F1 calendar 2021: Melbourne is set to open the season, but remains flexible

(Motorsport-Total.com) – After the Australian Grand Prix 2020 had to be canceled due to Corona, although the entire Formula 1 entourage had already arrived, the circuit in Melbourne should also be the venue for the season opener in the coming year.


Formula 1 cars are scheduled to return to the Albert Partk in Melbourne in March 2021



Andrew Westacott, managing director of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation (AGPC) had suggested that the Formula 1 race could take place later in the year. But this idea has failed. “For Formula 1 this means that Melbourne will be on its traditional season opening date in March on the provisional calendar,” Westacott confirmed to ‘Speedcafe’.

However, this is subject to government approval. The organizers must ensure that all ongoing corona measures are observed. How this should look like is not really clear yet, which is why the AGPC is taking a flexible approach.

Race date must be before Christmas

“We’re taking an approach that is, if you will, modular, extensible, adaptable, flexible, and it has to be sensible and very, very secure,” says Westacott. “Ultimately, it all comes down to health, but (the state) Victoria (editor’s note) is doing a great job reducing the numbers.”

The managing director is therefore optimistic “that we will have spectators in Albert Park at the end of March”. However, this deadline must be quickly finalized in order to meet it: “The Grand Prix Corporation, the government and Formula 1 will all have to be aware that decisions will have to be made before Christmas.”

In other words, once the provisional calendar is published in October, it shouldn’t take more than a month to be final, Westacott explains. “It will of course be a collective decision, but as soon as he is signed we have to commit to him.”

March is also favored by Melbourne

Because it is in nobody’s interest to have a rejection like him in March of this year. One would be more willing to switch to another date if this should become necessary: ​​”If the circumstances change, we have to be flexible and adapt, but for the time being we are in good hands in the provisional calendar for March.”

“I mean, Melbourne’s economy of experience and visitors needs to be revived and rekindled. We have to trust the tourism companies and operators, and we have to revive an industry that makes a big contribution to the economy of the state. That is much better possible in March . “

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