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Autumn brings its train of inconvenience between the cold that sets in and the days that are getting shorter. Add to that the sanitary measures and there are times, even days, when you just want to forget everything. Here are several video games to make it happen.

Katamari Damacy Reroll

Because he is completely drunk, the King of All Cosmos destroys all the stars in the sky … except Earth. On his feet, he realizes his mistake and asks his son, the Prince (a dwarf five centimeters tall) to come to the blue planet. There, with the aid of a Katamari, a magic bullet that picks up everything in its path, the savior must collect enough materials to allow his father to rebuild the stars and the moon.

Re-released for Switch and Windows in 2018. Versions for PS4 and Xbox One are scheduled to arrive on November 20.


How to describe a game whose title means “Everything”? Note that the game allows you to embody any object in the universe, whether it is an animal, a galaxy or a planet. No specific goal, no missions to accomplish. In this strange universe, everything is interactive, intuitive and interconnected. The player moves in this unique world to the sound of phrases from philosopher Alan Watts and to the music of Ben Lukas Boysen. We come out troubled by this unusual experience.


Slender: The Arrival

Thrill seekers will appreciate “Slender: The Arrival”. A first-person survival game (and perfect just weeks away from Halloween), the title features Lauren and Kate, two childhood friends, the first trying to figure out what happened to the second. The player, armed with a flashlight, must do everything to survive. Because Slender Man is prowling around. The music is anxiety-provoking and the atmosphere could not be darker.



It’s no coincidence that Minecraft can boast of having over 131 million monthly active players. Because, if the current pandemic has encouraged players to take refuge in this colorful universe, we must admit that the concept is interesting, because simple. The universe is open, endless, and players must mine minerals, craft tools, and construct buildings. Again, no goal (although there is an achievement system), but a game based on what everyone wants. You can have fun customizing your player however you want and building anything from a castle to a dam to a Ferris wheel to gardens, a car or a pyramid. In order to thrill you, know that there are reproductions of Middle-earth, the Titanic and Westeros.



Created to generate feelings of happiness in players, Flower is meant to be a work of art in which the gamer is transported in the dream of a potted flower, placed in front of an apartment window. Synonymous with escape in the most literal sense of the word, this game released in 2009 for the Playstation, Windows and iOS, is an invitation to calm. It’s currently available on Steam and even comes dubbed with Journey, another title that invites you to daydream in the middle of the deserts.


Luxuria Superbia

Here again, nature and flowers are in the foreground. The goal is simple: you have to touch a flower so that it will color long enough so that the same can be done with another flower. As you go, a temple is built, the garden grows and everything else is forgotten.

Play.google.com and store.steampowered.com/app/269150/Luxuria_Superbia/


Five friends – small forest creatures – set out to save the last seed of their tree, infested with pests. It’s cute, full of humor, it’s aimed at families, the music is nice and you dive into this world whose very soft designs invite relaxation.


The waste of useful time of the week

Abzû free until October 15

Every week, Epic Games offers a completely free game. To benefit from it, all you have to do is register with the platform – you can use your Steam account – and download the title. Until October 15, the magnificent Abzû is thus made available to gamers. This game, from the artistic director of Flower and Journey, takes the player to the seabed. Fauna and flora, ancient civilization, new areas; the sea is presented in all its splendor, without a word, but in music composed by Austin Wintory (recipient of a BAFTA and a Grammy for the soundtrack of Journey). We dream and we let ourselves be carried away by the undeniable poetry of Abzû.

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