Facebook expands monetization program for Creator and delivers new tools

Monetization options for Facebook videos, such as fan subscriptions or stars, are opening up for more creators. Facebook also allows ads for even more formats and introduces new creator tools.

Earning money with the creation and distribution of videos for social media is not just a dream of many people, but for many creators now on YouTube or Facebook reality and everyday life. Facebook is now supporting this creator – whether comedians, artists, fitness trainers, athletes or small businesses – even more so that new tools are introduced that optimize the monetization of Facebook videos. In addition, access to earning opportunities such as stars or fan subscriptions will be expanded.

Fan Supported Products: Even more creative people can now earn money with it

Explain on the Facebook for Media Blog Yoav Arnstein, Product Marketing Director, and Jeff Birkeland, Head of Creator & Publisher Experience on Facebook, that the options stars and fan subscriptions are made accessible to more creators:

We’ve seen tremendous interest from people wanting to support their favorite creators, so we’re making fan subscriptions and Stars available to more creators,

it says there. Fan subscriptions offer content producers the opportunity to earn money by receiving monthly payments from fans. This is typically $ 4.99 per month that users pay for exclusive content. Creators can register on Facebook’s option to use page, but must meet certain criteria to be accepted. The basic monetization standards of Facebook must also be observed. Only then can the content producers use the fan subscriptions upon invitation. Exclusion is possible, for example, when cooperating with companies that violate Facebook’s guidelines or when no original content is shared.

As an earning option for even more creators in the future, the feature Stars is also an option for Facebook videos. These stars can be bought by fans and posted in the comment section on live videos. Creators can now set and display a star target via overlay in a live video.

A creator showed a star target
A creator showed a star target, © Facebook

Facebook also provides the option to manage the stars in live videos, for example by automatically sending thank-you cards to the senders. Facebook advises that the feature be prominently presented in the livestream (e.g. with a pinned comment) and to interact with fans who have paid for the stars. Facebook pays the Creatorn one US cent for each star it receives. They can register on Facebook’s Stars page to use the feature.

Facebook's star monetization option
Facebook’s star monetization option (click on the image to get a larger view), © Facebook

Even more monetization possible thanks to in-stream ads

In addition to the revenue generated by fans, creators on Facebook can also make money from advertising thanks to in-stream ads for live and on-demand videos. And Facebook announced that this form of advertising, which can be shown before, during or after the content, is now eligible for new formats. These include:

  • Short-form videos: These 60 to 180 second long clips can now be monetized with post-roll or image ads.
  • Ads for live videos: In the livestream, an ad can now run in the middle of the transmission, while the live video continues to run on the screen in a smaller player. Selected videos that were previously live can now also be monetized.
  • New advertising experiences, from feed to watch: Facebook is currently testing to forward users who see a video in the news feed to watch the video on Watch after seeing an ad.

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New tools, metrics and data for the optimal presence of the creator

In the future, the insights on the performance of the Stars and Live features will be integrated into Facebook’s Creator Studio. The company has launched a Video Details Explorer dashboard that shows traffic source insights for each video. In addition, hourly updated metrics for the success of this video can be tracked within the first 48 hours after a video is published.

In addition, the content producers can now not only publish, but also plan ahead using the Creator Studio app.

Insights to a video in the Creator Studio
Insights for a video in the Creator Studio (click on the picture to get a larger view), © Facebook

With the Comment Insights feature, Facebook in turn enables Creatorn to understand how comments affect engagement and impressions. If available, these insights appear as weekly notifications.

The Comment Insights on Facebook
The Comment Insights on Facebook, © Facebook

While Facebook videos are and will remain an important format for many creatives in the video area for monetization thanks to the already established and new features and tools, Instagram should also be relevant for many creators. Facebook therefore provides a specific tool suite for the subsidiary platform. This allows content producers to log in to Creator Studio with Instagram access data or, thanks to expanded access via the Brand Collabs Manager, to easily manage their appearances across platforms.

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