Formula 1 team boss calls for a “realistic calendar” for 2021

( – Formula 1 may already publish a first draft calendar for the 2021 season on Monday (October 26th). But those responsible around Chase Carey are faced with a dilemma: Due to the ongoing corona crisis, it is uncertain whether future grands will be Prix ​​can be carried out as planned, and thus whether the current plans can work.

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Whether Portimao will be added to the racing calendar again next year



To make matters worse, some racetracks have valid contracts with Formula 1 that extend beyond the 2020 season. For legal reasons they have to appear in the provisional Formula 1 calendar, even if it is unlikely that the races can be held there.

Racing Point team boss Otmar Szafnauer now declares that he is not a fan of these “placeholders”. He says: “I prefer a realistic calendar, although of course I know that it is difficult to predict the future given the current situation.”

Szafnauer wants to be able to plan

“You don’t know what will be in a month, where the virus is spreading in Europe and elsewhere. I also read about vaccines that sound promising and are being tested, but when will they be available? Because we don’t know all that is difficult to predict. “

“I would still like a realistic calendar and not an optimistic one,” says Szafnauer. Reason: “I want to be able to plan.” And that is much easier with realistic events than with castles in the air.

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That is why he will specifically address the Formula 1 executives at their meeting in Portimao today, says Szafnauer. “I will ask the question, ‘How likely do you think it is that we can put this calendar into practice? Is it unlikely? And do we have a backup plan?’ We just want to be able to plan better. “

Seidl: Formula 1 will find a solution

McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl, in turn, believes: Formula 1 will already know what to do. “I have a lot of faith in that [Verantwortlichen]that we will do the right thing in the next year too, “said Seidl.

“The situation is quite dynamic. Nevertheless, it is important to remain in a positive mood. Hopefully next year we can have a more normal racing calendar again.”

The latter is the declared goal of Carey and Co., who are striving for a Formula 1 calendar in 2021, which should largely correspond to the original design for 2020, including the opening race in Melbourne, Australia.

Formula 1 calendar 2021 as originally in 2020?

“Let’s see what we do [am Montag] to see “, says Seidl.” 2020 was a very demanding year. Something that we had never experienced before. But I think we and Formula 1 handled it pretty well. “

Of the Formula 1 events originally planned for 2020, the Übersee-Grands-Prix and the street circuits in particular have been dropped. These races might be the first to be canceled in 2021 if the pandemic persists.

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