Facebook and Instagram connect their messengers

The merging of the messengers is in full swing. In addition, various messaging features and new security settings are added.

Facebook has been working on merging its three messengers on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for years. The announcement came in mid-August: The merger will begin. Now it should be ready for all users. Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, and Stan Chudnovsky, Head of Messenger, jointly published a blog post in which they introduced the new features. Not only are Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger connected to one another with immediate effect, Instagram users also receive various new messaging functions.

Write to Facebook users via Instagram and vice versa

With the update, chats and calls from other Instagram users will also remain in the Instagram app, but from now on users of the messenger can also write Instagram accounts without having to install a new app. This also works the other way round for Facebook Messenger. Users can set which app they want to use to receive notifications about new messages.

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With the connection of the messenger, functions of the Facebook messenger also come to Instagram. From now on, users can also specifically reply to a message on Instagram, forward messages and color the chat individually. In total, Facebook and Instagram are introducing ten new features for Instagram Direct:

  1. Communicate across apps: Connect seamlessly with friends and family on Instagram and Messenger by sending messages or joining video calls with both apps.
  2. Watch together: Enjoy watching videos on Facebook Watch, IGTV, Reels (Coming Soon), TV Shows, Movies, and more with friends and family during a video call.
  3. Disappearance mode: Choose a mode in which viewed messages will disappear after they’re viewed or when you close the chat.
  4. Selfie stickers: Create a series of boomerang stickers with your selfie to use in conversation.
  5. Chat colors: Personalize your chats with fun color gradients.
  6. Custom emoji reactions: Create a shortcut for your favorite emojis to quickly respond to messages from friends.
  7. Forwarding: Easily share great content with up to five friends or groups.
  8. Reply: Reply directly to a specific message in your chat and keep the conversation going.
  9. Animated message effects: Add visual flair to your message with animated sending effects.
  10. Message control: You decide who can write to you directly and who cannot contact you at all.

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More security by logging into the Accounts Center

In addition to these features, Instagram is also expanding reporting and blocking updates. As of now, users can report complete chats in addition to individual messages. In addition, accounts that are registered in Facebook’s new Accounts Center receive blocking suggestions for some messages. Users should have more control over their inbox, so they can choose exactly where which messages end up. For example, all messages from followers could first be visible in the inquiries, all users who have already been communicated with via Facebook Messenger land directly in the inbox and unknown non-followers cannot write any messages at all. A selection can also be made for friends of friends or users who have saved the telephone number.

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WhatsApp will initially be excluded from the messenger connection. The new messenger will be available in some countries with immediate effect, but will soon be rolled out globally, according to the blog post. While the update was initially voluntary and could be rejected, it can now be assumed that the merger will soon happen automatically. In addition, Facebook and Instagram announce that this will only be the start of several innovations:

This is only the start to making it easier to stay in touch with friends and family across our apps. Stay tuned for even more fun ways to connect in the future.

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