Google brings Web Stories Carousel to Discover

With Discover in the Google app, users can now find a stories carousel that should provide them with the best visual content on relevant topics on the web.

Over 800 million people use Google Discover – perhaps still known to some as the Google Feed – every month. In view of the triumphant advance of social platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, Google is not only relying on personalization for Discover, but also increasingly on visually appealing content such as short videos or YouTube clips. Now Google’s Web Stories are also being added. Google announced that a story carousel will be integrated in the upper area of ​​Discover, which leads to the immersive and full-screen stories. In addition, more web stories should appear in Google search.

Google cannot ignore the story format either

As early as December 2018, Google introduced the integration of AMP Stories for mobile search and Discover. The tappable format is intended to bring variety to the information and entertainment content that users find on Google. The Google Web Creators Twitter account has now announced that the Web Stories can now be found in the Google app on Android and iOS in the Discover area. However, for the time being only in the USA, Brazil and India. The feature is to be rolled out in other countries soon. In addition, the stories will appear in other Google products in the future, including in mobile search.

Web Stories carousel
Google’s Web Stories in Discover, © Google

The reception of the stories in Discover is very simple, explains Vamsee Jasti, Google’s Web Stories Product Manager, in the blog post. When you tap on a story, it is played across the entire mobile screen. Another tap leads to the next story element, and a swipe takes users to another story from the carousel.

Web Stories animation
This is what the stories can look like in Discover, © Google

In the future, according to Jasti, even more web stories will appear in Google Search, Google Images and the Google App.

Huge potential for creators and publishershere

Regardless of whether you are a large and well-known publisher or a creator from a niche area: Google Web Stories offer a good option for showing your own content to a huge audience. Whoever creates these stories has full control over the monetization, hosting and sharing of the stories as well as which links should be integrated. Vamsee Jasti points out that the advantage of the stories on Google is that the web – and he may also mean the web experienced via Google’s platforms – offers an extremely large audience. In the Showcase for Web Stories at Google, Google is already providing examples of publishers who have had great success with the stories.

Since the web stories usually reflect the content of the websites, publishers and creators also use them as a visual element on their own pages or their own social channels. To make the Web Stories format as publisher-friendly as possible, Google worked with brands such as Forbes, Vice, Refinery29, USA Today, The Dodo, The Hollywood Reporter, Gamesradar, Lonelyplanet and many others. So far, over 2,000 stories have been created and indexed by Google.

Any creator can create a web story for Google. The Web Story Editor for WordPress, MakeStories or NewsroomAI can be used for this. If you are technically capable of doing this, you can also create the stories yourself using code. How the Google Web Stories can then also be activated in the Google search, Google clarifies on a help page. In addition, the Storytime series on YouTube gives practical tips on how to create good and relevant Google Web Stories.

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