Ferrari team boss Binotto: Vettel sometimes speaks of disappointment

( – How bad is the mood between Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari, who is still an employer? This is difficult to judge from the outside, but there are various signs that the relationship – to put it mildly – has already been better. In the last two races at Silverstone and Barcelona, ​​for example, there was a crash on the radio.

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel will leave Ferrari at the end of the current season



“I don’t want to talk about misunderstandings between the drivers and the pit wall. We prefer [am Funk] To speak openly “, team boss Mattia Binotto downplayed the incidents at ‘Sky’ and explains:” We think it’s right that both sides ask questions. “In Silverstone, however, Vettel’s part was not a question but a clear criticism.

Nevertheless, Binotto points out that these “discussions” ultimately led to the right decisions. In Barcelona, ​​for example, Vettel drove through with just one stop and was rewarded with seventh place. Incidentally, he also emphasizes that there are no problems. “It’s normal for one [am Funk] communicates, “he shrugs.

It could quickly work differently on TV because not all radio messages are transmitted. It is therefore difficult for outside observers to see the “overall picture”. “Nothing has changed from my side,” emphasizes Vettel with regard to his behavior on the radio. Incidentally, this also applies to the silence that has recently reigned noticeably often on Ferrari radio.

“You don’t have to talk all the time …”

“We see each other all day. You can talk to each other all day, you don’t have to talk on the radio all the time. Nothing has changed,” assures Vettel, who for example didn’t say a single word on the radio in Spain during the entire qualification said. Binotto emphasizes that nothing has changed on the other side of the pit wall either.

“There are always things that we can do better,” says Vettel. In retrospect, however, that is easy to say. “The most important thing is that we ourselves [in Barcelona] decided to take that risk. That paid off, “he says with satisfaction. However, he also emphasizes that there was” not much to lose “on Sunday anyway.

“We thought it wouldn’t be possible [mit einem Stopp] drive to the end. So I was told to push, which I did, “explains Vettel. When his team told him to drive through, the four-time world champion on the radio got a little louder because he was already there with the tires had pushed a few laps.

Vettel’s problems are far from being solved

Ultimately, however, it was the right decision. “We would have had to overtake four or five cars in the end if we had stopped again,” he explains. So you could concentrate on keeping your position on the track. However, this seventh place in Spain does not mean that all problems have been solved.

“In the end, you have to say that we were a little lucky. Of course it was a good decision and we managed the tires to the end,” explains Vettel. But the goal is actually to be in front of the midfield and not to fight with teams like Racing Point or McLaren. “There are certainly still areas that I have to work on,” said Vettel.

“We try a lot to improve ourselves. So far we haven’t found a patent solution, but we have to keep trying,” said the German, who already has “ideas” on how to move forward. In any case, it seems clear that he basically has a problem with the current car. That has nothing to do with the set-up, emphasizes Vettel himself.

Binotto assures: “The relationship is good”

“At Silverstone we are with fewer wings than [in Barcelona] driven – because it’s just the nature of the track, “he explains, adding:” I had problems at Silverstone, but I had some here too. It’s up and down. Sometimes it’s really good, sometimes it’s not. There is still something we need to understand. We still have a lot of work to do. “

Whereby Vettel should mean himself above all by “us”. The fact that he no longer feels the full support of the team was made clear again in an interview when he said with a smile that his opinion was no longer important internally. Because he is leaving Ferrari at the end of the year, the statement has a real core.

“I think that this statement speaks to the disappointment that he will not be part of the team in the next season”, ponders Binotto, who nevertheless makes it clear that there is no problem. “The relationship is good. His weekend was good, even if he can do a lot better. He had a good race,” said the Ferrari team boss.

He hoped that Vettel was able to gain some self-confidence with his seventh place in Barcelona. He could use it right now.

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