George Floyd death – “Great day for him”: Horror over Trump’s testimony

The death of the African American George Floyd shakes the United States: there are repeated riots in numerous cities. A testimony from Donald Trump is now horrifying. In Germany, too, the protest is getting louder.

The essentials in brief: Protests, curfews and fierce criticism of the president: The United States has not come to rest in a brutal police operation a week and a half ago since the death of African American George Floyd. The responsible public prosecutor’s office tightened their charges and had all of the former officials involved arrested. The policeman, who is held responsible for Floyd’s death, is now facing a second-degree murder case, including up to 40 years in prison.

Stranglehold prohibited: George Floyd’s death triggers many changes

09.55 a.m .: The city of Minneapolis, where African-American Floyd was killed in an arrest last Monday, announced extensive police reforms. In the future, officials will no longer be able to use strangleholds or hold suspects by the neck, Mayor Jacob Frey said. In addition, all police officers who witnessed an “unauthorized use of force” by their colleagues would have to report this under the threat of punishment. The reforms legally binding with the state of Minnesota were a good step to change the culture of the police force and “uproot systematic racism,” Frey wrote on Twitter.

“This is a great day for him”: horror after Trump’s statement about George Floyd

07.38 a.m .: The opposition US Democrats have strongly condemned statements by President Donald Trump about the killed African American George Floyd and the job market. Democratic nominee for the presidency, Joe Biden, wrote on Friday’s short message service Twitter that Floyd’s last words “I can’t breathe” had echoed in the US and around the world. “The fact that the President is trying to put other words in his mouth is truly contemptible.”

Democratic senator Kamala Harris also sharply criticized Trump: Trump should “not put Floyd’s name in his mouth” before he can say the phrase “Black Lives Matter”, Harris wrote on Twitter. “Black life counts” is the motto of protests against police violence against African Americans – and ever-present after Floyd’s death.

Trump had previously said that Floyd, who was killed in a brutal police operation, would certainly be pleased with the good development in the US labor market. “Hopefully George is looking down right now and saying, ‘A great thing is happening to our country,'” said the president after the unemployment rate surprisingly dropped amid the corona crisis. “This is a great day for him, this is a great day for everyone.”

The US unemployment rate had surprisingly dropped to 13.3 percent in May amid the coronavirus crisis. While this is still a very high figure, it is 14.7 percent lower than in April.

Floyd’s death in a police operation in Minneapolis has led to nationwide protests against racism and police violence. A white policeman had pressed the African American’s knee on the back of his neck for almost nine minutes, although Floyd repeatedly complained with the words “I can’t breathe” that he couldn’t breathe.

Demo for George Floyd in Hamburg gets out of hand – police dissolve protest

4.35 p.m .: A demonstration against racism and police violence got out of hand in Hamburg on Friday. Instead of the announced 250 participants, about 3100 people came to the US consulate on the banks of the Alster in the afternoon, said a police spokeswoman.

Despite the announcements by the officials, people violated the corona-related requirements such as keeping a distance and wearing a nose and throat protector. After only half an hour the police officially declared the meeting to be over, but the demonstrators remained. The officials began discussions with the meeting leaders to end the gathering.

The demonstration had been registered under the motto “Justice for Floyd – stop killing blacks – stop the racial terrorism in the USA”.

New York police chief apologizes for his police officers’ misconduct

3:39 pm: After days of protests against racism and police brutality, New York City Chief Dermot Shea apologized for possible wrongdoing by police officers during the actions. “For relaxation to exist, there must be remorse. I’m so sorry. Sometimes even the best fall – and the NYPD is the best police agency in the country, ”Shea said Friday night, according to media reports. “For our part in the lack of courtesy, discriminatory prejudice, excessive violence, unacceptable language and many other mistakes, we are human beings. I am sorry.”

Shea also stressed that his police officers were repeatedly insulted and attacked while the protests were being accompanied, and that this also had to stop. “Are you sorry too?”

On Thursday and on the night of Friday, thousands of people had once again taken to the streets in several neighborhoods in New York, demonstrating again largely peacefully for an end to racism and for justice for African-American George Floyd, who was killed in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis. Police helicopters circled the metropolis all night long.

Alaska’s senator criticizes Trump – who promptly takes his anger out of her

11.30 a.m .: US President Donald Trump’s handling of the unrest in the country has met with fierce resistance. Trump’s former U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis, among others, backed the peaceful protests in a rare and drastic speech and criticized the president as a splitter.

Mattis received unexpected approval from the ranks of Trump’s own party: Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski – generally known as more Trump-skeptical – said on Thursday that Mattis’ words were “true and honest and necessary and overdue”. Perhaps the point has now been reached to be more honest and to openly express internal concerns. In any case, it is difficult for her to continue supporting Trump.

The US president reacted promptly: he tweeted that he would campaign against Murkowski if she applied for re-election in 2022. For this he would support every other candidate – “whether good or bad”.

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Twitter disables Donald Trump’s Floyd video

10.36 a.m .: The short message service Twitter does not rule out the possibility of blocking the official account of US President Donald Trump if he continues to publish embarrassing messages about the current protests in the USA. “Every Twitter account is bound by the Twitter rules,” Nick Pickles, strategy chief of the US company, said at a hearing in the British Parliament on Thursday whether the service would shut down Trump’s account if necessary. The latest level of escalation was a Trump video commemorating the death of George Floyd, which the short message service deleted. The reason: copyright complaints. The video can still be seen on Youtube.

Twitter had warned its users last week about a post by Trump and labeled it “glorifying violence”. In the tweet, referring to the anti-racism protests after the death of African-American George Floyd, Trump had threatened: “If the looting begins, the shooting begins.”

As a result, there was a dispute between Twitter and Trump, which is followed by more than 81 million users in the online service. Trump has since signed a controversial regulation to make online networks like Twitter and Facebook more regulated.

After George Floyd’s death: protester pushed and injured – two US police officers suspended

10.35 a.m .: At a rally against police violence in the city of Buffalo, two US police officers violently bumped into an elderly protester who subsequently fell and injured his head. As a video released by WBFO on Thursday evening (local time) showed, the man with bleeding on the head remained on the sidewalk. The officials were suspended, Mayor Byron W. Brown tweeted. The 75-year-old protester is in serious but stable condition. The city’s police chief in the state of New York ordered an internal investigation.

The roughly 40-second video clip shows the white demonstrator approaching a group of uniformed police officers and being knocked over by two of them. There was harsh criticism from the governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo: “This incident is completely unjustified and extremely shameful.” Police officers should enforce the law, not abuse it.

Demonstrations against racism, police violence and social injustice have been going on in many US cities for days. The trigger is the death of African American George Floyd after a brutal police operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25. The protests degenerated into rioting and looting.

UScivil rights activist sue Trump over police action against demonstrators

6:15 p.m .: US civil rights activists have filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump for using tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters outside the White House. The operation on Monday was illegal because the demonstrators had behaved peacefully, the civil rights organization ACLU and other groups argue in their lawsuit filed on Thursday. The lawsuit was also directed against Justice Secretary Bill Barr and Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

After the massive police operation, Trump had walked to a church near his office. The day before, St. John’s Church had been damaged by fire during the protests against racism and excessive police violence and smeared with graffiti. The President had his picture taken in front of the church with the Bible in his hand.

Trump has carried out a “criminal attack” on protesters, ACLU representative Scott Michelman said. This would “shake the foundations of the nation’s constitutional order.”

The police operation at the White House has sparked much criticism in the United States. Trump’s designated challenger in the November election, Joe Biden, was outraged that Trump “had tear gas and rubber bullets fired at protesters” for a photo op. Justice Minister Barr defended the police operation on Thursday. He asserted that this had nothing to do with the fact that Trump then went to the church on foot.

Nationwide anti-racism protests have been taking place in the United States since last week. They were triggered by the death of African American George Floyd in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis. There were repeated riots in the course of the protests.

They are accused of complicity in the death of George Floyd: three police officers could be released on bail

11.31 p.m .: In the case of African-American George Floyd, who was killed in a brutal arrest, three former police officers involved could soon be released on bail. They would have to deposit $ 1 million as collateral, as court documents from the state of Minnesota showed on Thursday. Should they accept certain conditions, including a ban on contacts with Floyd’s family, the amount would be reduced to $ 750,000. The process is scheduled to start in a few months.

The three former police officers are accused of complicity in the murder of Floyd. They face long prison terms. A fourth ex-cop, Derek C., is considered the prime suspect. Among other things, he is accused of second-degree murder, which means up to 40 years in prison. He is due to be brought before the judge next week.

Floyd had died in a brutal arrest in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Monday last week. Derek C. had pressed his knee into the neck of the Floyd lying on the floor for almost nine minutes – despite all requests from the 46-year-old to let him breathe. The officer and three other police officers involved were released immediately after the incident became known.

Funeral service in Minneapolis for George Floyd

9.41 p.m .: A funeral service in Minneapolis commemorates the African American George Floyd, who was killed in a police operation in the US city.

Relatives, friends, politicians and personalities such as civil rights icon Jesse Jackson took part in the ceremony at Christian University North Central on Thursday. The well-known pastor and civil rights activist Al Sharpton was supposed to deliver the funeral speech. A golden coffin with Floyd’s body was laid out in the room.

Additional ceremonies are scheduled to take place elsewhere in the coming days. Floyd is due to be buried next Tuesday in the Texas city of Houston, where he grew up.

Merkel condemns Floyd’s murder on TV: When asked about Trump, she evades

“Heard how he pleaded”: Freund describes George Floyd’s last minutes

7.30 p.m .: According to a friend who was present, George Floyd did not resist the arrest. “He has been humble from the start trying to show that he is not resisting in any form,” Maurice Lester Hall told The New York Times on Wednesday night. “I heard him plead: ‘Please, why is that all?'”

According to the New York Times, Hall was sitting in the passenger seat of the car from which the police dragged Floyd when he was arrested. Later, a white policeman knocked Floyd’s neck on the floor for almost nine minutes, although the African American repeatedly complained that he was unable to breathe.

“He was screaming for help because he was dying,” Hall told The New York Times. “I will always remember the fear on Floyd’s face because he is such a king. I can’t let go of that: seeing an adult man cry, and then seeing an adult man die.”

Hall left Minneapolis after Floyd’s death, according to the New York Times. The 42-year-old was tracked down by police at the beginning of the week in Houston, Texas, and questioned about Floyd’s death. There were therefore several arrest warrants against Hall for earlier offenses.

George Floyd’s daughter does not yet know how her father was killed

3.37 p.m .: The six-year-old Gianna does not yet know the story behind her father’s death. The little girl should not experience the cruel circumstances at first. One thing her mother Roxie made clear to the little ones: “Dad changed the world”.

The six-year-old and her mother Roxie Washington appeared on “Good Morning America” ​​on Wednesday morning, where Gianna said with a smile: “I miss him. He always played with me. “

As the “Dailymail” reports, her mother reveals that Gianna doesn’t know the whole story. “I told her that her father died because he couldn’t breathe,” she said.

“He loved me very much”: George Floyd’s six-year-old daughter speaks out

“Shocking failure”: ex-presidents scourge racism – and button up Trump

10.42 a.m .: The four former US presidents still alive have now condemned systematic racism in the United States. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama commented on the continuing inequality and disadvantage of black people in the United States. All of them also sounded – more or less directly – criticism of the government of President Donald Trump. Trump has condemned Floyd’s death several times. However, he is accused of not clearly positioning himself against racism and of not showing enough understanding for the anger about continued discrimination.

Obama, the only black US president to date, described the peaceful protests as an opportunity to make progress in the fight against “institutionalized racism” in the United States. It was impressive and a sign of hope that people of all walks of life and skin tones took part in protests across the country, Obama said on Wednesday (local time). The recent events are an “incredible opportunity” because many people are aware of existing disadvantages for the first time. There is a “change of mindset”, he said.

Carter said: “We need a government that is as good as its population, and we are better than that.” And Bush described the problem of racism as “shocking failure” of society.

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Charges against police officer Chauvin exacerbated once again

06.32 a.m .: After the death of African-American George Floyd during his brutal arrest, three other US police officers have been formally accused. Arrest warrants have been issued for helping with a homicide, Minnesota State Attorney General Keith Ellison said in Minneapolis on Wednesday. At the same time, the allegations against the chiefly accused police officer Derek Chauvin, who had pressed Floyd’s knee on the neck for minutes, were intensified.

He is now charged with “second degree murder”. This roughly corresponds to homicide in a particularly serious case and can be punished with up to 40 years in prison. So far, Chauvin has been charged with a “third degree murder”, which results in up to 25 years in prison. A “first degree murder” would correspond to the definition of murder in Germany and would be punished with life imprisonment.

Chauvin had been arrested last week. The three other policemen Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, and Thomas Lane, who were involved in Floyd’s arrest in Minneapolis on Monday last week, had only been released from the police force. Floyd’s family and numerous demonstrators across the country had asked to be arrested.

Autopsy shows: killed George Floyd was infected with the corona virus

06.28 a.m .: African American George Floyd, killed in a brutal police operation, was infected with the corona virus, according to an official autopsy. However, the infection was not related to his death, especially since it had been known since April and he “most likely” had no symptoms, as the autopsy report released on Wednesday evening (local time) said. Floyd’s family agreed to the publication, it said.

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