“Everything went wrong” with Balotelli

Mario Balotelli is about to be dismissed by Brescia, a new failure in the career of an Italian striker of obvious talent, whose potential could have allowed him to get close to the heights.

Serie A will resume its rights from June 20, a few days after the semi-finals of the Italian Cup, scheduled for 12 and 13. A priori, despite the threats initially made by its president, who was against the return of the competition and had promised a package from his team, Brescia will fight well for the last confrontations promised to him, and will try, without great hope, to save his skin among the elite.

But it will be without Mario Balotelli, the star of the Lombard club. Recruited last summer after moving toOlympic Marseille, the transalpine striker had made financial sacrifices to find his native country, and thus put the odds on his side in the hope of reinstating the Squadra Azzurra with a view to Euro 2020. A few months later, the observation of failure is obvious.

I lost the bet

The one who will soon celebrate his 30th birthday has only scored 5 goals in Serie A and, within a rather modest formation, has not, as expected, been the locomotive, the leader capable of taking his teammates in its wake. In addition, his attitude also caused a stir, the most recent being linked to the release from confinement. Expected in training, “Super Mario” did not show up, describing himself as sick, which no doctor at Les Hirondelles was able to confirm.

This is now too much for the president of Brescia, who according to the Corriere dello Sport will therefore dismiss the former player of the Liverpool FC or from Manchester City. What a few weeks before the end of his contract? “I thought that here, near his mother, in his city, with his desire to win back the national team, everything could work, but there was nothing to do. I lost the bet, everything went wrong, comments Massimo Cellino. And now who will give Mario Balotelli a new chance?

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