“Faceless Death” by Kathy Reichs: Tough Times for Tempe Brennan

Faced with health problems, Tempe Brennan, the heroine of the hit series by Kathy Reichs, faces many difficult situations in Faceless death, just published in French. Tempe will have to deploy all his expertise – in adversity – to discover the identity of a faceless corpse.

While recovering from aneurysm surgery, experiencing nightmares, migraines and what she believes to be hallucinations, Tempe receives a series of disturbing texts. Each time, an image of a corpse without a face and without hands arises. Who is behind this?

To find the truth, the expert in forensic anthropology pushes her research, even if it means putting herself in danger. With the help of Andrew Ryan and ex-investigator Skinny Slidell, she turns to advanced forensic methods.

“I always wonder what will grab the public’s attention when I start writing a new novel. There are two levels explored in this one: one relates to Tempe, and the other, broader, relates to society in general. It’s about how you can tell the truth from the false, “said Kathy Reichs in an interview.

“In this era where everyone can go online, write blogs or say whatever comes to their mind, no matter how dangerous or not … how can an ordinary person handle this?” Even someone with good intentions can spread false information. We have to constantly sort out the fake news from the real facts. ”

Stabilized temple

Tempe is going through difficult times in Faceless death. “She suffers from migraines and has to take medicine. She can no longer trust her own perceptions. For the first time in her life, she wonders if she can trust her observations. ”

“This is the first time we have seen her like this,” added the writer. “She is a woman who really has confidence in herself, and it is for this reason that she is really destabilized. In addition, she realizes that she is in exile – she had difficulties with the new boss. He doesn’t like her and doesn’t let her into the lab, or consult her. She wants to get involved in this investigation, but has to work outside the system. She is under a lot more stress than usual. “

In this investigation, the severely mutilated victim no longer has a face, more hands, more teeth, which makes the identification work very complex. Kathy Reichs was not inspired by a real case to write this novel, but specifies that she already examined the case of a woman murdered twenty years ago in the Ottawa area. “His body had been abandoned in a forest and had been severely maimed by the bears.”

She also explored the underground web – the dark and worrisome side of the Internet, for documentation. “I was very surprised to see the statistics and all that we could find on the Internet … and all that we could find more on the underground web, everything that does not appear on the usual browsers . This is the whole theme of the novel: anyone can circulate anything, and therein lies the danger. “

New methods

New methods of forensic investigation are also discussed. “DNA has been used for years, but DNA has always been used as a comparison. Now we can go much further by making predictions. […] This is a major advancement, and I’m talking about it for the first time in this book. ”


Nothing was moving apart from the slow downward spin of a leaf carried by a thin wandering breeze. I was going to look away when my gaze was attracted by a vague movement near the pine tree which decorated the lawn of my neighbor.

By carefully examining, I saw a silhouette. Massive. Male?

On a Sharon Hall property, in the middle of the night?

With a beating heart, I blinked several times in the hope of seeing more clearly.

The silhouette had melted into the shade. “

In bookstores on June 5.

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