For Norbert Haug: “It is imperative” that Mick Schumacher drives Formula 1 in 2021

( – Mick Schumacher is about to reach the biggest milestone in his young career so far. At the Grand Prix of the Eifel at the Nürburgring on Friday, the 21-year-old will drive a current Formula 1 racing car for the first time as part of a racing weekend. “The anticipation is of course very great,” he said a few days before the big moment in an interview with RTL.

Mick Schumacher

Mick Schumacher adjusting the seat for the Nürburgring in Hinwil



Two days before Schumacher’s training debut in the Alfa Romeo, rumors are circulating on the Internet that his ticket for the Formula 1 cockpit should already be bought in 2021. According to this, Alfa Romeo will officially announce the drivers on Friday, and Schumacher will compete for the team alongside Kimi Räikkönen.

Of course, this is not yet official. But: “If I had something to say in Formula 1, as a Formula 1 maker, then I would not miss this opportunity,” said former Mercedes sports director Norbert Haug in an interview with RTL.

For him it is “imperative that Mick get a seat, and not because he is being leveraged in there, but because he really deserves it. It is far too early to speak of titles in Formula 1 – but if so I should make an assessment today: I trust him to have a great career in Formula 1. Always the right team, provided the right material. “

Ralf Schumacher: “Mick is excellently prepared”

Mick’s uncle Ralf Schumacher is also convinced: “Mick is excellently prepared for Formula 1. Ferrari is doing a great job with its juniors,” he writes in his column on ‘’. “But you shouldn’t forget that the Alfa is not exactly a top car. So you shouldn’t expect too much.”

Mick Schumacher himself assumes that the step from Formula 1 to Formula 1 will be “the biggest step so far” in his career: “From Formula 2 to Formula 1 it is the largest in terms of time: We have about eleven to twelve seconds difference between the two categories. So it will of course be very big, “he told RTL.

“But the preparation in the team is a lot more intensive. The days are longer. The work is more divided between the different employees. That means you have to be able to work with different individuals. This is of course something that is completely new.” is for us. “

Not the first Formula 1 test for Alfa Romeo

One advantage is that he has already tested Formula 1 for Alfa Romeo, on April 3, 2019 in Bahrain: “Of course that’s helpful,” says Schumacher. “I know the team, I know the people and I work with the same group that I got to know at the time. So it’s something that I don’t have to get used to anymore, but only to the car and the driving.”

Mick Schumacher: F1 dress rehearsal at the Nürburgring

Ferrari young driver Mick Schumacher is about to take part in a Formula 1 Friday training session for the first time, namely at the Eifel GP at the Nürburgring!

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Nevertheless, he has “great respect” for his first appearance at a race weekend: “It is the first time that we drive in front of the big eyes: in front of all the team bosses, in front of all CEOs, in front of all teams. So I’ll try to do that do what I can, where I know things are going well and concentrate on myself and try to do my best. “

In his opinion, a dry Friday training session would be desirable in order to be able to learn as much as possible about the car. However, the current weather forecast suggests very cold and possibly wet conditions. “So far, every time I’ve tested a new car, it’s been wet. Always,” grins Schumacher.

“So we have to see if we can drive. Unfortunately, you get very few tires. Hopefully it won’t get too wet so we can drive out a little, otherwise it will be more waiting than driving. Hopefully everything will be fine and we can do a few laps, “he says.

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