For the holiday season: Google Small Business launches page with tools and recommendations

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Advent: The autumn and winter holidays are just around the corner and Google is supporting small businesses online with a specially set up page to better attract holiday shoppers.

Fall and winter are traditionally good times for e-commerce. And especially this year, as offline shopping is likely to remain restricted due to the ongoing corona pandemic, retailers can expect a hectic time, which, however, offers them diverse potential. Because the preparations for the holiday season are already underway; and in October and November, the digital industry also expects Amazon Prime Day, Singles Day in China and Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. That’s why Google Small Business has now put a website online that is primarily intended to help small businesses to significantly boost their sales with personalized recommendations for their business, shopping-centered learning content and the right tools.

Prepare for the holidays: reach digital shoppers in the Google cosmos

The first two quarters of the extraordinary 2020 financial year were also difficult for the digital industry. However, e-commerce has generally benefited from the corona crisis. While advertising spending was still weak, especially in the spring, the BVDW’s online marketers group expects the upswing from the third quarter to continue in the final months of the year: advertising sales in Germany are expected to have grown by 8.6 percent by the end of 2020.

Whether advertising, organic campaigns or simply optimizing their own web presence: companies that want to win customers in the digital space can hardly avoid Google. The search engine company knows this and offers these companies assistance in many ways. A website was recently launched that can help retailers and co. To prepare for the holiday business and to address customers.

On the bottom of Google for Small Business there are initially two fields that point to dedicated tips for both online and offline sellers.

Google Small Business tips can help anyone selling online or offline
Anyone selling online or offline can get tips from Google Small Business, screenshot Google

For example, links are made to help videos that can help optimize a retail website.

But the website has even more to offer. It gives companies the opportunity to take part in short and concise learning sessions with titles such as “Create an effective social media plan”, “Five options for getting your business online” or “Make it easy to shop with you”. These often only last up to 15 minutes and offer the first quick deep dives for online business.

Helpful tools and examples

On the new website, however, Google also has a number of helpful tools that companies can use for themselves. Reference is made, among other things, to the Pointy shopping aid or to the fact that Google has recently started offering free retail listings for searches. Cooperations with Shopify, BigCommerce or WooCommerce are also offered, while Google emphasizes the relevance of its own merchant center. In addition, the website presents some examples of where small businesses have grown successfully thanks to Google’s tools and opportunities.

Ultimately, Google also refers to the tools of partners such as Hootsuite or HubSpot, which companies can also use for themselves to build up a professional business – or to push it especially during the holiday season. Additional resources provided by Google include the Business Help Center in the Context of Covid-19, Google My Business, Google Analytics and many more. Take a look at the new website. Perhaps it will help you to decisively promote your business for the annual financial statements and beyond. After all, the tools and recommendations are designed to reach as many shoppers as possible on Google’s Properties.

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