Google extends business messages via maps and search for all companies

With Google Business Messages, companies can easily communicate with users via maps and searches. Smart replies and visual product carousels and the like should help.

In future, all companies at Google Business Messages should be able to send and receive messages via the Maps and Search areas. Google announced an extension of the feature and a number of new functions in its context. Companies can link this messaging channel to their customer service and share product images, welcome messages or smart replies there.

More opportunities for customer communication with Google’s business messages

Google introduced business messages three years ago in order to provide user touchpoints on Google Maps or in search with opportunities for companies to drive customer communication there.

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Now Google announced via blog post that the feature will be expanded. Accordingly, companies can now link their customer service directly to the business messages. The solution can be used extensively on Android devices, while on iOS it can only be used for Google Maps.

When customers write to companies about the messaging feature, they have different options to react. Google recently launched new smart replies. Product carousels or customized welcome messages can also be integrated. In addition, Google has been working on a smoother transition from automated responses to a customer service representative.

The first companies benefit from the business messages

Woolworths, Walmart and MyGov are among the companies that already rely on Google’s business messages. With this feature, Walmart always provides its customers with up-to-date information on opening times, precautionary measures or pick-up options in the context of Covid-19. Mattress Firm, on the other hand, sells mattresses directly via Business Messages. The ability to share product information and even videos about the articles across the channel has helped the company maintain this business, especially in the corona crisis.

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The Business Messages feature is to be highlighted even more prominently in future and can also be integrated on mobile websites. So far, the function can only be used in English, but support for other languages ​​will soon be introduced. Google has a number of partners who can help companies messaging through this channel. If you want to strengthen corporate and customer communication via Google channels, you can register for access to the Business Messages API. However, processing communications with users and customers via Google My Business also remains an option for companies.

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