“Fuck you,” gets angry Joshua

British heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua responded sharply to those who accuse him of racism after speaking at a demonstration on Saturday.

Tony Yoka is not the only heavyweight in the storm. While the French boxer has been the subject of much criticism after launching “Fuck everything, burn everything” on Instagram after the first demonstrations against police violence, Anthony Joshua in turn sparked a controversy. Heavyweight world champion, WBA-IBF-WBO belts, took to the streets in Watford on Saturday to take part in a rally to support the Black Lives Matter movement. .

Micro in hand, the 2012 Olympic champion made very strong remarks. “You are the vaccine, I am the vaccine”, he notably launched, adding: “How long are we going to let racism spread in our communities?” And his words became even more radical. “Show them where it hurts.” Refrain from spending your money in their stores and savings, and invest in businesses owned by blacks ”, he added, as shown by a video extract published on social networks. What obviously cause controversy, many Internet users treating him in turn racist.

But in the face of criticism, Anthony Joshua did not blink. “If you think I’m a racist, fuck yourself”, wrote the English boxer, explaining that this text had to be initially read by a person who was absent from the demonstration and did not fail to recall his contribution to the community. “Shops are not the problem here. Before you say shit, you better boycott racism ”, he concluded.

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