Fekir’s galley at Betis

Real Betis showed notable helplessness in the Seville derby which marked the resumption of La Liga (2-0) on Thursday evening. Focus on the performance of a Nabil Fekir who did not make a difference but who was not put in position to shine either.

In the defensive phase:

“Nabillon” is not known for his defensive work and it was seen early in the game. In the right winger position, the 2018 world champion did not do as intense pressing as Borja Iglesias and Cristian Tello, his two cronies from the Betis offensive trio. He did not force but, worse, he did not deal with Sergio Reguillon at all (as if his coach had not really planned the projection of the opposing left side, who found himself in a counter-cons one facing Emerson). During the first period, Fekir was thus forced to play low enough on the right and therefore began his actions very far from the opposing goal.

In the game:

If Nabil Fekir was the essential number 10 in OL, he is not at all the playmaker of the Verdiblancos. It’s Sergio Canales, one of the two 4-3-3 runners, who is the leader of Rubi’s team. The French international, on the other hand, remained on his right side, without asking in the center. Perhaps an instruction from his technical staff? In his lane, Fekir did not overflow and, when Emerson found himself in an offensive position, he “only” claimed the ball in the feet behind, without trying to move in the spaces inside the game . Ironed in 10 for the last 20 minutes of play, the 26-year-old left-hander used his superb technical quality to make his teammates play. It is clearly in the axis that it must evolve!

In the area of ​​truth:

Approaching the opponent’s goal, the “Lyon Messi” did not tip the game all by himself. He didn’t see a tackle from Diego Carlos coming (33) and was also picked up near the surface at the start of the second period (54). He tried to put Borja Iglesias in the shooting position, only once in the first period, but without success. In 10, at the end of the match, he was more dangerous, making his only two key passes of the game and having his only shot opportunity, with an unadjusted recovery (68th).

Balance sheet:

The coach of Betis, Rubi, did he prepare this Andalusian derby well? We doubt it. He obviously hadn’t foreseen Sergio Reguillon’s climbs in his corridor and composed with a duo Fekir-Emerson passive on this side. Above all, Fekir was placed on the right wing while Betis played quite low, and this without being instructed to move in the axis during the rare attacks placed by his team. Just by moving to the left of 4-3-3, he could have been more useful in playing for his teammates, especially as Cristian Tello, who moved to the left, would have been a real overflow winger on the right… Fekir, excellent with the ball in his feet, was much more dangerous in the center during the last 20 minutes.

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