George Floyd death: Autopsy charges police officers – Trump threatens with army

After the death of the African American George Floyd, riots broke out again in American cities – curfews and appeals have failed. US President Donald Trump threatens rioters with violence – he blames left-wing radicals for the turmoil. In the meantime, Trump had been taken to a bunker for security.

The most important thing in brief: After the death of the African American George Floyd, the United States does not come to rest. Angry demonstrators took to the streets in numerous US cities. A police officer was arrested on charges of floyd and accused of manslaughter.

Trump threatens to use the army after rioting and speaks of domestic terror

Tuesday, June 2, 6:10 a.m .: US President Donald Trump wants to use military force to stop the unrest in the USA if necessary. Accompanied by protests and chaotic scenes outside the White House, Trump announced the mobilization of all available civil and military forces of his government on Monday evening (local time).

Speaking in the White House rose garden, Trump said: “We are ending the unrest and lawlessness that has spread in our country.” He added: “If a city or state refuses to take any measures necessary to protect the lives and property of its citizens, I will deploy the United States military and quickly resolve the issue for them. ”

He again urged governors to use enough National Guard forces to bring the streets back under control. Trump threatened troublemakers with severe consequences. He warned “the organizers of terror” who face “long prison terms”. The US president sees the unrest as “acts of domestic terror”.

After George Floyd’s death: autopsy report provides cause of death

9.48 p.m .: An independent autopsy revealed that the 46-year-old died from suffocation due to “neck and back compression” and insufficient blood supply to the brain, according to the lawyer of the family of George Floyd. Previously, several US media reports, including the “New York Times”.

The autopsy not only strains two policemen who are said to have kneeled on Floyd’s back, but also raises doubts about an earlier autopsy result.

Floyd’s family’s two lawyers, Benjamin Crump and S. Lee Merritt, had previously announced that they would commission a well-known coroner to conduct their own investigation. The arrest warrant for a police officer involved says that, according to preliminary information, Floyd has not suffocated.

Regarding the original autopsy result, the lawyers said that in other cases, it had already been seen that people who worked with the authorities presented things that were an “illusion”. “All these things like asthma or heart problems don’t matter as long as they (the victims) live, breathe, walk, talk. Everything is fine – until the police speak to them.”

According to the warrant, one of the police officers had pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for a total of eight minutes and 46 seconds during the Monday operation. The arrest warrant states that the coroner does not expect suffocation. The 46-year-old had suffered from health problems that, together with the fixing and possible intoxicants in the blood, would probably have led to death. In the last two minutes and 53 seconds, Floyd had shown no signs of life.

The white ex-police officer is accused of murder and homicide. He faces up to 35 years in prison.

Washington curfew extended and expanded

8:34 pm: In the face of renewed riots near the White House, the curfew in Washington, DC, has been extended and expanded. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced an exit ban on Monday from 7:00 p.m. to Tuesday morning. The lock will also apply on Wednesday night. A first curfew due to the riots on the verge of anti-racism protests came into effect on Sunday evening at 11 p.m.

Bowser emphasized that people have the right to peaceful protests. Looting and breaking windows should not be allowed, said the mayor.

On Sunday, demonstrators clashed with the police near the White House for the second consecutive evening. Rioters set fire to cars and smashed shop windows. Police chief Peter Newsham said at least 88 people were arrested. Because of the riots, numerous US cities have issued night curfews.

Trump in the bunker – US President temporarily seeks protection from protests

2:29 p.m .: US President Donald Trump temporarily sought protection from protests at government headquarters in an underground White House bunker on Friday. This was reported by several US media on Sunday evening (local time) from Trump’s environment. Demonstrators had gathered outside the White House on Friday night, some of them knocked over barricades, bottles and stones flew. After a little less than an hour, Trump was able to leave the bunker again, the television station CNN reported.

The shelter is intended for exceptional hazardous situations, such as terrorist attacks. If the security forces in the White House see a greater threat, they bring the president there – which is rare. For example, during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, then Vice President Dick Cheney and other senior government officials were brought to safety, and then President George W. Bush was in Florida.

Trump spoke up on Saturday, the day after his short stay in the bunker, with a series of – sometimes martial – tweets. In it he praised the work of the Secret Service with a view to the protests the previous evening. “Not only were they totally professional, they were also very cool,” Trump wrote. “I was inside, watching every movement and couldn’t have felt safer.” Nobody was able to get anywhere near the White House fence. “If they had, they would have been greeted by the most vicious dogs and the most threatening weapons I have ever seen,” Trump later said. “Then people would have been really seriously injured, at least.”

Protesters gathered in front of the White House again at the weekend. However, security forces kept them at a distance and pushed them back early.

Demonstrations against police violence and injustice against black people have been going on in many US cities for days. The protests were triggered by the death of African American George Floyd after a brutal police operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

George Floyd’s son calls for peaceful protests

10.49 a.m .: A son of African-American George Floyd, who was killed in a police operation, has called for the ongoing protests in the United States to avoid violence. In a TV interview with CNN subsidiary KBTX, Quincy Mason Floyd appealed to the demonstrators to remain peaceful. At the same time, the man who lives in Bryan, Texas, commented on the great sympathy for his father’s death. “Everyone comes and shows love. My heart is very touched by all of this.”

For the sixth consecutive night there were protests in numerous US cities, some of which turned into violence. Floyd had died a week ago after a brutal police operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of four officers involved pushed the knee of the 46-year-old’s neck for several minutes. He ignored requests from the African American to let him breathe. At the protests in Washington and other cities, demonstrators are now carrying signs saying “I cannot breathe”.

Tank truck races in Minneapolis in crowd – Trump brought to bunker because of protests

8:39 am: The situation in the US city of Minneapolis continues to escalate. During a peaceful demonstration on a closed trunk road, a tanker truck has now driven into a crowd. Videos show how the truck honked into the crowd. It was initially unclear whether the driver was driving towards the crowd on purpose. The footage shows people jumping to the side before the truck finally stopped. According to the police, the driver himself was taken to the hospital after protesters dragged him out of his truck. His injuries are not life-threatening, it said.

In the U.S. capital Washington, demonstrators again went outside the White House on Sunday evening (local time) and set fire to barricades. There were clashes with the police. Demonstrators chanted “No peace without justice,” a dpa reporter reported. CNN reported that on Friday, US President Donald Trump was brought to a bunker for just under an hour because of the protests outside the White House.

According to CNN, at least 40 cities imposed night curfews, including Washington. A total of ten million people were affected by the measures. Arizona state governor Doug Ducey even issued a night curfew for the entire week through June 8. At least 15 of the 50 U.S. states and the capital district of Washington mobilized the National Guard, CNN reported. The National Guard is part of the US Armed Forces Reserve and can be called for help in exceptional situations in states.

Trump blamed leftist groups for the riots on Sunday. He announced that Antifa should be classified as a terrorist organization in the United States. He left details open at first. Numerous different left-wing or left-wing radical groups in the USA are committed to anti-fascism. However, Antifa has no central management or organizational structure. Trump had already announced last August that a ban would be considered.

After George Floyd’s death: US stars call for an end to racism and police violence

06.09 a.m .: After the death of African American George Floyd, musicians, athletes and Hollywood stars in the United States have called for an end to racism and police violence. “That has to stop,” wrote the singer Madonna (61) on Instagram. She posted a video showing a white officer who, for a minute, arrested in the city of Minneapolis last Monday pressed his knee down Floyd’s neck for several minutes. The policeman, Madonna says, murdered Floyd with “arrogance and pride”.

The musician Beyoncé (38) addressed her fans on Instagram in a video message and demanded “Justice for George Floyd”. Lady Gaga (34) wrote in a long post on Twitter that she was “shocked” by Floyd’s death. Like many other stars, she criticized US President Donald Trump. Lady Gaga accused Trump of promoting racism in his country.

Washington’s mayor imposed a curfew on the night because of protests

02.34 a.m .: A curfew has been imposed on Monday night (local time) in Washington, DC, in light of protests over the fatal police operation against an African American. The curfew applies to the entire capital district between 23:00 and 06:00 (local time), as Mayor Muriel Bowser announced on Twitter. Demonstrators had previously gathered near the White House.

However, police officers blocked President Donald Trump’s government headquarters. The protesters then moved on, but were already stopped by a police barrier after about 100 meters, where there were isolated wrangles. Security forces were thrown at plastic bottles, demonstrators took his baton from an official. The protesters chanted “No peace without justice”.

Unrest in the US: Trump calls for a crackdown and attacks Biden

Monday, June 1st, 00.17 p.m .: After riots in numerous American cities, US President Donald Trump has called for democratic mayors and governors to take a crackdown. “Go harder,” Trump wrote on Sunday (local time) on Twitter. “These people are anarchists. Now call our National Guard. The world is watching and laughing at you and Sleepy Joe.” Republican Trump denigrates his prospective challenger in the November election, Democratic ex-Vice President Joe Biden, as “Sleepy Joe”.

Riots after George Floyd’s death: Deutsche Welle team falls into the line of fire of the police

8.08pm: Several journalists were also injured in the riots in major American cities after George Floyd’s violent death. A CNN team has already been arrested and two Reuters employees have been injured. Now a team from Deutsche Welle has come into the line of fire. In this case too, the police threatened to arrest them.

It is not the first riot that has killed journalists. After the death of African American George Floyd in a brutal police operation in the US city of Minneapolis, demonstrators attacked CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta. The broadcaster had shown live images from its own headquarters on Friday evening (local time) showing demonstrators from outside throwing objects at police officers in the station’s entrance area.

Trump called Floyd’s family – but didn’t let them speak

7:16 p.m .: George Floyd’s violent death led to numerous protests in the United States. Now Donald Trump has called the family of the African American and expressed his condolences. But the conversation was not exactly pleasant for Floyd’s relatives – Philonise Floyd, the victim’s brother, said in an interview with the US news channel “MSNBC”.

Specifically, he said: “I tried to talk to him, but he choked me off and indicated that he didn’t want to hear what I had to say.” Floyd wanted to speak to the US President about his desire for justice. His brother was lynched on broad daylight, which he simply could not believe. Trump “didn’t even give him the opportunity to say anything”.

Trump: USA will classify Antifa as a terrorist organization

6:52 p.m .: The US government wants to classify the Antifa movement in America as a terrorist organization. That announced US President Donald Trump on Twitter on Sunday. He gave no further details. How this should work due to the lack of organizational structures in the loose alliance remained open.

Trump’s push comes amid protests over the death of African American George Floyd after a brutal police operation in the city of Minneapolis. The US President and other US government officials have blamed radical leftist groups for the sometimes violent riots in numerous US cities without providing any evidence. “The violence and vandalism are led by Antifa and other violent left-wing groups,” Trump said on Saturday.

The US President had already announced last August that he was considering having Antifa declared a terrorist organization.

Berlin demos of George’s death Floyd are very popular

6.20 p.m .: Significantly more people than expected took to the streets in Berlin on Sunday because of the death of the African American George Floyd. Floyd had died on Monday after a brutal police operation in the US city of Minneapolis. Under the motto “Police brutality USA amidst the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis” at midday “around 1500 participants” went through Kreuzberg “, said a police spokesman. A private person originally registered only 100 participants for the demonstration.

The protest march went from Mehringdamm to Hermannplatz. There was an intermediate rally at the Südstern. Families and children were among the demonstrators. They showed posters with slogans like “I can’t breathe, Justice for George Floyd” and “Being black is not a crime”.

Earlier in the morning, a “memorial march against racist police violence in the USA” moved to the Brandenburg Gate. Instead of the 75 people registered, around 200 participants were traveling, according to police, also on the initiative of a private person. Both protests went peacefully, the police spokesman said in the afternoon.

Around 2,000 people protested in front of the US embassy in Berlin on Saturday. Floyd’s death led to serious riots in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There were also violent protests in other US cities over the weekend.

Dead body near burning car in Minneapolis discovered

6.10 p.m .: After recent protests over a black man’s death in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis, a dead man has been found near a burning car. The body has clear signs of injury, police spokesman John Elder said. It was discovered on Sunday morning at 4:00 a.m. (local time) after the fire brigade had been informed about the burning vehicle. The homicide commission took over the investigation. The police did not disclose the identity of the dead person.

Riots after George Floyd’s death: curfews in more and more US cities

10:52 a.m .: More and more cities in the USA have given curfews due to the now almost nationwide, sometimes violent protests after the death of the African American George Floyd. The Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, announced a curfew until 5:00 p.m. local time (3:00 p.m. CEST) on Saturday evening. Protests against police violence had previously resulted in looting and vandalism. The mayor also asked for help from the National Guard, the San Francisco Examiner newspaper reported.

The National Guard was also requested in Los Angeles to prevent further riots. Mayor Eric Garcetti said on Fox News: “This is no longer a protest, it is destruction. In the second largest city in the United States, there was also a curfew. The media reported from Chicago that the police headquarters had 12-hour Layers arranged to control the protests.

In Minneapolis, where Floyd died after a brutal police operation on Monday, there was unrest and looting for the fifth consecutive night. Burning shops and cars could be seen on television pictures. There were arrests and injuries in New York. According to media reports, authorities in at least 25 cities in 16 different states have issued curfews. Nevertheless, protests arose in many places.

Police officer knelt on Floyd’s neck – now his wife is filing for divorce

10.40 a.m .: For minutes, a Minneapolis policeman knelt on George Flyod’s neck. The latter pleaded for his life and died shortly afterwards in the hospital. The police are now under investigation for murder. On top of that. The policeman’s wife now filed for divorce. This is reported by various US media.

Local broadcaster CBS Minnesota quotes the woman’s lawyer: “She is horrified by Mr. Floyd’s death. She has great sympathy with his family and loved ones and with everyone else who mourns him.” That’s why she filed for divorce.

George Floyd must have died as a result of the police operation. This case triggered a wave of demonstrations and protests in the United States. In the past 48 hours, the situation in various US cities has become increasingly acute. There were numerous arrests during riots, houses burned, shops were ransacked.

US cities impose curfews – military on alert

07.23 a.m .: After the death of Black George Floyd in a brutal police operation, protests in the United States expand. After riots with burning police cars and barricades, numerous cities imposed curfews in the night of Sunday. In Minneapolis, the police used tear gas against demonstrators. President Donald Trump announced that the violent protests would be “coldly” stopped.

There were curfews in numerous US cities, including Los Angeles, Atlanta and Philadelphia. In Los Angeles, police used rubber jacket ammunition and batons against demonstrators who set fire to a patrol car. Cars also burned in New York, Atlanta and in front of the White House in Washington.

US president blamed leftist “looters and anarchists” for violence. He would not allow “a small group of criminals and vandals to destroy our cities and destroy our communities,” he said. “My government will stop the mob violence. And we will stop it coldly.”

US Attorney General Bill Barr said in a television speech that “violent radical elements” took advantage of the initially peaceful protests after Floyd’s death. It seems that in many places violence is “planned, organized and driven by anarchist and left-wing extremist groups”.

The governor of Minnesota, in which Minneapolis is located, Tim Walz, on the other hand, said that the violence was fueled by rival drug gangs, white racists and anarchists, referring to investigations.

Walz announced the mobilization of its state’s 13,000-strong National Guard to deal with rioters. Military police units were also placed on alert to intervene in Minneapolis if necessary. All major access roads to Minneapolis were closed on Saturday evening, military helicopters flew over the city.

Floyd had died in a Minneapolis police operation on Monday after a white policeman pushed his knee back for several minutes. A video of the incident caused horror across the US. The policeman has now been arrested and accused of manslaughter and negligent homicide. Three other police officers involved in the operation are investigated.

US protests escalate: Trump threatens “unlimited military power”

10:19 p.m .: Because of riots in many cities, US President Donald Trump has threatened local authorities with the use of “unlimited military power”. Governors and mayors would have to act “much harder”, otherwise the government would intervene, he threatened on Twitter on Saturday. The government is ready to do what is necessary to control the situation. Then there would be “many arrests”, he threatened on Twitter during a flight to the state of Florida.

In many cities in the USA, after the death of African-American George Floyd as a result of a police operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, there are protests and violent riots.

Trump offers military aid to Minnesota: soldiers can be “very quickly” on site

19:54: US President Donald Trump has offered the aid of the armed forces to the state of Minnesota because of the ongoing, sometimes violent, protests. The soldiers would be ready and could be “very quickly” on site, Trump said in the White House garden on Saturday. Speaking to the authorities in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, he added, looking at the recent wave of violence: “You have to be tougher … you can’t allow that.”

Minnesota governor Tim Walz had previously said on Saturday that he had spoken to Defense Minister Mark Esper and Chief of Staff Mark Milley for support. However, Walz did not provide any details about the possible support. Trump said the demonstrators are not interested in honoring African American George Floyd, who died Monday as a result of a police operation in Minneapolis. Rather, they are left-wing chaots who only want to riot.

After George Floyd’s death: 200 arrests at major demo in New York

18:56: After the death of African American George Floyd as a result of a brutal police operation, around 3,000 people protested against racism in New York. Riots broke out in the Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods on Saturday night, and more than 200 people were arrested, New York Police Chief Dermot Shea said. There were injuries on both sides, he said on Saturday.

Many protesters carried posters saying “I can’t breathe” what Floyd said to the police on Monday before he passed out. A white officer had held his knee in the neck of the 46-year-old on the ground for minutes when he was arrested in Minneapolis City.

It was the second night in a row that protests had taken place in New York. Mayor Bill de Blasio wrote late Friday evening on Twitter that it was about “de-escalating this situation and taking people home safely”. He promised a “full review of events” and added: “We never want to experience such a night again.” In other US cities, there were sometimes violent protests at night on Saturday.

Trump threatens demonstrators outside the White House with “malicious dogs”

4.32 p.m .: After a protest in front of the White House, US President Donald Trump threatened protesters – indirectly, but with very clear words. If protesters got over the fence of the government headquarters on Friday, they would have been greeted by “malicious dogs and the most menacing weapons,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday. Then they would have been “really at least seriously injured”. Many Secret Service officials were just waiting for “action”.

Trump praised the security forces for prudence and professionalism in dealing with demonstrators. They did not want to honor the African American George Floyd, who was killed in a police operation, but only wanted to riot. The protest in front of the White House on Friday afternoon was relatively small and harmless: demonstrators knocked over some makeshift metal fences that held passers-by around 30 meters in front of the White House fence.

At first, the president did not comment on the sometimes violent protests and riots that had shaken many cities during the night. The protests were triggered by the death of the African American in the city of Minneapolis last Monday.

Riots after George Floyd’s death: City of Portland imposes curfew

3.30 p.m .: The city of Portland in Oregon has declared a state of emergency and a night curfew due to violent protests. Looting and arson are not a means of campaigning for change, but simply “disgusting,” Mayor Ted Wheeler said on Twitter on Saturday. In Los Angeles, the police announced a demonstration ban in the city center following violent protests.

Other cities shaken by protests, including the city of Atlanta, have already declared a state of emergency. In Minneapolis, where the African-American George Floyd had died on Monday after a brutal police operation, there was also a state of emergency and a curfew at night – but there was still protest.

There were also violent protests in other US cities, including New York, Detroit, Washington, Louisville and Oakland, on Saturday night.

Security guard shot at demonstration – soldiers mobilized

1.39 p.m .: Two security guards were shot in Oakland, California during the protests after George Floyd’s death – one eventually succumbed to his injuries, police reported, “CNN” reported. The police are now investigating. The men are on the Federal Protective Service, the uniformed department of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s security police.

In numerous cities in the United States, the death of Black George Floyd after a brutal police operation has led to new violent protests. In Minneapolis, where Floyd died on Monday, many people took to the streets for the fourth consecutive night despite the curfew. Governor Tim Walz spoke of an “incredibly dangerous situation” on Saturday. The head of the Minnesota State Guard, General Jon Jensen, announced a report from the television station CBS that 1,700 soldiers should be operational in the city on Saturday.

George Floyd’s family lawyers question autopsy results

12.33 p.m .: Lawyers for Black George Floyd, who died after a brutal police operation in the US city of Minneapolis, have expressed doubts about the results of an autopsy. At the same time, they announced on Friday (local time), according to a report by the television broadcaster ABC, that they would commission a well-known coroner to conduct their own examination. The arrest warrant for a police officer involved says that, according to preliminary information, Floyd has not suffocated.

Floyd’s family lawyers, Benjamin Crump and S. Lee Merritt, said the post-mortem finding was seen in other cases that people who worked with the authorities presented things that were “an illusion.” “All these things like asthma or heart problems don’t matter as long as they (the victims) live, breathe, walk, talk. Everything is fine – until the police speak to them.”

According to the warrant, one of the police officers had pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for a total of eight minutes and 46 seconds during the Monday operation. The arrest warrant states that the coroner does not expect suffocation. The 46-year-old had suffered from health problems that, together with the fixing and possible intoxicants in the blood, would probably have led to death. In the last two minutes and 53 seconds, Floyd had shown no signs of life.

Riots after George Floyd’s death: Atlanta declares a state of emergency

10.37 a.m .: After riots in protests against police violence, a state of emergency was declared for the US city of Atlanta in the state of Georgia and other cities in the surrounding area. Around 500 members of the Georgia National Guard are scheduled to be deployed to protect people and property, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp wrote on Twitter early Saturday morning.

According to media reports, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms had asked for it after violence in the protests following the death of Black George Floyd on Friday. Demonstrators attacked CNN’s headquarters, among others.

The transmitter showed live images from its own headquarters, which showed how outside demonstrators threw objects at police officers in the entrance area of ​​the transmitter. A photo of a burning car was shown on the website of the local broadcaster WRCB TV.

Shots from a car: 19-year-old dies near demonstrations in Detroit

10.17 a.m .: A 19-year-old man died in Detroit. As “CNN” reports, was shot out of a car. The 19-year-old was hit and later died in the hospital. Whether the 19-year-old took part in the demonstrations is unclear, according to “CNN”. However, the shots were fired close to the protests.

US stars protest on social media

Saturday, May 30th, 10.13 a.m .: Oscar winner Jamie Foxx (“Ray”) attended a rally in Minneapolis to protest police violence on Friday. He came not as a celebrity, but as a brother, said the actor in front of a predominantly black crowd. “We want to let you know, you have support.”

Singer John Legend linked on Twitter the words of black civil rights activist Martin Luther King that insurgency can only be avoided with social justice and progress. “Hamilton” star Lin-Manuel Miranda called for donations to organizations that help arrested protesters with money and lawyers.

Singer Taylor Swift contacted the short message service Twitter directly to US President Donald Trump, who threatened the demonstrators with a violent military operation if they were looted. “Having lit the fires of white supremacy and racism throughout your presidency, do you now have the nerve to pretend moral superiority and then threaten violence?” Swift wrote. “We will elect you from office in November.”

Cardi B defended the demonstrators in a video. “As much as I don’t like this type of violence – it’s what it is,” said the singer. “Too many peaceful demonstrations, too many hashtags that are becoming trends and no solutions. People have no choice.” Singer Justin Bieber wrote on Instagram: “No lives matter until black lives matter.” Singer Beyoncé published a photo of Floyd on her website and wrote “Rest in Power” (rest in power, based on “Rest in Peace”, rest in peace).

Since watching the video of the police operation, she has not been able to get Floyd’s face and words out of her head, wrote Kylie Jenner, TV star and sister of Kim Kardashian, on Instagram. “Nobody should live in fear and nobody deserves a death like that of George Floyd and too many others.”

Minneapolis: Night curfew after riots

11:02 p.m .: After riots in Minneapolis following the death of African American George Floyd in a brutal police operation, the mayor of the US city has issued a curfew. The proclamation of Mayor Jacob Frey stated that the curfew applies every Saturday and Sunday night from 8:00 p.m. (local time / 2:00 a.m.CEST) to 6:00 a.m. The curfew was justified with possible further unrest. The mayor of the neighboring town of St. Paul also announced a curfew at night.

Governor of Minnesota to Trump: Tweets are “not helpful”

7:08 p.m .: Der Gouverneur von Minnesota, Tim Walz, hat Trumps jüngste Tweets nach dem Tod des Afroamerikaners George Floyd als “nicht hilfreich” bezeichnet. Die Stadt Minneapolis tue alles in ihrer Macht stehende, die teils gewaltsamen Proteste unter Kontrolle zu bringen, sagte Walz am Freitag bei einer Pressekonferenz. “Im gegenwärtigen Moment, in so einer unberechenbaren Lage, ist alles, was wir tun, um weiteres Öl ins Feuer zu gießen, wirklich, wirklich eine große Herausforderung”, sagte Walz. The situation could be brought under control without further heating the fire.

Falls es Untersuchungen zu einem möglichen Fehlverhalten der örtlichen Behörden geben solle, sei die Zeit dafür später, sagte Walz. Trump hatte in der Nacht zum Freitag angesichts der Ausschreitungen in Minneapolis über Twitter erklärt: “Habe gerade mit Gouverneur Tim Walz gesprochen und ihm gesagt, dass das Militär ganz an seiner Seite steht. Wenn es Schwierigkeiten gibt, werden wir die Kontrolle übernehmen, aber wenn die Plünderungen beginnen, beginnt das Schießen”, twitterte Trump. “Diese Schlägertypen entehren das Andenken an George Floyd, und das werde ich nicht zulassen.” Twitter versah kurz darauf den Tweet mit einem Warnhinweis, weil der Beitrag gegen das Verbot von Gewaltverherrlichung bei dem Dienst verstoße.

Walz sicherte am Freitag bei einer emotionalen Pressekonferenz zu, dass die Justiz das Vorgehen der Beteiligten schnell untersuchen werde. The governor shared horror at the incident. „Das Kapitel, das diese Woche geschrieben wurde, ist eines unserer dunkelsten Kapitel“, sagte er. Walz urged demonstrators to renounce violence.

Minneapolis’ Bürgermeister Jacob Frey appellierte an die Menschen, sich auf friedliche Proteste zu beschränken. Plünderungen und Gewalt seien inakzeptabel. Trump hatte Frey Versagen vorgeworfen. „Entweder kriegt der sehr schwache Bürgermeister der Radikalen Linken, Jacob Frey, die Kurve und bringt die Stadt unter Kontrolle, oder ich schicke die Nationalgarde rein und erledige den Job richtig.“ Frey sagte dazu: Schwäche ist es, in einer Krise mit dem Finger auf jemand anderen zu zeigen.“ Minneapolis sei „verdammt stark“.

Ausschreitungen nach Tod von George Floyd: CNN-Team festgenommen

13.52 Uhr: Die Polizei in Minneapolis hat ein Fernsehteam des US-Senders CNN vorübergehend festgenommen, das live über die Proteste gegen Polizeigewalt in der Stadt berichtet hatte. Auf Aufnahmen des Senders ist zu sehen, wie der schwarze CNN-Reporter Omar Jimenez am frühen Freitagmorgen mit Polizisten mit Helmen und Schlagstöcken spricht und dann in Handschellen abgeführt wird.

“Können Sie mir bitte sagen, warum ich festgenommen werde?”, fragt Jimenez die Polizisten. “Warum werde ich festgenommen, Sir?” Eine Antwort ist nicht zu hören. Zuvor hatte Jimenez den Polizisten noch angeboten, seinen Standort zu wechseln. “Wir können hingehen, wo Sie wollen”, sagte er.

Nach Angaben von CNN wurden neben Jimenez auch sein Kameramann und sein Producer festgenommen. Ein weißer Reporter, der auch über die Proteste berichtete, wurde demnach nicht festgenommen. Nach seiner Freilassung war Jimenez am Freitag direkt wieder auf Sendung. CNN kritisierte seine Festnahme als Verstoß gegen die Pressefreiheit. Nach Angaben des Senders hat sich Minnesotas Gouverneur Tim Walz mittlerweile bei CNN entschuldigt.

Trump droht nach gewaltsamen Protesten in Minneapolis mit Folgen

Samstag, 29. Mai, 10.16 Uhr: US-Präsident Donald Trump hat nach Ausschreitungen in der Stadt Minneapolis mit Konsequenzen gedroht. “Habe gerade mit Gouverneur Tim Walz gesprochen und ihm gesagt, dass das Militär ganz an seiner Seite steht. Wenn es Schwierigkeiten gibt, werden wir die Kontrolle übernehmen, aber wenn die Plünderungen beginnen, beginnt das Schießen”, twitterte Trump in der Nacht zum Freitag (Ortszeit).

In der Großstadt Minneapolis im Bundesstaat Minnesota kam es in der Nacht zum Feitag (Ortszeit) erneut zu Ausschreitungen, die durch den Tod des Schwarzen George Floyd nach einem brutalen Polizeieinsatz ausgelöst wurden. Demonstranten drangen in eine Polizeistation ein, wie örtliche Medien berichteten. Auf Fernsehbildern waren auch Feuer zu sehen. “Diese Schlägertypen entehren das Andenken an George Floyd, und das werde ich nicht zulassen”, schrieb Trump.

Trump warf dem Bürgermeister der Stadt “völlige Führungslosigkeit” vor. “Entweder kriegt der sehr schwache Bürgermeister der Radikalen Linken, Jacob Frey, die Kurve und bringt die Stadt unter Kontrolle, oder ich schicke die Nationalgarde rein und erledige den Job richtig.”

Tod von George Floyd: Was bisher geschah

Nach dem Tod des Schwarzen George Floyd bei einem brutalen Polizeieinsatz weiten sich die Proteste in den USA aus. Auslöser war ein Video von Floyds Tod: Ein weißer Polizist drückte sein Knie an den Hals des 46-Jährigen, der wiederholt um Hilfe fleht, bevor er das Bewusstsein verliert. Wiederholt sagt der Afroamerikaner: „Ich kann nicht atmen.“ Er starb dann in einem Krankenhaus.

Der Polizist, der fast neun Minuten auf Floyds Nacken gekniet hatte, wurde am Freitag festgenommen. He is accused of homicide and negligent homicide. Gegen drei weitere an dem Einsatz beteiligte Beamte wird ermittelt.

Floyd had pleaded for help several times before losing consciousness, as a video recorded. The 46-year-old then died in the hospital. The four police officers involved in the operation were released. Sie waren zunächst aber weder festgenommen noch angeklagt worden, was zu wütenden Protesten geführt hatte.

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