Formula 1 live ticker: Sports director Brawn: prank results were up for debate

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Deletion results and World Cup decisions

Where we were with the streak results earlier, they have already decided many World Cups. Around 1988, at that time Alain Prost had collected 105 points in the season, Ayrton Senna 94. But after the streak results were subtracted, it suddenly stood for 90:87 for the Brazilian.

Also in the World Cup decision in 1964, the strike results between Graham Hill and John Surtees decided. Surtees won the title, Hill had scored seven times in the ten races of the season and would have reached 41 points, but since 1964 only the six best of ten results counted, he was one point behind Surtees with no strikethrough result.

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Bottas: Vettel is not an issue for Mercedes

Valtteri Bottas makes you listen to statements about Sebastian Vettel. The German could take over the Finn’s cockpit in 2021, but it remains calm. In an interview with ‘Sky’ he emphasizes: “We are always very honest with each other about the current situation and what the contracts are like. I was clearly told that they would not consider Seb, so I am not worried,” emphasizes Bottas.

That would mean that Vettel would not get a chance with the Mercedes team either. But team boss Toto Wolff has only made it clear that out of respect for the four-time world champion, one should not rule him out from the start – although the two current pilots have priority. So it sounds almost as if the political games in the contract poker had started …

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Discussion results for the 2020 season discussed

We start today with an interesting consideration that was discussed for the 2020 season. From 1984 to 1990, strike results influenced the World Cup decision. Only the eleven best results of a driver (in 16 races) were counted, the five worst were deleted. This mechanism had already existed in the premier class (especially in the 1950s and 1960s). Exactly this idea was discussed again for the 2020 season.

The ulterior motive: The World Championship should not be influenced by the fact that a driver cannot drive a race due to the corona virus. This risk would be reduced with deletion results. However, Ross Brawn told that the plan was rejected because of concerns that the teams would take advantage of the rule.

“The conclusion was that the teams would unfortunately play with it.” The racing teams would not only pull the joker if a driver got sick, but also if they had a bad result. That would mean that some would not finish the race and simply park their car to save the engine, Brawn said. “In Formula 1, such a rule is inherently used for tactical advantage,” he believes.

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