George Floyd death: 2 of the 3 police officers involved were still in training

+++ The George Floyd case in the news ticker +++: Two of the three police officers involved were still in training

The death of African-American George Floyd by police officers shakes the United States: there are repeated riots in numerous cities. As is now clear, two of the police officers involved in the case were still in training. All information in the FOCUS Online news ticker.

The essentials in brief:

  • After the violent death of African-American George Floyd, protests and criticism of the president have increased in the United States
  • All officials involved have been arrested – the policeman who is held responsible for Floyd’s death is now facing a second-degree murder case

George Floyd case: Two of the three co-accused police officers had only been on duty for a few days

Tuesday, June 16, 9:53 a.m .: The three officers who were on duty with Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis on May 25, and who were there when Chauvin knocked the neck of Afro-American George Floyd for nearly nine minutes, were two trainee officers who had only been on the job for a few days Have been on duty.

The authorities in Minneapolis announced this a few days ago, the BBC reports. The police officers are Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane. The fourth policeman is Tou Thao. All three are to be charged together with the main perpetrator Chauvin.

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Trump announces police reform order after protests

11.49 p.m .: After weeks of protests against racism and police violence, US President Donald Trump wants to sign an order to reform the police this Tuesday. “The overall goal is that we want law and order,” Trump said in the White House on Monday. “And we want it to be fair, fair and secure.” Trump only wanted to say what reforms are specifically planned at a press conference on Tuesday in the White House. “We will have some good solutions,” he said. The president added that most police officers are “great people”.

Forensic medicine classifies death of African American Brooks as a murder case

9:56 a.m .: The death of African American Rayshard Brooks during a police operation in Atlanta is classified as a homicide. The Georgia medical examiner’s office announced this on Sunday (local time). Prosecutor Paul Howard said according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper that his agency would decide by mid-week whether charges would be brought against Garrett Rolfe, who was said to have fired the deadly gunfire. Rolfe was released on Saturday.

Brooks had been shot by a police officer outside a fast food restaurant on Friday night in Atlanta, Georgia, and died in the hospital shortly thereafter. According to the Georgia Criminal Police Office (GBI), the police had been called because the apparently drunk Brooks had fallen asleep in his car and blocked the entrance to the restaurant. The police officers called in had carried out an alcohol test at Brooks and then tried to detain the 27-year-old.

According to the GBI, footage of the security camera shows that Brooks opposed his arrest and took a stun gun from the officers and fled. In the course of the chase, Brooks allegedly directed the stun gun at one of the officers, whereupon the latter was said to have shot Brooks. Brooks has been taken to a hospital but has been injured there, the agency said. One of the police officers involved in the operation was also injured.

Brooks’ death led to renewed violent protests against police violence in Atlanta; demonstrators also blocked a freeway. In the past few weeks, numerous people had taken to the streets in the southern metropolis to demonstrate against the death of African American George Floyd in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis at the end of May.

For weeks, nationwide protests against police violence and racism have kept the United States in suspense. US President Donald Trump is criticized for dealing with the protests. He had threatened to use the military to deal with the riots on the verge of demonstrations. The Pentagon distanced itself clearly from Trump’s threat and pointed out that the National Guard was responsible for it.

Hollywood star Babra Streisand makes George Floyd’s daughter a Disney shareholder

8:58 a.m .: She has long been known as an activist for civil rights, among others – now Hollywood star Barbra Streisand (78) has given shares in the entertainment giant Disney to the daughter of the killed African American George Floyd, according to press reports.

Several US media responded to the actress’s generous gesture (“Funny Girl”, “Lord of the Tides”) and referred to an Instagram post on Gianna Floyd’s supposedly official account. The six-year-old child can be seen there with a letter, next to it is the comment: “Thank you @barbrastreisand for my package. Thanks to you, I’m now a Disney shareholder. ”

Following the death of African American George Floyd in a brutal police operation, numerous people are currently protesting against racism and police violence in the United States. Floyd had died in Minnesota three weeks ago.

Streisand’s shares would not be the first donation to George Floyd’s daughter. According to a CNN report, rapper Kanye West (42) has set up a training fund to pay for the girl’s schooling.

Forensic medicine: Gunshot wounds resulted in the death of African Americans in Atlanta

Monday, June 15, 3:28 p.m .: Two gunshot wounds resulted in the death of African American Rayshard Brooks after a police operation in Atlanta, Georgia. The coroner said after the post-mortem on Sunday that Brooks had two shots in the back, the CNN TV station reported in the evening (local time). The 27-year-old died of organ damage and blood loss from the two gunshot wounds. Death is said to be a homicide.

Brooks had been checked by the police on Friday night because he had fallen asleep in his car in a queue in front of a fast food restaurant. After resisting arrest, one of the two white officers shot him down. According to the Georgia Criminal Police Office, the man died after an operation in a hospital.

Since Floyd’s death, several police officers have left Minneapolis

9:11 pm: Since the death of African-American George Floyd in a brutal police operation three weeks ago, at least seven officers have left the local police department in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The local newspaper “Star Tribune” reported, citing the city’s spokesman, Casper Hill. Hill did not give details of the reasons why the police officers gave up their jobs. Other police officers are about to leave the authority, the paper reported, citing the police.

The police in Minneapolis are under enormous pressure. The city council has launched a process to replace the local police with a new public security organization.

Since Floyd’s death on May 25, mass protests against police violence, racism and discrimination have taken place in Minneapolis and across the country. A white police officer had had his knee on his neck for almost nine minutes, although Floyd asked him to let him breathe. Floyd was arrested on suspicion of paying with a false $ 20 bill. After Floyd’s death, the policeman and three colleagues involved in the operation were released, arrested and charged.

Protester saves right-wing counter-demonstrators in London

8.50 p.m .: More than 100 people have been arrested in rioting in the wake of anti-racism protests and rallies by far-right groups in London. The demonstrations were largely peaceful, but there were individual attacks on officials, the police said on Saturday evening.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson indicated that the violence was primarily caused by right-wing demonstrators. “Racist fights have no place on our streets,” he wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, a remarkable situation occurred near the Waterloo station during the protests. There are images of a dark-skinned protester carrying a right-wing counter-demonstrator over his shoulder.

According to the agency “Reuters”, the counter-demonstrator was previously brutally attacked in front of the steps to the Royal Festival Hall. Demonstrators have tried to stop the conflict. Finally the man put the attacked demonstrator over his shoulder to bring him to safety. Finally, he dropped him off at police officers. The “Black Lives Matter” demonstrator is celebrated for the campaign on Twitter.

“Indivisible” demo in Berlin: protesters form kilometers of human chains

3:27 pm: Demonstrators used human chains to tie a “solidarity band” in several German cities on Sunday and protested against social inequality and racism. In the beginning, according to police, 1,700 people took part in Berlin, far fewer than the announced 5,000. They often wore mouthguards and wanted to form a nine-kilometer chain from the Brandenburg Gate to the Neukölln district in accordance with the hygiene rules.

According to police, around 500 people in Hamburg participated in a chain that should extend from the town hall around the inland age to the main station, also with a lot of distance between people.

Demonstrations should also take place in many other cities, but in Erfurt the event was canceled due to a severe weather warning.

The Berlin police were satisfied with the start. “It is a viable concept that the chairman of the meeting has presented and you can see that people are making sure that the protection against infection is done properly,” said police spokesman Thilo Cablitz.

Signs read, for example, “Black Lives Matter” or “More money for education”. At the Brandenburg Gate, members of the “Grannies Against Right” group demonstrated with face masks and sometimes with pink wool hats. Other demonstrators had written “Earth is your mother too” in chalk on the floor.

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