For Christmas business: More ad slots and insights for marketers on Pinterest

Pinterest enables retailers and advertisers to use the platform even more effectively through optimized advertising options and detailed data insights during the Christmas business.

Pinterest wants to further advance the potential for marketing and commerce on the platform based on newly introduced options. The new features will initially be rolled out for users and marketers in the USA and the United Kingdom, as reported by Pinterest in a blog post. The reason for the change lies particularly in the increasingly approaching holiday shopping season. In addition, the exceptional circumstances this year made it difficult for many companies to generate sufficient sales. With the new features, Pinterest wants to make it possible to at least partially compensate for the missed income. In addition, the company is reacting to the increasing tendency of users to increasingly use Pinterest as a shopping platform. 80 percent of all weekly active users have already made a purchase based on a pin.

Pinterest lens shopping and more insights for pin marketers

It has long been possible to place advertisements on Pinterest. But the number of ad slots should now increase significantly. The advertising options are diverse. On the one hand, marketers have been able to place their ads in the Pinterest Lens matches since June. With this it is possible to record objects in the area with the smartphone camera and thus to find similar products for shopping. Purchases are also possible via the “Shoppen” tab in the search bar. In addition, the personalized shopping recommendations will be expanded.

In addition, Pinterest and Shopify merchants should be able to gain more precise insights into the performance of their ads. In this way, detailed data on the conversion path for individual pins can be viewed in the future. This makes it easier for pin marketers to identify their best performing pins.

Conversion Insights in Pinterest Analytics, © Pinterest

An alternative to real life shopping?

Many people will probably want to do their holiday shopping from home this year rather than in overcrowded department stores. Pinterest wants to simplify this with the new possibilities of the app. The platform therefore wants to act as an alternative and recreate the beautiful sides of Christmas shopping. That’s what it says at Pinterest:

In a year when more people than ever will be shopping online for the holiday, Pinterest can replicate that experience for consumers and retailers through curated collections and visual discovery.

Pinterest is continuously expanding its advertising options. Pinterest entered into a partnership with the e-commerce platform Shopify back in May. This enables retailers to upload their entire product catalog via a separate app as shoppable product pins on Pinterest. The use of the platform has increased more than any other app apart from TikTok during the ongoing corona pandemic. Pinterest is therefore a valuable medium for marketers.

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