Gabor Steingart: Nobody beats Merkel – winners and losers of the crisis

Guest contribution by Gabor Steingart: Nobody beats Merkel: The winners and losers of the Corona crisis

The corona crisis not only divides the economy, but also the globally active heads of government into winners and losers. In the eyes of the electorate, fighting a pandemic is becoming the supreme discipline, which some have mastered and others fail miserably.

The British Prime Minister is one of the big losers Boris Johnson. Since June, more and more Britons have been rejecting his policy, in September it was almost 60 percent. The often cute and usually erratic Tory politician triggered a veritable pandemic chaos through a large number of changes of direction and thus lost the trust of the citizens.

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Gabor Steingart is one of the most famous journalists in the country. He publishes the “Steingarts Morning Briefing” newsletter. The podcast of the same name is Germany’s leading daily podcast for politics and business. Steingart and his editorial team have been working on the ship “ThePioneer One” since May 2020. Before founding Media Pioneer, Steingart was, among other things, Chairman of the Management Board of the Handelsblatt Media Group.

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Spain: Pedro Sánchez is also one of the big losers

Also the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is one of the losers. Since the end of July, its popularity ratings have been falling. 55 percent of Spaniards now believe that he and his government failed during the crisis. Initially, his hesitant behavior overloaded the health system. Now he tries to correct his image with constantly new rules and prohibitions.

Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump cannot convince in the crisis either. Voters rate their skills as crisis managers negatively. The high number of COVID-19 deaths has politically badly damaged both of them – and has already broken their necks politically.

Angela Merkel: The clear winner

The clear winner of this dramatic time is called Angela Merkel. The crisis chancellor not only manages to increase her personal poll numbers in the pandemic, but also promotes the CDU to heights that were believed to be lost. While the party was at 26 percent at the beginning of March, the figure jumped to 39 percent at the end of April, reaching the level of August 2017, shortly before the last federal election. 72 percent of Germans are still satisfied with their policies.

The Canadian Prime Minister keeps her company in the class of crisis winners Justin Trudeau. While the rejection of his policy outweighed the rejection of his policy until the end of March, the approval ratings rose continuously from April and stood at almost 65 percent in mid-May. The 48-year-old was able to regain trust through his courageous actions. He showed stamina.

Conclusion: The voter knows how to differentiate. Even the high approval ratings for government policy in Canada and Germany are no guarantee of durability. They are what Americans refer to as a “snapshot on a moving target”.

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