Failure to agree on Iran, Donald Trump sets up response to activate ‘snapback’

Donald Trump gave a lecture at the White House in Washington on Wednesday August 19.

After the failure of a US draft resolution aimed at indefinitely extending the arms embargo against Tehran, Washington declared itself ready to use its last trump card thanks to a controversial process which arouses the helpless dismay of the vast majority member states. It is done: Donald Trump announced on Wednesday August 19 that the United States would activate a controversial procedure at the United Nations (UN) to restore all international sanctions against Iran ” until then suspended ”.

“Today I asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to notify the UN Security Council”, specified the American president. The State Department added that Mike Pompeo will travel to New York on Thursday and Friday for it.

This procedure consists of activating the snapback. This mechanism allows the United States to use its initial participation in the Iranian nuclear deal signed between Tehran and the great powers in 2015 to obtain an automatic reimposition of all pre-existing sanctions. Although Mr. Trump decided to leave this agreement in 2018, this move remains possible because of the haphazard drafting of Resolution 2,231, which five years ago enshrined this great diplomatic achievement of the Obama era.

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The status of “participant” invoked

His government intends to invoke its status as a country “Participant” to this same nuclear agreement which he nevertheless left by denouncing its insufficiency and its flaws. The 2015 Security Council resolution endorsing the agreement had indeed set in stone the “Participants”, including the United States, and was not amended after their departure.

However, according to this resolution, the States “Participants” have the possibility to unilaterally denounce a “Notable non-compliance” of its “Commitments” by another signatory, an unprecedented procedure that is supposed to make it possible, after 30 days, to restore, or “Snapback”, international sanctions against Tehran which had been lifted in exchange for its promise on atomic matters. And this, without the possibility for others, such as Moscow or Beijing, to veto.

Donald Trump has already reinstated and even toughened US sanctions in the hope of bending the Iranian regime and securing a “Best agreement”. But he now wants to force the entire international community to do the same, and the tempo chosen must allow him to claim victory at the UN Annual General Assembly at the end of September.

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Argutia consisting in claiming “Participant” A deal that has been slammed with a bang does not pass, however, including among Washington’s European allies who are trying to save the text they still see as essential to avoid a nuclear Iran. “We do not consider that the United States is legally entitled to activate the snapback”, says a French diplomatic source, who warns that the stratagem will oppose the refusal of almost all members of the Security Council.

The desire to restore international sanctions

The Republican billionaire has once again called “Disastrous” the text supposed to prevent Tehran from acquiring the atomic bomb, considering that it was the “Product of foreign policy failure” his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama and his vice president Joe Biden, who will face him in November in the race for the White House.

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According to the Trump administration, the lifting of sanctions decided in 2015 in exchange for Iranian nuclear commitments has enabled the Islamic Republic to rake in tens of billions of dollars used to spread “Chaos, blood and terror” in the Middle East and all over the world.

“In the first month after I win the election, Iran will come and ask us for an agreement very quickly because they are not doing very well”Donald Trump assured at a press conference.

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