Fashion: Anifa Mvuemba, the stylist who dazzles her with her 3D fashion show

When was the last time you attended a fashion show? For our part, it was a few days ago… behind our computer screen. And we took full eyes! With an industry strongly impacted by the Covid-19 crisis, the Congolese-born stylist Anifa Mvuemba decided to reinvent her approach to fashion. For her new Pink Label Congo collection, the designer has bet on an original concept: a 3D fashion show, without mannequin or catwalk, organized from her Instagram page. It was May 22.

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An ode to African creators

The images went viral in no time and the collection is already “sold out”. No rhinestones or sequins, even fewer stars sitting in the front row, and yet the figures move in the black background as if the clothes were worn by someone. Everything looks natural … From the backless dress in the colors of the Congolese flag, with exaggerated sleeves, to the long white skirt in satin and gathers recalling with force and details generous shapes. And what about this silk dress that descends to the ground with blue and green reflections described as the meeting of the Congo river with the green lands of the rich DRC. Feminine, generous and structured models, designed for women who are more rounded, far from the usual standards. “The Hanifa girl is a boss; she is not afraid to be daring, she is sexy, her style is feminine. When I started to create, I mainly focused on making comfortable clothes and what my friends would like. Then I developed more design for black women. When I draw, I draw for women of color and I use colors that suit our complexion, things that suit our hips and different proportions, “she explained to our colleagues at She American.

A collection dedicated to the Congo

Through her models, Anifa Mvuemba tells the story of her country: the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But also the history of African creators to whom she dedicates this collection. “When creating each piece, I remembered the stories my mother told me about the women she knew at home in the Congo. Women who have suffered great losses but who have nevertheless shown incredible strength, ”writes the designer who was born and still lives in the state of Maryland in the United States.

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Renewing the parade approach

It must be said that the 29-year-old Congolese stylist has been working with 3D images since the beginning of her career, but hesitated for a long time before launching herself out of fear that internet users will not understand the concept. But at a time when the fashion industry is questioning its future, and in particular the future of fashion shows, Anifa Mvuemba has used the constraint of confinement to innovate and bring Internet users to it. “Designing content using 3D models and now a whole collection has completely changed the game for me. It actually requires more attention to detail for the clothes to fit and be perfect, “recently told the designer of the brand” Hanifa “to Teen Vogue.

And the young woman does not intend to stop on such a good path. She intends to mark the world of fashion especially since she has become over the years a sure value of the most prestigious fashion shows like New York Fashion Week. She also regularly dresses celebrities, including rapper Cardi B, singers Kelly Rowland, Ciara, Jennifer Hudson and even Kylie Jenner, from the famous Kardashian family. This shows how much his voice counts in this universe in search of renewal. Fast-paced pace of the four annual Fashion Weeks, overproduction, huge investments in fashion shows that last 10 minutes: fashion houses are reflecting on the post-epidemic. Anifa Mvuemba has taken a big step ahead.

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Already noticed by Anna Wintour

Anifa Mvuemba and Anna Wintour talk. The young woman was selected from five other designers for the first edition of Teen Vogue’s “Generation Next” series, a mentoring initiative.
© Ilya S. Savenok / AFP

Last September, she was selected with five other stylists to participate in the first edition of “Generation Next” by Teen vogue, a mentoring initiative designed to give a boost to young fashion designers, organized by Vogue magazine. His creations and their presentation were highly appreciated by the legendary Anna Wintour, stainless editor of the American edition of vogue and artistic director of the press group Condé Nast, which publishes, among others, Vogue and Vanity Fair. She also opened her first store in Baltimore last year.

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