Eyraud, to make Aulas mad with rage

As the weeks go by, the way in which the 2019-2020 Ligue 1 season has been stopped raises questions. The President of the Republic himself would have supported this situation, with the support of a certain Jacques-Henri Eyraud.

For some time, the two sides have been passing the buck, notably playing the game ofOlympique Lyonnais, of Toulouse Football Club and someAmiens SC, the three Ligue 1 teams which contest the premature end of the French championship, decided at the end of April. And the loudest to share his misunderstanding and anger, it is obviously the boss of Gones, Jean-Michel Aulas, pending the decision of the Council of State following his appeal, scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

Who of the government authorities or the LFP has chosen to end the season without considering a recovery, as is ultimately the case with all our European neighbors? Meanwhile, the omnipotent JMA undoubtedly received with amazement and bitterness the information revealed by Le Parisien this Wednesday evening. Indeed, it was the President of the Republic himself, Emmanuel Macron, who would have done everything necessary to stop everything.

Deschamps and Le Graët in the loop

However, the Head of State would not have failed to consult many personalities from the world of the ball on this subject before deciding, relying in particular on the national coach, Didier Deschamps, and the president of the FFF, Noël Le Graët. It is also targeted because it still managed to ensure the holding of the final of the Coupe de France (without forgetting the final of the League Cup), while scheduling friendly matches for the Blues in September. All while having worked to end the season prematurely…

But another president, that ofOlympic Marseille, would also have been solicited by the successor of François Hollande, also a fan of Ciel et Blanc. And the latter would have pressed for an early end to the current financial year. An outcome which obviously settled the Phocean affairs, having regard to the qualification in the Champions League, while hurting OL, a club led by a man with whom Jacques-Henri Eyraud multiplies the passes of arms.

Aulas not viewed

This could well boost public exchanges, through the press or via social media, between these two presidents. One can also easily imagine the frustration of the Lyonnais, in office since 1987 and essential in the landscape of French football, if by chance he had not been questioned on the question, unlike a man landed in football for less than five years.

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