Franz Tost: “Kwjat was several times faster than Ricciardo”

( – At the age of 26, Daniil Kwjat has had an eventful Formula 1 career. In 2014 he became the youngest driver in the world championship to score a point in his first race. The following year, he moved from Toro Rosso to Red Bull Racing, but soon fell out of favor there and was demoted back in 2016.

Daniil Kwjat, Daniel Ricciardo

Daniil Kwjat’s rise to Red Bull started promisingly and ended bitterly



In 2018, he found no cockpit and had to wait a year before he docked with Toro Rosso (now AlphaTauri). There he forms another team with Pierre Gasly. He also drove for Red Bull and, like Kwjat, was sent back to the B team in one season. A story that connects both.

Franz Tost, Team Principal at AlphaTauri, makes the comparison in an interview with ‘’: “The main difference is the age of the drivers. Daniil is two years older – he is now 26. Of course he has an advantage in terms of experience. There were also special ones Circumstances that led us to redeploy Red Bull Racing. “

Tost: “Kwjat did quite well with Red Bull”

In his view, it was “maybe a little early” for both to switch to Red Bull Racing. “But we had no choice at the time. Sebastian Vettel went from Ferrari to Red Bull Racing and the next possible driver was simply Daniil Kwjat.”

It should not be forgotten, however, that the Russian had only had one year of Formula 1 experience at Toro Rosso at the time. “That is very little,” says Tost. “And he also came from the GP3. That is another class lower. Nevertheless, I think he did quite well.”

Daniil Kwjat, Daniel Ricciardo

In 2015, Kwjat was able to face the more experienced Ricciardo at Red Bull



In direct comparison to his former Red Bull teammate Daniel Ricciardo, he even states: “Daniil is very, very fast, has a really high natural speed and was several times faster than Ricciardo.” A look at the statistics reveals how often.

Kwjat and Gasly “super driver pairing” for AlphaTauri

In 2015, Kwjat finished ten out of 19 races ahead of Ricciardo, even though he only qualified six times better. In the World Cup he landed three points more on the account in front of his team-mate. In 2016 Kwjat even finished on the podium in the four races for Red Bull, but it should stay that way.

“Then there were just a few circumstances that led to him being sent to us again, thank God. I think Daniil is justified in Formula One.” Because Kwjat in Russia collided twice with Sebastian Vettel at the start in 2016, there was a lot of criticism at the time – and the degradation.

“It was a similar case with Pierre Gasly,” recalls Tost. “He also went to Red Bull Racing very early. Then a few unfortunate circumstances led to the fact that he was involved in crashes and could not show his true performance the way he thank God showed it again Has.”

In the meantime both have learned and have already been on the podium with Toro Rosso. “I am very, very satisfied with them and think that we have a great pairing with these drivers. I expect a good performance from both,” said the team manager.

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