“Fuck everything, burn everything”, Yoka caught on the fly

Tony Yoka posted a most vindictive anti-racism message on Instagram. French heavyweight champion, Raphaël Tronché, Raphaël Tronché answered him sharply.

The new tragedy that engulfed the United States on May 25, when George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American, was killed during his arrest by the Minneapolis police, also reacted on this side of Atlantic. Many athletes expressed their indignation or paid tribute to the deceased, social networks serving as a megaphone.

And if the messages remained more often measured, Tony Yoka was much more virulent. “No matter what is said after this post, burn everything, screw everything.” I will not go back on my word until we are considered as their fellows. Damn, I hate, he wrote on Instagram in reaction to the death of George Floyd. A publication that did not fail to react. Raphaël Tronché, French heavyweight champion, did not hesitate to take on the 2016 Olympic champion.

It’s scandalous !

“He posted on his Instagram and Twitter accounts” burn everything, screw everything “. It’s scandalous ! This guy is a megaphone thanks to his media notoriety, but he uses it to issue hate calls, reacted thus Raphaël Tronché. Who will go out to put out the fires that Yoka incites to start? Will he be the one to repair the shattered bus stops? He who will calm the young people of the neighborhoods? ”

“And even if we broke everything and burned everything, what do we do next?” We ask Yoka, “What is the plan? His tweet will resonate with young kids looking for each other. They are full of anger because they feel forgotten and that’s the reality, they’re abandoned ”, he continued, taking care to recall the condition of Tony Yoka: “Yoka, who lives for half a year in San Francisco, lives a dream and earns 250,000 euros per fight. He guides suffering souls to even more suffering. In this case, join the Tony Yoka! Go to the front line! Be the first to be handcuffed and incarcerated. ”

I reacted hot. I was nervous

For his part, Tony Yoka has published a new message to appease the spirits. “I never wanted to appeal to hatred. I reacted hot. I was nervous. This assassination is not an isolated case. It’s all the time! What a fart! It has been going on for decades. We took hundreds of pacifist marches and, in the end, nothing changed. What is the point of demonstrating, being moved, talking? ”

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