Gerhard Berger: Vettel & Ferrari is a “lose-lose situation”

( – Gerhard Berger advises Sebastian Vettel not to switch to Racing Point (Aston Martin) and, if he were in the situation of the four-time world champion, would end his Formula 1 career at the end of 2020: “Me As a four-time world champion who has never injured himself, who has a family who has had a good income, would rather make the decision and say: ‘Okay, bye-bye!’ “, the current head of the DTM says in an interview with ‘ Sky ‘.

Sebastian Vettel, Gerhard Berger

Gerhard Berger advises Sebastian Vettel not to switch to Aston Martin



While Vettel himself, as you can hear from his environment, would like to continue and drive Formula 1 in 2021, preferably, as he has already admitted, at Red Bull, Berger believes that he would be better advised to step down or at least a year off . Because: “Red Bull will not work. Mercedes will not work. Unless there is some special situation.”

“And who then really still has a chance to win races? Yes, you could say at the moment: Racing Point. But are they really so good that you can bet on them and say that I’ll be against them next year a Mercedes and a Red Bull can seriously compete? I would doubt that. And otherwise I see nothing far and wide. “

In addition to Mercedes and Red Bull (AlphaTauri), where the free cockpits are more theoretical from Vettel’s point of view, only Alfa Romeo and Haas have seats on offer for 2021. It is out of the question that the four-time world champion will dock there. And even Aston Martin would have to put either Sergio Perez or Lance Stroll in front of the door despite the contract.

Berger: Only going on in a top car

“The big question is, of course, how does he look to the future? Does he want to attack again, does he want to try again?” Speculates Berger. “Based on my experience, I can only recommend to him: only if he really has a car with which he can win the world championship a fifth time or at least take victories. And I don’t see that at the moment.”

At the same time, the ten-time Grand Prix winner is protecting his former Toro Rosso protégé, who won the first Red Bull Formula 1 victory under his wing in Monza in 2008, against criticism from Ferrari. Berger says: “Ferrari certainly has no competitive technology this year.”

Under pressure from the Italian press and the Tifosi, as Berger knows from his own experience as an ex-Ferrari driver, the Scuderia may try to pass the buck on the drivers. And that Charles Leclerc, who is under contract until the end of 2024, is more likely to be protected than Vettel, who is known to leave, is obvious.

“If one of them leaves the team at the end of the year anyway and the other means the future, you usually choose the weakest, or you choose the one that is no longer relevant for the future,” speculates Berger. “That’s where you dump your frustration – regardless of whether it’s the technicians or the results.”

“There is of course a small advantage for Leclerc at the moment. But of course that is also due to the fact that nobody is really motivated to get the coals out of the fire for Sebastian”, he suspects. “You know Sebastian is going away. You know you haven’t done your homework for this season. So it’s a lose-lose situation.”

“The fact is: the car is simply not fast enough. You are currently qualifying for Q3,” criticized Berger Ferrari. But Vettel has no reason to let the current situation get him down: “If I were him, I would have my chest very far out. He is four-time world champion. That has to become a Leclerc first, and so do many others.”

Berger: Everyone knows that Vettel is not that bad

“In my opinion, Sebastian has nothing to lose. […] Everyone knows that they have not forgotten how to drive a car. Everyone knows that when the Leclerc drives almost a second faster, something is wrong. If I were him I’d take it easy. “

Berger recalls Vettel’s situation of 1997, when he was on the sidelines at Benetton and the relationship with the then team boss Flavio Briatore was shattered: “Almost every driver comes to the phase he is in now in his career. I think you do just have to bite your teeth and try to find a consensus with the team and finish the year. “

“In every race I fought to somehow get it over the stage, to get it over with. He’s going to have exactly the same thoughts now. You have to go through that,” said the 60-year-old.

At the same time, however, he understands that Vettel does not put up with everything: “Of course you don’t want to be the one on whom you now dump all the blame and say: ‘Nothing works, he is not motivated, he is no longer fast enough.’ Because that’s just not true. “

“That is why Sebastian will do everything to always give the fans and journalists full transparency of his problems. But that will be exactly what Ferrari does not want to hear, because they do not want any transparency at all. Therefore, the hiccups will be until the end of the season go on. “

By the way, Vettel himself still has “nothing new” to report about his future: “I think that could take a while,” he says in an interview with ‘Sky’. In order to deduce where a cockpit could still be free for him, you don’t have to be “a genius”. Nothing has changed in his main selection criteria: “I have to be convinced that it is a decent package.”

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