Google My Business allows special opening times to be displayed

Shops can now set current and unusual opening times, for example, especially for seniors, in their Google My Business account.

Extended opening hours at GMB

Extended opening hours at GMB, © Barry Schwartz

Anyone visiting local shops during the corona crisis may first find out via Google whether and when they opened at all. After all, despite the fact that most of the shops have reopened, there is still no normal state, health precautions must be observed. Therefore, some stores also offer customer-specific opening hours. For example, a shop can only be opened for two hours for seniors; or pregnant women receive a special time window for shopping in certain shops. Such unscheduled opening times can now be displayed on Google My Business (GMB).

Google My Business: More and more specific information about local business

The corona crisis has often hit local businesses hard. In order to support these in their display in Google search, Google has introduced various updates for the Google My Business profiles in the past few months that were in the context of the pandemic. Companies can now display company updates on Covid-19 in a prominent manner, call up a link to donate or buy vouchers in the listing, or map special online-only offers.

New is the option to select “Additional opening times” in the opening times to add additional and special opening times to the display. Because the basic business hours are usually shown in the business profiles, for example in the display on maps. For example, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Saturday. However, this does not take into account the current exceptional situation. SEO expert Barry Schwartz reports at Search Engine Roundtable that not only are times more personalized, but they can also be assigned specific purposes.

Clicking on the info tab in the GMB account leads users to set the opening times. The new specific times can then be specified under “Additional opening times”. You can even display several business hours per day.

When you click on the pencil icon for editing, Google then gives you the option of selecting individual categories for the new business hours. These include options such as “Happy Hour”, “Senior Hours” or “Takeout”.

Categories for extended opening hours at Google My Business, source Barry Schwartz
Categories for extended opening hours at Google My Business, source: Barry Schwartz

The flexibility that many stores are currently demonstrating in their opening times due to the corona crisis can now also be shared with Google users and searchers via Google My Business. Google provides all the details for simple settings on the Google My Business help page.

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