Giroud, “a good example for players who are not pros at 19”

Having become a professional late in life, Olivier Giroud measures with a certain relish the progress made. He who is about to endorse his 100e cape in the French team.

Wednesday at the Stade de France against Ukraine, barring a last-minute glitch, Olivier Giroud will wear the France team jersey for the 100e times of his career. Better still, while Hugo Lloris will be replaced by Steve Mandanda in the goal, the person concerned will be able to inherit the captain’s armband, as Didier Deschamps confided on Tuesday. ” I signed for Ligue 1 when I was almost 25. It is an atypical course. Having the chance to play for the French team, even at that age and from that moment on, was only a bonus “, Marvels the main interested party today.

Facing the press on Wednesday, the Chelsea striker did the math with undisguised pleasure. ” By collecting the selections, I set myself no limits. When I got to 75 or 80, I was like, ‘Why not get to 100.’ I stayed in this team because of my efficiency, because of what I bring to the team. I’m proud of it all. 100 is a great number, but I still have a lot of years ahead of me. If I can still add to the team, I intend to continue. […] I can match Michel Platini, I can get closer to Thierry Henry and I can maybe play my last international competition. We’ll see. In any case, I feel very good physically and in my head. There is a lot of excitement going into this year, because you enjoy things a lot more at my age, even though I’m not 39 years old.

“Proud of what I have accomplished”

The former Montpellier savor his exceptional destiny, and still earns as much as he can: ” I enjoy becoming a centenary and I enjoy climbing the hierarchy of scorers for the France team. It is happiness. If you had told me that I would be a centenary at 34, I wouldn’t have believed it when I was in Tours or Grenoble. That’s the beauty of football. By dint of believing in your qualities, by dint of self-sacrifice, with coaches who trust you, there is no limit to setting you. If I look at my career, I am very proud of what I have accomplished. I have met some great people who have helped me a lot. But I will never tell myself that it was impossible to get there. I am a good example for players who are not pros at 19. The main thing is the arrival.

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