it a little more difficult, more about Creator
to find out because the professional description is kept shorter here. In the
Usually, larger creators give their email address or their
Instagram account, which you can use to contact them,
to win them over to your campaign.

To find a suitable creator, there is also the “TikTok Creator Marketplace”. You can use this to view the most important key figures of the creators and to contact them directly via the platform. With the help of certain filters, you can then filter them by country or region, range, views, target group and many other key figures. This will help you find a creator who will help you achieve your individual goals. To use the marketplace, all you have to do is register and then have the opportunity to contact the appropriate creator directly via the platform. You can also use the platform to create your own campaigns, in which you can provide a detailed description of your company and your campaign idea in order to invite creators directly.

Which key figures are observed
Need to become

In order to find a suitable creator for your campaign, there are some important key figures that you should definitely consider:

Of course, the number of followers also plays a role here. However, the overall likes in relation to the creator’s uploaded videos are much more important, as they show how his videos are received on the platform. Because the videos are not only seen by your own followers, but also displayed on the homepage to other users of the app. The average views and likes as well as the comments and shares of the videos are also another important indicator for a creator on TikTok. However, smaller creator videos can also be uploaded, which achieve viral success or get more views and likes than usual for them. Ultimately, this means that your company should not only look at the number of followers, but you should actually deal with the content of the creator and also deal with its individual potential. If the creator suits you with its content, nothing stands in the way of a successful collaboration.

As on all social media channels, there is of course not one recipe for success on TikTok. Above all, because the platform is still relatively new and very dynamic, you should keep this in mind for your campaign. It is important that the content is well done. It should entertain the community, trigger a reaction from them and, above all, make them want to watch the video again or share it with their friends. You can achieve this, for example, by incorporating a “plot twist”, something at the end of the short video that the viewers did not expect and why they want to watch the video again. It is then not necessarily relevant whether it is a dance, an experiment, a life hack, comedy, beauty or fashion.

As already mentioned, branding issues work very well on TikTok. So if you are just looking to generate as many sales as possible, you will probably not have long-term success with the campaigns. Rather, your aim should be to present your company positively and to place yourself positively in the minds of the target group. There are no limits to your creativity.

In order to show you that this guide actually helps you to run successful influencer campaigns, a practical example will be dealt with here. The Picard company, which makes leather goods, recently launched a TikTok campaign. As part of this campaign, the company wanted to advertise some products from its range and therefore selected a wide range of creators on the platform in order to address a broad target group. Creators with 10,000 to 300,000 followers were selected, who then used creative short videos to advertise the product in their own way.


Finally a bag that can do everything 😍 ## foryou ## mypicard ## advertising ## picard ## handbag ## fy ## memories @picard_official

♬ Memories – Bodin & Feb & Koosen

What is special about this campaign? Within a few days, it generated almost 300,000 views and over 50,000 likes. The videos created by the Creatorn were also shared and commented on hundreds of times. Picard has thus received a great deal of attention for the brand and has placed itself positively and sustainably as a modern company on TikTok through the creative use of Creatorn. This practical example shows once again the special features of TikTok and that campaigns follow completely different rules.

TikTok is an app that can hardly be compared to any other social media platform. Because it is still quite new in its current form and is also very dynamic, there is no recipe for success for a campaign with Creatorn on this platform. Because of this, creativity and individuality are probably two points that you should definitely consider when carrying out your campaign. If you then win a creator for your purposes that suits you and creates individual videos for you, nothing stands in the way of the success of your TikTok campaign!

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