Giroud looks back on “the history of karting and F1”

Olivier Giroud said he was not offended by the words of Karim Benzema who had compared the two men to “a Formula 1 and a kart. ”

During confinement, last March, the Real Madrid striker sent a big spade to the tricolor world champion during a live Instagram. ” We do not confuse F1 and karting, let go of the Madrid striker. And I’m nice. I know I am F1. He has his career, he does what he wants, scores the goals he wants. He’s in his corner, I’m in my corner, I don’t think about him. “Words which obviously did not touch the second highest scorer in the history of the France team.

“It made me laugh knowing him”

Having recently celebrated his 100e selection in Blues, Olivier Giroud was entitled to a special report in the show Telefoot. When asked about Karim Benzema’s statement about him, the former Montpellier striker did not want to argue. ” I have always been criticized a little for the absence of Karim Benzema. This supposed rivalry, made from scratch by some people, said the Blues forward. The history of karting and F1? It made me laugh knowing him. I have no hard feelings about it. Maybe my career would be better with Karim, both in front. But we’ll never know. “

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