Facebook bans QAnon and deletes Trump’s post

The social media giant is removing all posts by the conspiracy group QAnon from its own platforms. A post from Trump in which he played down a Covid 19 infection was also blocked.

Facebook deletes all cross-platform content that has been posted by supporters of the conspiracy theory QAnon. Removing posts like this is a big step for the social media company. The news portal NBC News describes Facebook’s approach as follows:

The change is a significant escalation over its previous actions targeting QAnon and one of the broadest rules the social media giant has put in place in its history.

Facebook states that an update of the company guidelines is the reason for the complete deletion of QAnon content, groups and profiles. A press release from the social media group states:

Starting today, we will remove any Facebook Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts representing QAnon, even if they contain no violent content. This is an update from the initial policy in August that removed Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts associated with QAnon when they discussed potential violence while imposing a series of restrictions to limit the reach of other Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts associated with the movement.

As early as August, the platform blocked Facebook groups, pages or Instagram accounts that were connected to QAnon and also contained glorification of violence. The new guidelines for dealing with the conspiracy group are to be enforced immediately:

We are starting to enforce this updated policy today and are removing content accordingly, but this work will take time and need to continue in the coming days and weeks.

QAnon and Donald Trump: Facebook goes against disinformation

Not only Facebook bans posts, pages and groups of the conspiracy group QAnon. Twitter and TikTok are also taking action against the followers on their platform – and not without reason. The outrageous theories of the QAnon movement already led a man to storm a pizzeria in Washington in 2017 with a gun and shoot him. The reason given by the perpetrator was that the US politician and then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would run a child pornography ring in the store. A false accusation that was previously made via the 4Chan platform by a user named “Q”. This is where the name of the conspiracy group comes from, which has now become a real cult. QAnon is made up of the user name and the word “anonymous”. Because all 4Chan users post content without revealing their identity.

The conspiracy theorists are repeatedly said to have a certain proximity to US President Donald Trump. Because at events of the head of state, supporters of the group were seen several times. Trump also partially adopted the theories of “QAnon” for his election campaign. The fact that the head of state often does not take the truth very seriously – especially when it comes to his posts on social media – is no longer surprising. What is new, however, is that Facebook in particular is now taking more rigorous action against the spread of disinformation by the US president. If the social media giant has resisted taking action against Trump for a long time, misleading posts are now being consistently removed.

Facebook deletes a post from Trump in which he claims corona is no worse than flu

The social media giant recently deleted a post in which the US president stated that an infection with the corona virus was not as serious as assumed. He went on to say that people in the United States had also learned to live with the flu – and it was more deadly than Covid-19. Facebook spokesman Andy Stone confirmed to CNN Business that this post from the US President had been deleted. The content violates guidelines on spreading disinformation regarding the coronavirus, according to Stone.

Trump also shared the same content on Facebook. There the post was not only marked, but also deleted, screenshot / Twitter

Donald Trump tweeted that last week he and his wife Melania were infected with Covid-19. After a three-day stay at the Walter Reed Medical Center, the head of state returned to the White House. Since then, the number of infections has increased among employees and advisors to the President.

In North America, 210,749 people have officially died as a result of illness with the coronavirus. This is the highest number of deaths worldwide at the time of the month. The fact that Facebook is putting a stop to the spread of misinformation and trivializing the virus is therefore only to be welcomed.

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