George Floyd death: Doctors question autopsy report from Floyd’s family

After the death of the African American George Floyd, riots broke out again in American cities – curfews and appeals have failed. US President Donald Trump threatens rioters with violence – he blames left-wing radicals for the turmoil. In the meantime, Trump had been taken to a bunker for security.

The most important thing in brief: After the death of the African American George Floyd, the United States does not come to rest. Angry demonstrators took to the streets in numerous US cities. A police officer was arrested on charges of floyd and accused of manslaughter.

Association of forensic doctors criticizes Floyd family’s private autopsy report

07.09 a.m .: According to an autopsy commissioned by his family, African-American George Floyd was suffocated by police in Minneapolis when he was arrested. The independent medical officers commissioned had identified “suffocation from persistent pressure as the cause of death”. Pressure on Floyd’s neck had cut off blood to the brain; Pressure on Floyd’s back prevented expansion of the lungs. The report thus contradicts the preliminary result of the official autopsy in several points.

The American Association of Medical Examiners, on the other hand, is now opposing this private autopsy and defending the first official investigation. As a cause of death, cardiovascular arrest was found by “on the neck”. For this, fentanyl poisoning was diagnosed as a result of taking methamphetamines. In addition, Floyd is said to have suffered from previous heart diseases and high blood pressure. That was exactly what the Floyd family lawyer had denied.

The coroner confirmed in a message that it was normal practice to record illnesses and drug poisoning in the death certificate as “contributing to death”. Floyd’s lawyer had denied that possible drug use had contributed to the death. The drugs in Floyd’s body are not relevant to the cause of death.

US military sends over 1,000 soldiers to Washington

06.14 p.m .: According to its own statements, the US military has transferred around 1,600 soldiers to military bases around Washington in order to be able to support the security forces in the capital in view of the ongoing protests if necessary. The military police and infantry were ready to intervene if necessary, a spokesman for the defense ministry said on Tuesday evening (local time). Minister Mark Esper ordered the soldiers to be transferred, it said.

Trump announced on Monday that he would deploy “thousands” of US military personnel to put an end to riots on the fringes of peaceful protests following the death of African American George Floyd. However, deploying the armed US military in the country would be very unusual. However, several states have activated soldiers of their national guard to support them. These are used more frequently in the United States in the event of natural disasters and other major situations.

How did George Floyd die? Association of Medical Examiners Defends Official Autopsy Report Against Private Version

03.35 a.m .: George Floyd is said to have had drugs in his blood and was previously ill. So it is in the official autopsy report on the highly explosive case. The cause of death was therefore a “cardiovascular standstill” triggered by “pressure on the neck”. It would be a little relief for the police officer accused of murder.

However, a second autopsy report commissioned by Floyd’s relatives rejects cardiovascular disease and assumes death from suffocation due to continued pressure on the neck. A dispute has arisen over the two autopsy reports, and the victim’s family accuses the coroner’s association of deliberately trying to cover up the real causes.

The association has now rejected the allegations and defended the official report. The “mirror” writes. There is no reason to disguise the truth, unlike private pathologists, there is no reason for official physicians to “take a certain view,” the association said.

Protesters in New York and Washington ignore curfew

2:56 a.m .: Protesters in New York and Washington defied curfew for the second evening in a row. The news channel CNN showed on Tuesday evening (local time) recordings of ongoing peaceful protests in several parts of the city on the east coast. The “New York Times” also reported that despite the curfew, many demonstrators were still on the streets.

In the capital Washington, the protesters gathered in front of the White House, among others. Hundreds of protesters protested – as in other US cities – against police violence, racism and social injustice. In front of the White House, demonstrators chanted “We don’t move” and “Fuck your curfew”.

Incredible incident in California: African Americans call the police for help – they point their guns at them

00.37 a.m .: They needed police help, not handcuffs: a group of African Americans protecting a store from looters were temporarily arrested in California. The incident was broadcast live on television. Three blacks were standing in front of a shop in Los Angeles in the Van Nuys district, fending off looters and calling the passing police for help, as pictures of the local Fox 11 television station showed. Some police officers persecuted the alleged looters, but other white police officers turned their guns against the protectors of the shop and handcuffed them.

The live reporting reporter then turned to the police in the video and told them that the looters were getting away because they were arresting the wrong people. “These people have nothing to do with it,” journalist Christina Gonzalez told one of the police officers outside the liquor store. The video spread rapidly on social media in the U.S. on Tuesday (local time). Many users commented that the incident once again shows that the US police still see blacks primarily as perpetrators. One of the three people arrested later told Fox 11 that the police released them after the store owner cleared up the confusion.

Minneapolis police under investigation after Floyd’s death

Wednesday, June 3rd, 00.09am: After the death of African American George Floyd, the police in Minneapolis are being investigated for possible discriminatory practices. The state governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, said Tuesday (local time) that his administration’s human rights department had brought a civil rights suit against the city’s police department. Now their policies, procedures, and practices from the past ten years are being examined to find out whether the police in Minneapolis have systematically discriminated against minorities.

Journalist asks Canada’s Prime Minister about Trump threat – he is silent for 20 seconds

10.09 p.m .: Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has responded to a journalist’s question about 20 seconds of silence after responding to President Donald Trump’s threat to use military force to stop the unrest in the United States, if necessary. Trudeau initially looked straight at the question at a press conference on Tuesday and said nothing, then it looked like he was about to start speaking, but didn’t. Finally he said in a serious tone: “We are all watching with horror and dismay what is happening in the United States.” It was time for unity and time to listen.

The day before, Trudeau had already promised more engagement in the fight against racism for his country. “We have to get better in Canada.” Racism is not just a problem for the United States, people in Canada with black or brown skin and indigenous people are still too often systematically treated unfairly. “Even though we have made progress in the fight against racism and discrimination, there is still racism in Canada,” said Trudeau. “Young Black Canadians, I want to say I understand you when you say you’re worried and angry.”

The African American Floyd had been killed in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis last week. Protests then spread throughout the country, leading to riots and looting in numerous cities. US President Trump threatened to stop the unrest with military force if necessary. Protests also took place in many other countries around the world, including Canada. The relationship between the liberal Trudeau and the Republican Trump has long been considered tense.

George Floyd’s death: EU commissioner speaks of “abuse of power”

12.58 p.m .: EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has sharply condemned the death of African American George Floyd in the US city of Minneapolis through a violent police operation. “This is an abuse of power that must be denounced and fought,” said Borrell in Brussels on Tuesday. He called for clarification regarding “excessive use of force” by security forces. Borrell added: “Here in Europe, just like in the United States, we are shocked and horrified by the death of George Floyd.”

A week after the incident, the official autopsy on Monday confirmed that the 46-year-old African American had been killed in violence by a white policeman. The officer had pressed Floyd to the ground with his knee on the back of his neck for almost nine minutes when he was arrested, although Floyd repeatedly said that he was unable to breathe. “We have to be sure everywhere (…) that those responsible for maintaining order are not using their capacities as was the case with this very, very unfortunate death of George Floyd,” said Borrell.

Floyd’s death had sparked nationwide protests against racism and police violence in the United States that had been going on for days. Dozens of cities imposed curfews at night, including the capital Washington. There were also demonstrations against racism and police violence at Pentecost in European cities, including Dublin and Amsterdam. “We support the right to peaceful protest and also condemn violence and racism of any kind,” said the EU’s foreign policy chief. Now the tensions would have to be reduced. “We trust the ability of Americans to come together as a nation to recover as a nation and address these important issues in these difficult times.”

Shortly before the fatal assault: Georg Floyd was arrested

Close to each other: Floyd demo in Amsterdam causes criticism – because of Corona

12.09 p.m .: A demonstration with thousands of participants in the center of Amsterdam in the Netherlands has attracted harsh criticism for a mass violation of the Corona distance rules. At the anti-racism rally in response to the violent death of African American George Floyd in the United States, participants stood close together on Monday on Dam, the central square in Amsterdam in front of the Royal Palace. Representatives of all parties involved in the Dutch government criticized that the images of the throng would send a devastating signal to the country.

The green mayor of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema, who was part of the demo, faced massive allegations on Tuesday. She had admitted not expecting such an influx. The police could only have resolved the rally “with a hard hand,” she said. “I didn’t think that was the answer.” Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s right-wing liberal party leader Klaas Dijkhoff said this was a very weak response from Halsema.

She just didn’t do her job. Right-wing populists Geert Wilders and Thierry Baudet demanded Halsema’s resignation. Prime Minister Rutte had called on the German population last week to come to the Netherlands only with a fixed booking at Pentecost. One had to remain careful and adhere to the distance rules, he warned.

“You’re not doing anything”: George Floyd’s brother takes on rioters

“Shameful” and “dangerous”: Trump’s governors storm military threats

10:23 am: US President Donald Trump wants to use military force to stop the unrest in the USA if necessary. Democratic governors rejected this move with outrage. New York state governor Andrew Cuomo called it “shameful” that Trump wanted to use the military against Americans. The state governor of Illinois, J. B. Pritzker, told CNN that the president had no legal basis to deploy the U.S. military to states.

His colleague Gretchen Whitmer, state governor of Michigan, said Trump could not use the military without her consent. Whitmer called Trump’s statements “dangerous and shocking”. Several Pentagon defense officials were also skeptical of Trump’s move. Speaking to CNN, they emphasized that the military should only be deployed if the governors felt it was necessary. For example, Thomas Carden, the Adjutant General of the National Guard of Georgia, called the use of the US military “at the bottom of the ladder of everything I should have done in the past 34 years.”

Die Zeit spoke to several experts about whether Trump was even authorized to use the military against the backdrop of the current riots. Eugene Fidell, who teaches military law at Yale Law School, told the paper: He doesn’t believe Trump can send soldiers without the governors’ permission. Die Zeit quotes him as saying: “Without an application from the legislature or the government of a state, I believe that power can only be exercised lawfully if there is a hindrance to federal authority.” Conversely, Stephen Vladeck, a constitutional lawyer at the University of Texas at Austin, does not believe that Trump will need the governors’ permission to deploy the military. For the most part, the Insurrection Act allows the US President to decide on the circumstances.

Two dead and several injured in protests

09.47 a.m .: According to media reports, two people have been killed in protests against police violence in Cicero, a suburb of Chicago. At least 60 people were arrested, according to NBC and CBS, citing local government officials. Several lootings are said to have taken place in the city on Monday (local time), including in a liquor store. At first, no details were known.

According to the NBC, more than 100 police officers were deployed, and forces from the Illinois State Police and Cook County Sheriff’s Office were called in.

In St. Louis, Missouri, four police officers were shot during protests, police said. They were taken to hospitals, the police said on Twitter. According to the first statements, the injuries are not life-threatening. At first, it was not known who had fired the shots.

Trump threatens to use the army after rioting and speaks of domestic terror

Tuesday, June 2, 6:10 a.m .: US President Donald Trump wants to use military force to stop the unrest in the USA if necessary. Accompanied by protests and chaotic scenes outside the White House, Trump announced the mobilization of all available civil and military forces of his government on Monday evening (local time).

Speaking in the White House rose garden, Trump said: “We are ending the unrest and lawlessness that has spread in our country.” He added: “If a city or state refuses to take any measures necessary to protect the lives and property of its citizens, I will deploy the United States military and quickly resolve the issue for them. ”

During Trump’s appearance in the rose garden, security forces used force to force demonstrators outside the White House, including tear gas, as a dpa reporter reported. Military police were also used against demonstrators. Shops, restaurants and hotels in the area had barricaded their shop windows.

He again urged governors to use enough National Guard forces to bring the streets back under control. Trump threatened troublemakers with severe consequences. He warned “the organizers of terror” who face “long prison terms”. The US president sees the unrest as “acts of domestic terror”.

After the speech, Trump walked to a church near the White House, which had been damaged by fire and smeared with graffiti during protests the previous evening. In front of the church, he had his Bible taken in his hand. In order to clear the way for the president, the security forces once again used tear gas against demonstrators gathered near Trump’s headquarters.

After George Floyd’s death: autopsy report provides cause of death

9.48 p.m .: An independent autopsy revealed that the 46-year-old died from suffocation due to “neck and back compression” and insufficient blood supply to the brain, according to the lawyer of the family of George Floyd. Previously, several US media reports, including the “New York Times”.

The autopsy not only strains two policemen who are said to have kneeled on Floyd’s back, but also raises doubts about an earlier autopsy result.

Floyd’s family’s two lawyers, Benjamin Crump and S. Lee Merritt, had previously announced that they would commission a well-known coroner to conduct their own investigation. The arrest warrant for a police officer involved says that, according to preliminary information, Floyd has not suffocated.

Regarding the original autopsy result, the lawyers said that in other cases, it had already been seen that people who worked with the authorities presented things that were an “illusion”. “All these things like asthma or heart problems don’t matter as long as they (the victims) live, breathe, walk, talk. Everything is fine – until the police speak to them.”

According to the warrant, one of the police officers had pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for a total of eight minutes and 46 seconds during the Monday operation. The arrest warrant states that the coroner does not expect suffocation. The 46-year-old had suffered from health problems that, together with the fixing and possible intoxicants in the blood, would probably have led to death. In the last two minutes and 53 seconds, Floyd had shown no signs of life.

The white ex-police officer is accused of murder and homicide. He faces up to 35 years in prison.

Washington curfew extended and expanded

8:34 pm: In the face of renewed riots near the White House, the curfew in Washington, DC, has been extended and expanded. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced an exit ban on Monday from 7:00 p.m. to Tuesday morning. The lock will also apply on Wednesday night. A first curfew due to the riots on the verge of anti-racism protests came into effect on Sunday evening at 11 p.m.

Bowser emphasized that people have the right to peaceful protests. Looting and breaking windows should not be allowed, said the mayor.

On Sunday, demonstrators clashed with the police near the White House for the second consecutive evening. Rioters set fire to cars and smashed shop windows. Police chief Peter Newsham said at least 88 people were arrested. Because of the riots, numerous US cities have issued night curfews.

Trump in the bunker – US President temporarily seeks protection from protests

2:29 p.m .: US President Donald Trump temporarily sought protection from protests at government headquarters in an underground White House bunker on Friday. This was reported by several US media on Sunday evening (local time) from Trump’s environment. Demonstrators had gathered outside the White House on Friday night, some of them knocked over barricades, bottles and stones flew. After a little less than an hour, Trump was able to leave the bunker again, the television station CNN reported.

The shelter is intended for exceptional hazardous situations, such as terrorist attacks. If the security forces in the White House see a greater threat, they bring the president there – which is rare. During the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, for example, then Vice President Dick Cheney and other senior government officials were brought to safety, and then President George W. Bush was in Florida.

Trump spoke up on Saturday, the day after his short stay in the bunker, with a series of – sometimes martial – tweets. In it he praised the work of the Secret Service with a view to the protests the previous evening. “Not only were they totally professional, they were also very cool,” Trump wrote. “I was inside, watching every movement and couldn’t have felt safer.” Nobody was able to get anywhere near the White House fence. “If they had, they would have been greeted by the most vicious dogs and the most threatening weapons I have ever seen,” Trump later said. “Then people would have been really seriously injured, at least.”

Protesters gathered in front of the White House again at the weekend. However, security forces kept them at a distance and pushed them back early.

Demonstrations against police violence and injustice against black people have been going on in many US cities for days. The protests were triggered by the death of African American George Floyd after a brutal police operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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