George Floyd death: Lawsuit against police officers was intensified again

After the death of the African American George Floyd, riots broke out again in American cities – curfews and appeals have failed. US President Donald Trump threatens rioters with violence – he blames left-wing radicals for the turmoil.

The most important thing in brief: After the death of the African American George Floyd, the United States does not come to rest. Angry demonstrators took to the streets in numerous US cities. A police officer was arrested on charges of floyd and accused of manslaughter.

Charges against police officers tightened again

06.32 a.m .: After the death of African-American George Floyd during his brutal arrest, three other US police officers have been formally accused. Arrest warrants have been issued for helping with a homicide, Minnesota State Attorney General Keith Ellison said in Minneapolis on Wednesday. At the same time, the allegations against the chiefly accused police officer Derek Chauvin, who had pressed Floyd’s knee on the neck for minutes, were intensified.

He is now charged with “second degree murder”. This roughly corresponds to homicide in a particularly serious case and can be punished with up to 40 years in prison. So far, Chauvin has been charged with a “third degree murder”, which results in up to 25 years in prison. A “first degree murder” would correspond to the definition of murder in Germany and would be punished with life imprisonment.

Chauvin had been arrested last week. The three other policemen Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, and Thomas Lane, who were involved in Floyd’s arrest in Minneapolis on Monday last week, had only been released from the police force. Floyd’s family and numerous demonstrators across the country had asked to be arrested.

Autopsy shows: killed George Floyd was infected with the corona virus

06.28 a.m .: African American George Floyd, killed in a brutal police operation, was infected with the corona virus, according to an official autopsy. However, the infection was not related to his death, especially since it had been known since April and he “most likely” had no symptoms, as the autopsy report released on Wednesday evening (local time) said. Floyd’s family agreed to the publication, it said.

Trump does not currently expect military use in states

05:58: Donald Trump had recently emphasized that he would not be afraid to use the military in states. Now he has said in an interview with an American television station that he currently does not believe in such an effort. The “mirror” reports. So Trump said, “It depends, I don’t think we have to.”

Ex-Secretary of Defense Mattis violently criticizes Trump – he poisoned back

4:59 a.m .: Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis has backed the peaceful protests in the country and criticized President Donald Trump as a splitter. Trump was the first president he saw who wasn’t trying to unite the country but had been trying to divide the country for three years, Mattis wrote in The Atlantic magazine. “We are witnessing the consequences of three years without a mature leader,” wrote the retired general. This week’s events left him “angry and horrified,” said the 69-year-old.

Mattis resigned after two years as Trump’s defense minister in early 2019 after disputes with Trump, but hasn’t publicly criticized the president since. Mattis now described Trump’s militarization of operations against protests across the country following the death of African American George Floyd in a police operation as an unnecessary mistake. “At home, we should use our military very rarely when requested by state governors,” Mattis wrote in the statement released on Wednesday (local time). A deployment of the armed forces against civilian protests threatens to provoke a conflict between the population and the military, he warned.

Trump responded to Mattis’ criticism via Twitter and accused him of primarily dominating the field of self-expression. He did not appreciate his manager and was happy that he was “gone,” Trump wrote.

Over 60 charges in Los Angeles after looting protests

02.38 a.m .: After mass protests lasting several days against police brutality and racism, more than 60 people in the Los Angeles area have been charged with looting, robbery or assault. This was announced by the public prosecutor’s office in the California metropolis on Wednesday. She supports peaceful demonstrations, but must act against people who loot and destroy, said District Attorney Jackie Lacey. They face up to three years in prison.

After Esper opposed him: Trump distanced himself from his Secretary of Defense

Thursday, June 4th, 1:20 am: Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has spoken out against a deployment by the US military to stop the unrest in the country and has clearly distanced itself from US President Donald Trump. Trump apparently liked these statements only to a limited extent. White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said in Washington on Wednesday that the president has sole authority to deploy the military domestically, thereby activating the Insurrection Act. It is definitely an instrument that is available to him. “If necessary, he will use it.”

When asked by journalists whether the president still had confidence in his defense minister in view of Esper’s statements, McEnany was remarkably reserved. “If he loses trust in Minister Esper, you will all be the first to know about it,” she said. For the time being: “Minister Esper is currently Minister Esper.”

Family Lawyer: George Floyd “Tortured to Death”

7.47 p.m .: African American George Floyd, killed in a brutal police operation, was “tortured to death” in his lawyer ‘s opinion. The 46-year-old struggled for air like a fish out of water, lawyer Benjamin Crump told reporters in Minneapolis on Wednesday. All police officers involved in his arrest would have to be arrested and charged, the lawyer said. In the United States, the lawyer should not treat blacks differently from whites, the lawyer said. “The whole world is watching,” he said, referring to the recent protests.

A son of Floyd, Quincy Mason, said at the press conference: “We want justice for what is happening.” The 46-year-old Floyd had died on Monday of last week. During the police operation in Minneapolis, one of four officers involved had floyd his neck down for almost nine minutes, despite Floyd’s requests to let him breathe. Floyd had been arrested on suspicion of paying with a fake $ 20 bill.

The four police officers were released after videos of the operation became known. The policeman who had kneeled on Floyd has since been arrested and charged. The state attorney general for Minnesota wanted to comment on Wednesday on how to deal with the other three officials, according to US media reports.

“Last resort”: Secretary of Defense Esper rejects military intervention in protests

4.42 p.m .: Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has spoken out against a military operation in the current protests that President Donald Trump has threatened. The deployment of domestic professional soldiers should only be the “last resort” in the “most pressing and extreme situations,” Esper told Pentagon journalists on Wednesday. “We are currently not in such a situation.”

He was therefore against recourse to the so-called Insurrection Act, which allows the President to deploy the armed forces domestically, said Esper.

Trump made a speech on Monday to use the military to deal with the unrest on the sidelines of demonstrations against police violence and racism. If cities and states did not take the necessary countermeasures in the face of the riots, he would send the military and “quickly solve the problem for them”.

This caused sharp criticism. The opposition Democrats warned against using US soldiers against US citizens. However, the National Guard, which consists of reservists, is already in use in many places.

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Prime Minister Johnson condemns police operation against George Floyd – and shows sympathy for protests

03.03 p.m .: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has condemned the fatal police operation against African American George Floyd in the United States. “What happened in the United States was horrific and unforgivable,” Johnson said in parliament on Wednesday. He expressed his understanding of the protests in the United States and urged the demonstrators to act “legally and reasonably”. Johnson did not respond to MPs’ questions about whether he had spoken to President Donald Trump about the case.

It was the first public statement by the British Prime Minister on the death of 46-year-old Floyd, who had been killed in a brutal police operation on Monday last week. Floyd’s death sparked a wave of protests against racism and police violence in the United States. On Tuesday, tens of thousands of demonstrators across the country took to the streets.

There had also been protests over the weekend in several British cities. Another rally was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon in London’s Hyde Park.

Los Angeles’ Mayor Garcetti gets on his knees for Floyd

2.15 p.m .: Los Angeles’ Mayor Eric Garcetti honored George Floyd, who was killed by police violence, with a knee fall. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, Garcetti got on his knees during a demonstration in front of the Los Angeles Police Department. The gesture is not new: in the recent past, US police officers have expressed their solidarity with the demonstrators, and athletes have also fallen on their knees. For example, the football professionals of the English league leaders Liverpool FC.

US cop shot dead after 38 years on duty

12.09 p.m .: 77-year-old retired police officer David Dorn was shot and killed in St. Louis after trying to protect a shop from being looted. As reported by “CNN”, the pensioner is said to have responded to an alarm triggered in a pawnshop during the night from Monday to Tuesday. In the wake of the riots after the death of the African American George Floyd, around 55 shops, including the pawnshop, reported property damage.

The situation in the pawnshop has escalated, reports “St. Louis Public Radio”. The police department responsible received a call around 2:30 a.m. that there had been a shootout. Police officers are said to have found the 77-year-old pensioner lying on the sidewalk, a bullet had hit him in the trunk. Dorn died of his injuries at the scene.

Police chief John Hayden told CNN that Dorn had been on duty for 38 years. The son of the killed, Brian Powell, told the broadcaster that his father was passionate about youth – Dorn leaves behind five children and ten grandchildren. US President Donald Trump also commented on the death of the retired police officer. On Twitter, he wrote: “We have the greatest respect for the family of David Dorn, a great St. Louis police officer who was shot by despicable looters last night. We appreciate our police officers, maybe more than ever before.”

“When looting begins, shooting begins”: Facebook employees quit because of Trump comments

11:52 a.m .: Some employees of the company have now quit because Facebook left Trump’s postings unmentioned for alleged falsifications in postal elections and outbreaks of violence after demonstrations. This emerges from a report of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. For the programmers, it was not justifiable that Zuckerberg refused to act against Trump’s inciting Facebook messages. Because under the comments of the US President, the sentence “When looting begins, the shooting begins”.

For those programmers who now quit, an affront that shouldn’t be ignored. Zuckerberg, on the other hand, sold Facebook’s inaction as an important step in freedom of speech and wrote: “Our position is that we should allow as many comments as possible unless they pose an immediate threat.”

Trump apparently does not want to use the military against protests

11.25 a.m .: Due to the nationwide riots, US President Donald Trump had threatened to turn on the military. Now, however, he has apparently moved away from this project. The AP news agency quotes White House officials who want to remain anonymous, saying, “This week’s reactions to demonstrations show that local governments across the country are able to restore order themselves.”

It was only on Tuesday evening that a spokesman for the US military announced the transfer of around 1,600 soldiers to military bases around Washington. These would be ready to intervene if necessary. The proposal to use the military to curb the protests had caused outrage among Trump’s governors, among others. Andrew Cuomo, governor of the State of New York, described the US President’s move as “shameful”.

Unrest in the USA: Man with “Joker” mask lights police car and is arrested

10:27 am: What a bizarre scene: During a demonstration in connection with the violent death of the African American George Floyd in Chicago, a man with a “joker” clown mask was taken in as he opened the fuel cap of a police car and ignited it. Then he posed in front of the burning car, eyewitnesses report. Despite the mask, a certain Timothy O’Donnell could be easily identified, reports “CBS Chicago”. The reason for this was his tattoo with the lettering “PRETTY”, which decorates his neck.

Police officers subsequently found the mask in question in his apartment, and O’Donnell admitted to circumventing his act. Because the police car was owned by the city, the man now faces a federal complaint.

Parallels to another case: demonstrations escalate in Paris

10.18 a.m .: In 2016, the case of 24-year-old black Adama Traoré, who was killed in a police operation in Paris, caused a sensation. According to a report by the “Welt”, the death of the young black man is now classified as police violence. Many French people saw parallels to the George Floyd case – and went out into the streets en masse. In total, more than 20,000 people are said to have participated in the demonstrations in Paris and other French cities on Tuesday evening. This is despite the fact that such meetings are currently prohibited due to the corona protective measures.

According to the report, the protesters had held up banners that read “Black Lives Matter” and “I Can’t Breathe”. The second sentence in particular is symbolic of the violent death of the African American George Floyd. While a policeman had pressed his knees into his throat, Floyd had asked him to loosen his grip saying “I can’t breathe”. In 2016, police officers also said that Traoré was pressed so hard on the floor that he lost consciousness in the police car and died shortly afterwards.

Head coach of the LA football team allows players to protest police violence

9.58 a.m .: The head coach of the Los Angeles Rams would allow his football professionals to take actions and make other gestures around an NFL game in the face of recent developments in the United States and protests against police violence and racism. “It would be very stupid for me to sit here and say that I will listen and learn and try to have understanding and compassion, and then not to allow the boys to use this stage if they feel the healing process and one to represent some of the solutions we see, “said Sean McVay to journalists on Tuesday (local time). “I would be absolutely open to it and would listen to it.”

Association of forensic doctors criticizes Floyd family’s private autopsy report

07.09 a.m .: According to an autopsy commissioned by his family, African-American George Floyd was suffocated by police in Minneapolis when he was arrested. The independent medical officers commissioned had identified “suffocation from persistent pressure as the cause of death”. Pressure on Floyd’s neck had cut off blood to the brain; Pressure on Floyd’s back prevented expansion of the lungs. The report thus contradicts the preliminary result of the official autopsy in several points.

The American Association of Medical Examiners, on the other hand, is now opposing this private autopsy and defending the first official investigation. A cardiovascular arrest “by pressure on the neck” was identified as the cause of death. For this, fentanyl poisoning was diagnosed as a result of taking methamphetamines. In addition, Floyd is said to have suffered from previous heart disease and high blood pressure. That was exactly what the Floyd family lawyer had denied.

The coroner confirmed in a message that it was normal practice to record illnesses and drug poisoning in the death certificate as “contributing to death”. Floyd’s lawyer had denied that possible drug use had contributed to the death. The drugs in Floyd’s body are not relevant to the cause of death.

US military sends over 1,000 soldiers to Washington

06.14 p.m .: According to its own statements, the US military has transferred around 1,600 soldiers to military bases around Washington in order to be able to support the security forces in the capital in view of the ongoing protests if necessary. The military police and infantry were ready to intervene if necessary, a spokesman for the defense ministry said on Tuesday evening (local time). Minister Mark Esper ordered the soldiers to be transferred, it said.

Trump announced on Monday that he would deploy “tens of thousands” of US military personnel to put an end to riots on the fringes of peaceful protests following the death of African American George Floyd. However, deploying the armed US military in the country would be very unusual. However, several states have activated soldiers of their national guard to support them. These are used more frequently in the United States in the event of natural disasters and other major situations.

How did George Floyd die? Association of Medical Examiners Defends Official Autopsy Report Against Private Version

03.35 a.m .: George Floyd is said to have had drugs in his blood and was previously ill. So it is in the official autopsy report on the highly explosive case. The cause of death was therefore a “cardiovascular standstill” triggered by “pressure on the neck”. It would be a little relief for the police officer accused of murder.

However, a second autopsy report, commissioned by Floyd’s relatives, rejects cardiovascular disease and assumes death from suffocation due to persistent pressure on the neck. A dispute has now flared up over the two autopsy reports, and the victim’s family accuses the coroner’s association of deliberately trying to hide the real causes.

The association has now rejected the allegations and defended the official report. The “mirror” writes. There is no reason to disguise the truth, unlike private pathologists, there is no reason for official physicians to “take a certain view,” the association said.

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