George Floyd death: Violence breaks out after peaceful demonstration in Berlin

The death of the African American George Floyd shakes the United States: there are repeated riots in numerous cities. In Buffalo, 57 police officers have now resigned out of solidarity with their two colleagues who were suspended after an incident with a 75-year-old protester. There are also demonstrations in Germany. All information in the FOCUS Online news ticker.

The essentials in brief: Protests, curfews and fierce criticism of the president: The United States has not come to rest in a brutal police operation a week and a half ago since the death of African American George Floyd. The responsible public prosecutor’s office tightened their charges and had all of the former officials involved arrested. The policeman, who is held responsible for Floyd’s death, is now facing a second-degree murder case, including up to 40 years in prison.

Spahn worried about “crowds crowded” at demos

09.00 a.m: Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn has shown concern after the recent anti-racism demonstrations of crowds during the corona pandemic. “The fight against racism needs our common commitment. Every day,” Spahn said on Saturday evening on Twitter. “But crowds of people in the middle of the pandemic are getting me.” Also with important concerns applies: “Keep your distance, wear everyday mask, take care of each other. To protect us and others.”

Tens of thousands of people in Germany demonstrated against racism and police violence on Saturday. According to police, there were around 15,000 participants in Berlin’s Alexanderplatz alone. Around 25,000 demonstrators took to the streets in Munich. The trigger was the death of black George Floyd in the USA in a brutal police operation in late May.

93 arrests and 28 injured officials after demos in Berlin

08.55 a.m .: During the police operation on the occasion of the anti-racist demonstrations in Berlin on Saturday, 93 people were arrested and 28 police officers were slightly injured. The police said that three of you should have resigned after outpatient treatment on Sunday night.

Accordingly, the arrests were made for breach of the peace, opposition to law enforcement officers and assault on law enforcement officers, attempted liberation of prisoners, violations of the Infection Protection Act and trespassing. According to the police, around 800 police officers were deployed.

After a peaceful demonstration on Alexanderplatz, the police said there was an outbreak of violence between Alexanderplatz station and the Berolinahaus. Police and passers-by were thrown from a larger group with stones and bottles after a man was arrested for material damage to an emergency vehicle. A press photographer was also injured.

At the previous gathering, 15,000 participants had largely peacefully demonstrated against racism, recalling the African American George Floyd, who was killed in a brutal police operation in the US city of Minneapolis.

The rally on Alexanderplatz was trouble-free, but was ended prematurely due to the large crowd, the police said. After that, in addition to the originally planned 14 downtown assemblies, a 15th was approved.

On Saturday thousands also took to the streets in Germany in cities like Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Mannheim and Stuttgart. Calls for “Silent Demos” had been published on the Internet. “No to racism” and “Black Lives Matter” (“count black lives”), it said there. The protesters were supposed to appear in black clothes. The intention was to silently and silently remember Floyd’s death during the demonstration.

In Munich there were repeated calls to “Black Lives Matter”. A police spokesman said: “We made permanent announcements to indicate compliance with the distance rules, which were often not adhered to at the beginning.” The meeting area was finally expanded to make more space. According to the police, the 200 people registered had become 25,000 demonstrators.

75-year-old encountered: 57 Buffalo cops resign to protest their colleagues’ suspension

Sunday, June 7th, 7:36 am: After two US police officers were suspended from duty in the city of Buffalo, their colleagues reacted with a protest. At a rally against police violence in Buffalo, officials reportedly bumped an older protester, according to media reports. He then fell and injured his head. As a video released by WBFO on Thursday evening (local time) showed, the man with bleeding on the head remained on the sidewalk. The officials were suspended, as Mayor Byron W. Brown confirmed on Twitter. The 75-year-old protester is in serious but stable condition. The city’s police chief in the state of New York ordered an internal investigation.

In response to the men’s suspension, the entire 57-man Buffalo Police Emergency Response Team resigned. The British “Guardian” reports. With this action, the police officers want to demonstrate solidarity and support for their colleagues.

The shocking scene had sparked a wave of outrage on social media and further tensions in protests against the murder of black George Floyd. The roughly 40-second video clip shows the white demonstrator approaching a group of uniformed police officers and being knocked over by two of them.

The two police officers have since been charged. They were accused of serious assault, US media reported on Saturday. Both pleaded not guilty at the court hearing in the city of New York.

Videos of police violence cause further resentment

8:13 p.m .: After more videos of brutal police operations in the US have surfaced, the country is preparing for new mass protests against racism on Saturday. In Buffalo, New York, two officials were suspended, Mayor Byron Brown said on Twitter online on Friday. In a video, the police knock over a 75-year-old demonstrator, who then lies unconscious and bleeds heavily on the head. The police initially said the man had stumbled.

Police brutally crack down on protesters – 75-year-old seriously injured

In Indianapolis, the police opened an investigation into a video in which at least four officers attacked a woman with batons and pepper spray shots.

Videos of several incidents appeared in New York. According to media reports, police officers used batons against dozens of peaceful demonstrators on Thursday. Two officers were suspended, police said.

In several cases, rubber bullet protesters were seriously injured. A protester in Dallas, Texas, had lost his left eye due to a rubber bullet.

In the capital city of Washington, police expected demonstrations on Saturday in front of the White House, the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial, among others. Washington’s chief of police, Peter Newsham, said the protests may be among the largest he has seen. By midday (local time), numerous people were already gathering peacefully. Demonstrations also took place in other US cities such as New York and Philadelphia, as shown on television pictures.

“While we’re listening, please keep an eye on each other,” wrote Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser on Twitter. Many children would also demonstrate. Bowser had officially named a place in front of the White House on Friday as “Black Lives Matter” place. Bowser also had “Black Lives Matter” painted in huge yellow letters on a road leading there – in German, for example: “The lives of black people are important”. The mayor had the same inscription on two buildings.

The government of US President Donald Trump had protests violently resolved on Monday evening in the newly named place. At the same time, Trump had made a speech in the White House, threatening to use the military because of the nationwide protests, some of which had turned into riots. Immediately afterwards, Trump went to a nearby church for a photo op and posed for the cameras with a Bible in hand. Trump’s approach had met with harsh criticism.

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Tribute to George Floyd: Pilot paints a fist in the air with an airplane

1:42 p.m .: In order to pay tribute to African-American George Floyd after his violent death, a pilot used his machine to pull trajectories in the shape of a clenched fist into the air near the Canadian city of Halifax. “Racism is on the rise with us. It has always been there throughout history, especially here in North America, ”said pilot Demitri Neonakis on Friday (local time) to the Canadian broadcaster CTV News. A radar video from the Flight Aware website showing the trajectory of the machine in the province of Nova Scotia has been viewed more than 58,000 times since Thursday.

Floyd had died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, last week. A white police officer had pressed his knee into the neck of the 46-year-old lying on the floor for almost nine minutes. Since then, tens of thousands of people worldwide have taken to the streets to protest against police violence and racism.

After seeing the news, Neonakis wanted to express his disbelief and a number of other feelings with the action. “As I moved freely up there, George Floyd’s words came to mind a few times:” I can’t breathe, “a stark contrast,” Neonakis wrote on Facebook.

Stranglehold prohibited: George Floyd’s death triggers many changes

09.55 a.m .: The city of Minneapolis, where African-American Floyd was killed in an arrest last Monday, announced extensive police reforms. In the future, officials will no longer be able to use strangleholds or hold suspects by the neck, Mayor Jacob Frey said. In addition, all police officers who witnessed an “unauthorized use of force” by their colleagues would have to report this under the threat of punishment. The reforms legally binding with the state of Minnesota were a good step to change the culture of the police force and “uproot systematic racism,” Frey wrote on Twitter.

“This is a great day for him”: horror after Trump’s statement about George Floyd

07.38 a.m .: The opposition US Democrats have strongly condemned statements by President Donald Trump about the killed African American George Floyd and the job market. Democratic nominee for the presidency, Joe Biden, wrote on Friday in the short message service Twitter that Floyd’s last words “I can’t breathe” had echoed in the US and around the world. “The fact that the President is trying to put other words in his mouth is truly contemptible.”

Democratic senator Kamala Harris also sharply criticized Trump: Trump should “not put Floyd’s name in his mouth” before he can say the phrase “Black Lives Matter”, Harris wrote on Twitter. “Black life counts” is the motto of protests against police violence against African Americans – and ever-present after Floyd’s death.

Trump had previously said that Floyd, who was killed in a brutal police operation, would certainly be pleased with the good development in the US labor market. “Hopefully George is looking down right now and saying, ‘A great thing is happening to our country,'” said the president after the unemployment rate surprisingly dropped amid the corona crisis. “This is a great day for him, this is a great day for everyone.”

The US unemployment rate had surprisingly dropped to 13.3 percent in May amid the coronavirus crisis. While this is still a very high figure, it is 14.7 percent lower than in April.

Floyd’s death in a police operation in Minneapolis has led to nationwide protests against racism and police violence. A white policeman had pressed the African American’s knee on the back of his neck for almost nine minutes, although Floyd repeatedly complained with the words “I can’t breathe” that he couldn’t breathe.

Demo for George Floyd in Hamburg gets out of hand – police dissolve protest

4.35 p.m .: A demonstration against racism and police violence got out of hand in Hamburg on Friday. Instead of the announced 250 participants, about 3100 people came to the US consulate on the banks of the Alster in the afternoon, said a police spokeswoman.

Despite the announcements by the officials, people violated the corona-related requirements such as keeping a distance and wearing a nose and throat protector. After only half an hour the police officially declared the meeting to be over, but the demonstrators remained. The officials began discussions with the meeting leaders to end the gathering.

The demonstration had been registered under the motto “Justice for Floyd – stop killing blacks – stop the racial terrorism in the USA”.

New York police chief apologizes for his police officers’ misconduct

3:39 pm: After days of protests against racism and police brutality, New York City Chief Dermot Shea apologized for possible wrongdoing by police officers during the actions. “For relaxation to exist, there must be remorse. I’m so sorry. Sometimes even the best drop – and the NYPD is the best police agency in the country, ”Shea said Friday night, according to media reports. “For our part in the lack of courtesy, discriminatory prejudice, excessive violence, unacceptable language and many other mistakes, we are human beings. I am sorry.”

Shea also stressed that his police officers were repeatedly insulted and attacked while the protests were being accompanied, and that this also had to stop. “Are you sorry too?”

On Thursday and on the night of Friday, thousands of people had once again taken to the streets in several neighborhoods in New York, demonstrating again largely peacefully for an end to racism and for justice for African-American George Floyd, who was killed in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis. Police helicopters circled the metropolis all night long.

Alaska’s senator criticizes Trump – who promptly takes his anger out of her

11.30 a.m .: US President Donald Trump’s handling of the unrest in the country has met with fierce resistance. Trump’s former U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis, among others, backed the peaceful protests in a rare and drastic speech and criticized the president as a splitter.

Mattis received unexpected approval from the ranks of Trump’s own party: Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski – generally known as more Trump-skeptical – said on Thursday that Mattis’ words were “true and honest and necessary and overdue”. Perhaps the point has now been reached to be more honest and to openly express internal concerns. In any case, she has trouble supporting Trump further.

The US president reacted promptly: he tweeted that he would campaign against Murkowski if she applied for re-election in 2022. For this he would support every other candidate – “whether good or bad”.

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Twitter disables Donald Trump’s Floyd video

10.36 a.m .: The short message service Twitter does not rule out the possibility of blocking the official account of US President Donald Trump if he continues to publish embarrassing messages about the current protests in the USA. “Every Twitter account is bound by the Twitter rules,” Nick Pickles, strategy chief of the US company, said at a hearing in the British Parliament on Thursday whether the service would shut down Trump’s account if necessary. The latest level of escalation was a Trump video commemorating the death of George Floyd, which the short message service deleted. The reason: copyright complaints. The video can still be seen on Youtube.

Twitter had warned its users last week about a post by Trump and labeled it “glorifying violence”. In the tweet, referring to the anti-racism protests after the death of African-American George Floyd, Trump had threatened: “If the looting begins, the shooting begins.”

As a result, there was a dispute between Twitter and Trump, which is followed by more than 81 million users in the online service. Trump has since signed a controversial regulation to make online networks like Twitter and Facebook more regulated.

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