from Finistère to Sahel, a past to recompose

Jean-Noël Raoult with his mother Françoise Raoult in Saint-Thégonnec Loc-Eguiner (Finistère)


By Morgane Le Cam and Kaourou Magassa

Posted today at 1:04 a.m.

Time has stopped at Saint-Thégonnec Loc-Eguiner, in northern Finistère. Sitting in front of two photo albums, Françoise Raoult and her son Jean-Noël, 35, relive each image one by one, smiling and tender eyes. This October 17, 2019, nothing else exists except these photos, vestiges of the childhood of Jean-Noël and that of his little brother Pierre-Yves. “A real bath. With water coming out of the shower head! “, marvels Jean-Noël again, pointing to the photo where they both laugh with their throats spread in a bathtub.

It was December 1990. Françoise and Bernard Raoult, a Breton couple, had just adopted Jean-Noël and Pierre-Yves, who arrived from Mali at the age of 6 and 4 years old. Thanks to the French association Rayon de soleil of the foreign child (RDSEE), parents and their new children realize their dream: Françoise becomes a mother and the two brothers discover France within a loving family, after having been “Abandoned” by their biological family. “Abandoned”, that’s what RDSEE always told them…

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Thirty years have passed, and despite the love that binds them, everyone can not help but feel bitterness and resentment when remaking the film of this adoption. To the point, for Jean-Noël, of having brought a complaint for scam, conceal of scam and breach of trust, Monday June 8, at the tribunal de grande instance of Paris, against RDSEE and Danielle Boudault, the former correspondent of the association in Mali.

Jean-Noël Raoult and his adoptive mother, Françoise, in Saint-Thégonnec Loc-Eguiner (Finistère), on February 14.

Eight other people, out of the 324 children adopted in Mali through this association between 1989 and 2001, set out with him in this procedure. They criticize the body, which is still approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in six countries, for lying about the conditions of their adoption and the reality of their “abandonment”.

” I accuse… “

A drama definitely convinced Jean-Noël, a former soldier who became a housewife, to start this legal battle: the death of his brother Pierre-Yves, from an overdose in 2013, at the age of 27. The young man, passionate about rugby but with no real life plan, had never really supported the uprooting of his country of origin. For a long time, he had hoped to return one day and see his biological parents again. But years had passed, with no news of them, and he had finally given up hope, drowning his distress in alcohol and then in the increasingly harsh drugs.

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